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trippinhobbit May 14 2007, 4:41pm says:

downloading now hope it's as good as everyone says

+1 vote   mod: Halfquake Amen
trippinhobbit Mar 31 2007, 4:25pm says:

i will admit some of the models are terrible, but who cares?
- you must have some seriosuly badass eyeproblem if you cant see because of stretched out textures
- Your either a flamer or someone who hates funny modding, so if your a flamer your really just a ****, please go and die
-the reason there are stretched textures is because stretched textures look like ****, they're often slightly lopsided, funky, wide, losta patterns, and often depending on what happens around them affects the fun of the game, i dont have an example ..but it's provable
- im seeing people get angry bucause graphics look bad? comparisons to quake and HL1? i don't know about you guys, but both of those games are beyond kickass, and quake was the first fps for godsake, so really i think thats a compliment.

P.S. stretched textures are still boss:thumbup::):thumbup:

+1 vote   mod: Mammouth Party
trippinhobbit May 7 2007, 10:11pm says:

ok i downloaded the mod but when i try to extract it, my winrar says there are corrupted files and it won't let me extract it

+1 vote   mod: DragonBall Source
trippinhobbit Mar 14 2007, 9:29pm says:

when ever i try to download the site directs me to a 404 php error, says page doesnt exist

+1 vote   mod: PK++
trippinhobbit Mar 12 2007, 5:45pm says:

1. if you dont have a mod of your own/can't make a mod or have no knowledge about good mods don't make fun of others creations on the subject: they can do better than you can.
2. Comical mods with with awsome graphics=:thumbdown:, for instance; i prefer to see high pixel blood that looks like kool-aid rather than a crimson pool of fresh death :dead:, and besides who cares about graphics: the gameplay is what counts.
3. 2 year old's can't type considering they just learned how to walk ( i don't care if you were just sarcastic/stupid/exagerating)
4. finally if you want any good to come out of a modding community, you support mods, or else they go no where and people just let them drop dead, one reason why there are 1,000's of dead mod's (stupid flamers;( )
And though there are exceptions to whether your flamming any mod but only in a few minute situations.

and good work, this mod has a lot of promise :)

P.S.- for the rest of you cheering on this mod, awsome work, the good feedback will help them

+1 vote   mod: Mammouth Party
trippinhobbit Mar 8 2007, 7:09pm says:

i've installed the file into my sourcemods directory and restarted steam multiple times now...why isnt it working?¬_¬

+1 vote   mod: Kreedz Climbing
trippinhobbit Mar 12 2007, 5:48pm says:

streched textures are boss.:thumbup::lol::thumbup:

+1 vote   mod: Mammouth Party
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