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Tottel Jul 27 2010, 4:18am replied:

I've had winrar for a very long time now.. I don't have to update it.

Besides, no need to use winrar. If you need an absolute free alternative, use 7zip (There are many more.. Google is your friend).

+1 vote   mod: Proyect-Z
Tottel Jul 26 2010, 11:10am replied:

I DID read it.. Well, only the changelog.. Why isn't the patch on moddb? :D

+1 vote   download: Proyect-Z Beta1.5.3 (outdated)
Tottel Jul 26 2010, 9:37am replied:

I know, but I think the mod team should just try incremental patches. :>

+1 vote   download: Proyect-Z Beta1.5.3 (outdated)
Tottel Jul 26 2010, 4:46am says:

As much as I like all the new updates, I dislike the update system. :(

Downloading the whole mod again for a small fix is a bit too much, IMO.
Not to mention having to re-adjust the controls every single time.

+1 vote   download: Proyect-Z Beta1.5.3 (outdated)
Tottel Jul 2 2010, 8:54pm replied:

No one ever said a zombie-apocalypse is easy.

+9 votes   mod: Proyect-Z
Tottel Jul 2 2010, 11:37am says:

It's all a bit too bright. It's been ages since I last players Mafia, but I'm pretty sure you can enable shadows?

+1 vote   media: Grand Staircase
Tottel Jul 2 2010, 10:13am replied:

I'll be hunting for a new PC. ;)

+2 votes   media: Southern Ithilien
Tottel Jul 2 2010, 10:12am says:

That's not in-game.. it can't be! No! No! Impossible!

Very, very nice.. As said somewhere here, it really looks like concept art; that good!

+3 votes   media: Fangorn
Tottel Jun 24 2010, 6:20pm says:

Míght be interesting. But please: Decide how to make it different gameplayer-wise before you start with customizing and so on.

0 votes   mod: War-time:Reborn
Tottel Jun 24 2010, 6:17pm says:

You may want to think first if it's achievable. Source does not really support 'BIG multiplayer Zombie survival in a BIG city' as you have put it.

-1 votes   mod: Outbreak survival
Tottel Jun 22 2010, 5:03am says:

The plasma pistol is cool, but seriously overpowered. You can stop any wave of Tyrannids with it..

I'd lower the damage quite a bit, or decrease the firing rate a lot!

+1 vote   mod: Exterminatus
Tottel Jun 20 2010, 11:14am replied:

Fallout 3 on the source engine... It's not even an idea.

+1 vote   mod: fallout:source
Tottel Jun 13 2010, 12:32pm replied:

@Justin123991: Does that even matter? 3dsMax

+1 vote   media: Textured models
Tottel Jun 13 2010, 12:11pm says:

Interesting.. very interesting. I remember the first release, I'll be happy to compare.

+1 vote   article: New alpha version available (build #14)
Tottel Jun 13 2010, 6:48am says:


+2 votes   media: Player Model, with temporary texture.
Tottel Jun 11 2010, 6:11am says:

It never bores me to see you work on a map. :)

Would it be possible for you to film while you work on a real map (for the 2nd esenthel engine demo, for example).
We could have an idea how exactly you make those bigs maps then; since, well.. We like your style! :p

+1 vote   media: World Editor
Tottel Jun 11 2010, 6:04am says:

Most excellent! But it does not surprise me anymore, because I know just how wonderful this engine is. ;D

Btw, did you use LoDs on those trees? You must have, but I can't ever see them swap!

+1 vote   media: World Streaming
Tottel Jun 10 2010, 4:24pm says:

Looking most excellent. It's cool to track this engine with all these neat features being added.

I know you guys are still heavily developping this, but don't forget to make it look less bland: Make the ground texture different under the trees,..

You probably will, but I'd like to ask it anyway :D

+1 vote   media: Dirt Roads
Tottel Jun 10 2010, 4:20pm says:

First of all, very good-looking news update!

About the compass, there are two fair scenarios that I can think off.

1. Don't show any location info on the compass.
2. Show only the places you have discovered; else there's so much less fun in exploring things. Not to mention quest objecives.. If possible, I don't even want to see the quest-location on the map. That pretty much ruined the exploration aspect in Oblivion for me.

If I had to pick one, I would go for the first one. Or maybe even remove the compass entirely from the HUD.

+1 vote   article: Pelargir, a new elven ship and more!
Tottel Jun 8 2010, 11:37am replied:

That and Hans Zimmer (The last Samurai).. Absolutely beautiful. :D

+2 votes   article: January 2008 gameplay trailer
Tottel Jun 3 2010, 3:15am says:

That's very, very awesome!

I'll be playing with this whenever I can. :D

+1 vote   media: Destructible Objects using Nvidia PhysX
Tottel May 27 2010, 1:11pm replied:

I thought exactly the same thing without reading your comment first O.o

+1 vote   media: All In A Day's Work - Test Build 03 Trailer
Tottel May 26 2010, 5:00am says:

Wow... first I thought: why is he flying with his camera all the time. we've seen this before, just show us how to make a road. Then you turned around and I noticed that's actually how you make your road. :D

Very cool.

