I started making video games in Jr High after drawing them in my notebook with friends through all of gradeschool. When we were kids, we just made ripoffs of Super Mario and Pac-Man, and then one of my friends started to incorporate a lot of Final Fantasy and Zelda. We just drew them on paper and didn't believe we would ever be able to make them real. Then I found Game Maker and started making rip offs of other games, like Yoshi's Island and DK '94 that I made my brother and sister play again and again and again. I was inspired early on by weird games from the Game Maker forums like the LaLaLand series and games by Cactus. My games are a little arcade-y, a little old school, and always a little out there

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Hey everyone, updating Laugh Track today. This update includes a bunch of new stuff.

PC Demo:
Laugh Track Demo 4/23/16

Mac Demo:
Laugh Track Mac Demo 4/23/16

First of all, I've noticed when people play this game that the Game Over screen was the biggest place to quit, so I decided to remove the life system from the game entirely. Why frustrate people? This is a challenging game and I want people to WANT to finish it.

So say goodbye to this beauty:
Game over sprite, gone forever

After lives were removed, the coins, spades and diamonds no longer had a purpose. So I added a "store" where the player (you!?) can purchase useful items from various mysterious characters in long robes.
Sales screen

Here are some other updated things:

An options screen:
spr options v3

Tons of little bug fixes and polishings. This game is really shaping up!
Screen shot 2016 04 20 at 5 36 0

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