Garry's Mod is a Mod. It says so in the title. So, if Garry's Mod is a full game, how does a full game like "Garry's Mod" require another game (example: Half-Life 2) to play it? But it has the word 'Mod' in it's own title. So, how can a full game require you to buy another game, not consider itself a mod, but still have mod in the title? Sounds like a load of fecal matter unloaded from a herd of pigs to me. Anyways - I'm usually lurking around here on ModDB. Checking for anything decent, whether it be a mod, a save file, or something else. If you are one visiting my profile to either bash me, or inquire about the Walkway Maze map, please visit, and play some of these fine mods: Nightmare House 2 1187 Sven Co-op Half-Life 2 Wars They Hunger Go-Mod Median XL Afraid of Monsters: Director's Cut I'm sure I missed some, but I personally recommend them to anyone that has the game th play them. Anyhow, bash me in the comments area below, otherwise, enjoy yourself.

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Strange mod, no action in it, aside from being able to toss chairs, barrels, and tables around.

The dialogue between people seems to be in russian, german, or some other language. Can't define which language in particular that is being used.

Reminds me of the mod "Dear Esther," which was one mod I really didn't care for all too much.

Aside from those, didn't see any glitches, or experience any bugs, glitches or crashes.


The Stanley Parable

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Retract original review.
Not really a game, has no gameplay.


Blackmodule’s Minecraft Suite

Mod review

Fun mod, adds a bit more stuff to the game to make things a bit more interesting.

Shame the developers are slow to update, and even slower to respond to fixing issues / bugs in the mod



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