+6 votes   media: Making Roads in Outerra
Tottel May 26 2010, 4:57am says:

A very good job on those roads, they look very good.
However, roads are not made to fit the terrain. It's completely the opposite: You lower/raise the terrain to get a road that is as flat as possible, or with smooth and as few slopes as possible. I wouldn't want to drive a car through the mountains on of your roads. :p

+1 vote   article: Integrating Vector Data - Roads
Tottel May 25 2010, 1:53am replied:

But meh meh. I forgot that I didn't have shivering isles! Aaargh

*will be buying after my exams*

+1 vote   mod: MERP | Middle-Earth Roleplaying Project
Tottel May 22 2010, 3:44pm says:

OK, I'm just going to install Oblivion again.. I need to see this. :)

+1 vote   mod: MERP | Middle-Earth Roleplaying Project
Tottel May 21 2010, 3:59pm says:

The game is cool; the comic books are amazing.

+4 votes   game: XIII
Tottel May 14 2010, 3:38pm says:

That's why we've put a second name for all of them in a more pronouncable fashion. :D

EDIT: I notice the names are hard to read.. Click 'view original' to view it bigger and uncompressed.

+1 vote   media: World map with names
Tottel May 3 2010, 3:10am says:

I always love évery single post made by Overgrowth. I always learn something new. :)

+3 votes   article: Soft particles
Tottel Apr 30 2010, 9:42am replied:

I agree.. Please just patch the game. It's a bit annoying to download this much every time. :/

+1 vote   download: Proyect-Z Beta 1.2 (outdated)
Tottel Jun 16 2013, 6:41pm says:

There were multiple other maps being made on the source engine that were never shown to the public. As much as I love (most) of the current ones, there were some awesome new maps on the way. :)

+2 votes   media: White boxing
Tottel Jan 25 2013, 7:24pm says:

That's very, very nice!

Good job. :)

+3 votes   media: 2nd trailer, update 0.40
Tottel Jul 23 2012, 11:07am says:

I can't get the English translation in the editor. :/

I checked the Lang.ini file, even removed the entire pl_PL section, it still does everything in Polish.
Any idea why?

+1 vote   engine: Barok
Tottel Sep 10 2011, 10:54am says:

Shadow maps? :)

+1 vote   media: I did have stencil shadows, but not any more.
Tottel Aug 27 2011, 7:41pm says:

Awesome! Give us a pre-order button and I'll click it! ^^
I hate the sword in the end though. Seriously, no one would ever use such a thing.

+6 votes   media: Trailer
Tottel Jun 12 2011, 9:43am says:

It looks really good, but aren't you going to use it with a bipod?
It's a machine-gun after all.

+1 vote   media: CSRG 15 - Chauchat
Tottel Jun 7 2011, 3:04pm says:

This is Sp - Spectacular...

+14 votes   media: This is MERP...
Tottel May 5 2011, 5:01pm replied:

Fractalopolis :D

+3 votes   media: Hard landing
Tottel Apr 15 2011, 8:37am replied:

I don't know if you stole models.. (the guys here seem to say you did). But ideas? most definitely. You can't really call a laser-alley very original, can you?

+2 votes   media: zl_lab (laser)
Tottel Feb 1 2011, 3:23pm replied:

It makes single faces visible from both sides.
Take a close look at the back of the hat.

+1 vote   media: character
Tottel Jan 22 2011, 5:46am replied:

I couldn't agree more.

+1 vote   game: STEAL'N'SMASH
Tottel Jan 20 2011, 7:45am says:

Fraps has a free version that allows you to take screenshots in game.

+1 vote   mod: Office of Imperial Commerce
Tottel Jan 15 2011, 1:06pm says:

Good luck making & balancing. :)

+1 vote   game: History Crackin
Tottel Jan 9 2011, 9:19am says:

Since when does a grenade destroy half a building? :x

+1 vote   media: Destroying Everything
Tottel Nov 24 2010, 2:06pm replied:

Was just about to say the same. :D
Good job!

+2 votes   media: Baron's Castle - work in progress
Tottel Sep 24 2010, 2:32am says:

If you found it on the internet, then you should probably check if you may just use it. :)

+2 votes   media: Zombie textures
Tottel Sep 16 2010, 1:06pm says:

Why not just let it be updated through steam? Or is it just a preference sound?

+1 vote   download: Subtler teeth-grinding installation file
Tottel Feb 7 2010, 10:36am says:

Oh God.. I just uninstalled Oblivion yesterday. :(

Looks like I'll have to reinstall :D

+2 votes   article: MERP 0.2.4 Beta is here!
Tottel Dec 6 2009, 9:33am says:

That was a very interesting video.

Good luck with your amazing engine! :)

+1 vote   media: Demonstration World
Tottel Nov 5 2009, 8:34pm says:

Absolutely :)

+1 vote   media: World Streaming
Tottel Sep 19 2009, 4:49am says:

Having to look at your screen after you've died is a good reason to stay alive as well.

+4 votes   mod: Infection
Tottel Jul 3 2009, 1:45pm says:

Sounds like a very cool mod.. I was already tracking this.

Hey Hogan :)

+2 votes   article: Storyline
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