Hello, my fellow gamers! I've been playing since I was 4. I can't remember what was my very first game. So I'm just going to say that it might have been Super Mario 64, Conker's Bad Fur Day, Star Fox 64, Mario Party, Scars, or Super Mario Bros. Deluxe. I'm 16 and I play any genre of games. I suck at strategy and shooter games, but I still love playing those types of games. I'm currently developing some games, but I procrastinate a lot. I'm not the brightest tool in the shed. I say a lot of stupid things and I tend to get off topic. I want to learn more about game development, history, languages, psychology, etc. I don't just plan on becoming a game developer, but also a psychologist. Yeah, I'm going to be a psychologist/game developer. I'm into anime, manga, manhwa, philosophy, drawing, writing stories, and songs.

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Just bought three games. That adds up to six games I'm currently playing. And some free games I have downloaded as well. Leading to a total of probably 10-20. I don't how many I have on this laptop. I've stopped counting.
I'm playing Persona 3 FES, Pokemon Y, Obscure: The Aftermath, Shin Megami Tensei IV, Devil Survivor Overclocked, Kid Icarus: Uprising (Uprising is one of my brother's, but he's letting me play it for now), Seven Mysteries, The Unknown, The Witch's House, and others.
I would also like to say I hooked to this new anime, Kill la Kill. Even though I only saw one episode. Haven't got to watching the other episodes.
I also like to say on what I think about The Walking Dead so far. The Walking Dead is a great show, but I find the story's pacing right now really slow. There's some lacking in character development in season 3 *cough* Carl *cough* . I know that it's based on comics, and I've never read it. So I went ahead and spoiled myself by reading summaries of it on the wikia. And I want to ask those who read the comics and watch the show. Do you find the show better or worse than the comics? Why do you find it better or worse? Do you think that the show should be separate, meaning that it should have a different route than the comics?

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All things TYPE-MOON.

All things TYPE-MOON.

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Mod DB's TYPE-MOON fan club! Pardon our Mess while Kark-Jocke and I get some things together! Your's Truly, Sakura

AMC - The Walking Dead

AMC - The Walking Dead

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AMC - The Walking Dead / The Walking Dead is an American post-apocalyptic television drama series developed by Frank Darabont. It is based on the comic...

Anime Fans of modDB

Anime Fans of modDB

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This group has been formed to gather the people who enjoy Japanese anime and all of its facets, to salute the people from the land of the Rising Sun.



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Desura is a community driven digital distribution service for gamers, putting the best games, mods and downloadable content from developers at gamers...

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Indie DB

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Indie games are changing the world, one giant pixel at a time. With Indie DB we aim to support independent developers and their games, by providing them...

Kooballyflootzet Games

Kooballyflootzet Games

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Kooballyflootzet Games is an American video game company founded by some random kid named Harley(modnerd87) in 2013 with hopes of one day programming...

Star Wars Fan Group

Star Wars Fan Group

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This is a group that was created for anyone who loves Star Wars, may it be the books, games, films and modding. This is the place for you to enjoy star...

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AndO-Productions Dec 8 2013 says:

Thanks Tridian For your support for dimensional Rift the alpha will be ready Friday the 13th, its early days, Beta will have an open world with lots of fun functionality and will be ready for Halloween 2014, go trick or treating get loads of sweets and have fun with beta and sweets xD.

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Raycosantana Nov 3 2013 says:

Hello Tridian, thanks a lot for supporting my little game (Wings of Darkness), your support its really appreciated.

Kind regards
Rayco Santana.

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Alanj2007Games Nov 1 2013 says:

Thanks for tracking my game (Journey To Dawn)

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dweller50 Oct 30 2013 says:

Thank you for spotting SUNNA and watching. We shall keep you updated on the progress and hope you like it. We appreciate your support and any feedback you share with us.

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Otsel Oct 18 2013 says:

Hello, and thank you for following my game "Hey, Come Here!". Every little bit helps, so remember to check back, as I am always updating the page with new content and game progress. Feel free to give me any feedback or suggestions you may have, and please continue to support my game! I can see you get this very much, so thank you! Also, please support the Steam Greenlight page as well! Steamcommunity.com

- Aaron Wickman ("Hey, Come Here!" Developer)

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Zerinity Oct 10 2013 says:

Thanks for following Bloodhound. Your support is appreciated.

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ElliotCollis Sep 30 2013 says:

Thanks for watching Desolate.
I'm looking forward to seeing what you think of the game as it progresses.

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Fafri Sep 12 2013 says:

Thanks for watching Somnium: The beginning! :D

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SpaceBudgie Sep 7 2013 says:

Thanks for following 9.03m! :)

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cypress_inheritance Aug 30 2013 says:

Thanks for following us!

Cypress Inheritance: The Beginning is available on our online store. If you refer your friends to our online store you can earn points towards a free copy of the game.

Learn more here: Cypressinheritance.com

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