Hello, my fellow gamers! I've been playing since I was 4. I can't remember what was my very first game. So I'm just going to say that it might have been Super Mario 64, Conker's Bad Fur Day, Star Fox 64, Mario Party, Scars, or Super Mario Bros. Deluxe. I'm 16 and I play any genre of games. I suck at strategy and shooter games, but I still love playing those types of games. I'm currently developing some games, but I procrastinate a lot. I'm not the brightest tool in the shed. I say a lot of stupid things and I tend to get off topic. I want to learn more about game development, history, languages, psychology, etc. I don't just plan on becoming a game developer, but also a psychologist. Yeah, I'm going to be a psychologist/game developer. I'm into anime, manga, manhwa, philosophy, drawing, writing stories, and songs.

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What is one reason that gets people to hate on a game, show, film, etc.?
Answer: The fans.
Not all of the fans, but some ruin the image of a game, show, film, etc.
An example would be Call of Duty. I hated Call of Duty for a long time, for no freaking reason, and I haven't played a single game of Call of Duty! Later, from watching videos, I got a reason, which is the fan base. Its no reason to hate it, but I've seen a lot of idiots whining, threatening, crying, for losing or having terrible teammates! I still haven't played a game of Call of Duty, but I stopped hating it. For now I have a neutral feeling towards Call of Duty, until I try out some of the games.
Another example would be the Youtuber, Pewdiepie. You may or may not know, that some of his fans go to other Youtuber's channels and insult them for 'copying Pewdiepie.' WHAT? THAT'S JUST STUPID! WHAT IS PEWDIEPIE THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN PLAY THE GAMES? NO!!! He's not! These idiots who go and say that, got me to hate Pewdiepie, but now I don't.
If you hate Call of Duty, Pewdiepie, or something or someone else, because of the fans...DON'T! Don't let the fans get you to hate on it. Play the game, watch an episode of a show, watch at least 30 minutes of a film, watch a few videos, before you judge it.
You can hate the fan base, but try out whatever there fans of and see if you'll still hate it.

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