I'm an independent game developer and game artist. My focus is on games that define player agency and emotion responses. Check out my Twitter account, @TristanParrish.

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Broken Window Studios

Broken Window Studios

6 members Developer

Broken window Studios worked to develop the prototype of Grave in the Global Game Jam in January 2013. The team is working to expand the prototype and...

Team Afflicted

Team Afflicted

14 members Developer

Team Afflicted is a group of hardworking, driven game developers looking to develop high-quality game content outside of the AAA development scene. Our...

Understanding Team

Understanding Team

4 members Developer & Publisher

We worked during a 2011 Gamejam to produce "Understanding" in a 48 timeframe. Our goal was to create a narrative focused game that allowed us to communicate...

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Latest tweets from @tristanparrish

Sorry to everyone I haven't been available to lately! Been working on a contract and generally very busy with that + post launch. Forgive!

Dec 4 2016

I love this more than anything I've watched in a while. Literally laughed out loud for a solid minute watching this. Youtu.be

Dec 4 2016

OMG I'm super impressed with the update to chamfer in the newer 3ds Max. Control edges with chamfer: Youtu.be

Dec 1 2016

#ThingsWeCanLearnFromRE4 T.co

Nov 28 2016

RE4 established a trend where big set pieces and shooter action completely supplanted the horror or pacing of the older titles. Not good.

Nov 28 2016

Capcom has been chasing RE4 since it came out and trying to appeal to that same formula. Also so did the entire game industry for 10 years

Nov 28 2016

So my workshop videos have been getting some views even though I never advertise them. Learn Unity lighting! Youtube.com

Nov 27 2016

Taking @AbyBagulayMoore to a much much needed dinner at Native! Cheap wonderful wings T.co

Nov 15 2016

I saw this article and all I could think was "your float value isn't going to be null, it's 0. Stop pretending." Tcrn.ch

Nov 12 2016

Playing Ocarina of Time and realized "oh shit, Ganon is Trump." Morally dubious working class love him and the worl… T.co

Nov 12 2016

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