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Hello!:), I am Turkish007, (also known as TurkishCommando007) I am living in Istanbul, but my hometown is Rize, which is the land of tea, corn-bread, anchovy, cabbage, and crooked noses :D I dont have a lot of time to play games, but when I do I play Battlefield 1942, Battlefield 2, Verdun Online,Unturned, GTA-SA and a couple of other games. I am one of the leaders of Forgotten Hope Turkish Community. I am especially interested in 20th century history and I am good in Ottoman and Turkish history. I am a patriot in my own ways. I can also play the classical and acoustic guitar. Also, check out my YouTube channel, I upload cool army stuff frequently: youtube.com/user/MP40meatballTR

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0 comments by Turkish007 on Jul 5th, 2014

Hello everyone,

I have one model which is waiting to be textured. This is a vehicle and it is the legendary Mercedes Unimog made by Shilka234. He gave me to use it freely, so thanks a lot to him.
Here, I have the render image of it:

The next thing I want to show you is some reference photos, for the potential future texturer to use. I would like to have the texture which is used by the Turkish army, for future plans *wink wink*. So here are they:

This is the regular olive drab:

And here is the unimog with South-Eastern Turkey camo (in the front):

So if anyone is interested in texturing this beauty and you think you are qualified enough to do this with success, please PM me through ModDb, so I can give you the download link. I would be grateful and of course you will be credited when I start my future plans :)


Report abuse Fighting going on in Eastern Turkey!

15 comments by Turkish007 on Jun 2nd, 2014

Precisely a week ago in Lice-Diyarbakir, a roadblock was started by YDG-H (the city militia, or as they call it the "police force" of PKK) to protest the building of a Turkish Army outpost on the freeway between Diyarbakir and Bingol.They dug trenches on the road to stop cars from moving and collected the car keys. 5 trucks and vehicles which belong to private companies and the municipality were set fire by the militia. PKK propaghanda was issued and drivers including a special forces operative off-duty were taken hostage.As the gendarmerie forces came to intervene the same day with riot-control gear and armored cars, YDG-H members resisted with molotov cocktails, stones and fireworks. The gendarmerie responded with tear gas and plastic pellets. As the fighting went on for one week; yesterday morning there is told to be real rounds fired at the gendarmerie, and the gendarmerie responded with live rounds. Combat is going on and an operation including UAV's and attack helicopters has been started in the area to find the armed terrorists.The Diyarbakir-Bingol freeway has been opened to cars once again after YDG-H left the area and the trenches were filled.
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Other reports come from Mus-Varto freeway as YDG-H started a roadblock over there this morning. The gendarmerie which went to the area to intervene was attacked with a heavy rain of molotov cocktails and there are 16 wounded soldiers, 3 of them in bad condition. One armored car is lightly damaged.

User Posted Image
User Posted Image
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User Posted Image

Photo of improvised explosive device used against the gendarmerie:User Posted Image

LATEST NEWS 02/06/2014:

One YDG-H member has lost his arm when he was trying to sling one of these to an approaching armored car.
The 24 workers working in the outpost building were filled in a tent by the YDG-H members, then they opened fire to the soldiers from around the tent, expecting the soldiers to hit the tent and kill the workers inside. The disastrous trap was prevented by a worker escaping and informing the soldiers.

As the Freeway is open to traffic once again under heavy security. Now the YDG-H members have spread around and are blocking village roads, preventing kids from going to school, and the farmers to go to their fields.

Bridge on the road going to a distant village in Lice, Diyarbakir:

Report abuse October 22 1993, Battle of Lice

9 comments by Turkish007 on Feb 26th, 2014

On the day of 22nd October 1993, with a large group of PKK militants, total 1600 men, infiltrating into the town of Lice, Diyarbakır a huge battle started between the local garrison of the Turkish Army.

Location of Diyarbakır

The terrorists launch AT rockets and fire PKM's from houses, apartments, tall buildings, mosque minarets, on to the municipality center, the hospital, and all the buildings representing the Republic of Turkey.

As the assault begins, Diyarbakır Gendarmerie commander Bahtiyar Aydın takes off with a S70 Skorsky helicopter and is dropped off at the courtyard of the divisional HQ in Lice. As he and his men run over to the building to get in safe and sound, the militants open sniper fire and Bahtiyar Aydin loses his life on the spot. Colonel Eşref Hatipoğlu takes command.

As the clashes go on, Lieutenant General Hasan Kundakçı and his assistant Ilker Başbuğ fly to Lice to aid Eşref Hatipoğlu and his men trapped in the divisional HQ. The pilot of the helicopter does not want to risk being shot down as heavy machine gun fire starts as they try to land to the divisional HQ courtyard. The S70 Skorsky helicopter turns around and lands at the garden of a school which is used as a makeshift field hospital.

Hasan Kundakçı (right)

As the radio conversation of the PKK is being listened, the radio operator hears one militant saying "Lets target that school, 55 dead men will sure make a huge scandal!" and directs his men to the school which is full of 55 wounded soldiers, and 2 major ranked generals.

There is no chance of support coming from the Gendarmerie garrison (which is 20km's to the East) to the school because the divisional HQ is under heavy fire and is about to fall into the hands of the PKK. And all of the 12 trucks in the batallion are now inactive and wrecked.

Hasan Kundakçı adresses his men demoralized and injured, trapped in the school:

"The enemy has chosen us as we are a weak target for them, but we will prove that we are not! It is better to die fighting than to die while laying on a stretcher. It is going to be hard, and most likely we will not survive. But it is worth for our country! Everyone gather at the hall."

The men who hear this from the speakers of the school, take up arms and take their positions on the windows, the roof and the school gate. 55 men without their legs or arms, 2 generals, and 2 helicopter pilots fortify themselves and await for the attack.

They fight off the guerillas for 14 hours until reinforcements arrive. The PKK is driven back from Diyarbakir. The town is in ruins, yet it is cleaned from all terrorist activity.

Report abuse Menemen Incident, 23 December 1930

6 comments by Turkish007 on Dec 23rd, 2013

Lt. Mustafa Fehmi Kubilay and the Menemen Incident

User Posted ImageUser Posted Image
The Menemen Incident refers to a chain of incidents which occurred in Menemen, a small town in the Aegean region of Turkey, on 23 December 1930.Following the signing of the Treaty of Lausanne in 1923, the Republican People's Party of Turkey pursued a somewhat liberal policy towards Islam, promoting secularism while not taking a hard line against Islamic institutions and practices, believing that the secularism of their ideology was already taking root. This confidence was shaken on 23 December 1930, when Dervish Mehmed Efendi, a member of the Naqshbandi order, created a disturbance by rallying a crowd against secular government and calling for the restoration of Sharia rule and the Caliphate. A contingent of Turkish Gendarme from the local garrison was sent to quell the demonstration. The soldiers wihch had blank rounds loaded in their rifles opened fire on the demonstartors to scare them off, but the crowd did not scatter. As Lt. Kubilay came close to the crowd, unarmed and with the will of negotiation, he was shot by one of the demonstrators. The crowd then beheaded Lt. Mustafa Fehmi Kubilay, and placed his severed head on a pole with a green flag before parading through town with it.With the reactions of the Turkish government and M.K. Ataturk, the next few months Menemen was ruled with martial law, and Dervish Mehmed Efendi and his henchmen were executed with the decision of special military courts.

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1 comment by Turkish007 on Sep 23rd, 2013

User Posted Image

Battlefield Pirates 2 Gamenight

  • Server: The Gamers Table
  • IP:
  • Date: Saturday & Sunday
  • Start Time: 19:00 GMT

    User Posted Image

    Join up, we need more men in our crew to plunder more booty! Come sail the seven seas with us, or walk the plank matey!

    See you on board! :)

Report abuse Two Projects for Forgotten Hope 2

0 comments by Turkish007 on Mar 8th, 2013



So, there are 2 projects for Forgotten Hope 2 that I need to finish, and I need voulenteer animators and navmeshers for them.

Project 1: Warsaw Uprising 1944 Custom Map Navmeshing

This custom map and skins made by [KamiKaze] Destroyer for FH2 was one of the most popular custom maps made and was played online a few times. The development was continuing until [KamiKaze] Destroyer disappeared for months and came back with the news that he wasnt going to continue the project.

You all probably know that its really hard to find players to play or organise an event for the custom maps, and I need someone to navmesh the map so everyone can enjoy an awesome SP game!

Some screens:





Second Project: Blyskawica SMG animating

One of the PR devs, Tim270, donated the Warsaw Uprising 1944 map's develper the model and skin of the Blyskawica SMG. He had found an animator, but the project wasnt continued after all. This SMG would make the map unique and pretty awesome. I need a voulenteer animator to animate the weapon.

Weapon image:


If you dont have your hands full, and you want to work on these projects, please message me! I'll send you the files.

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