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Torabi Jan 9 2010, 5:39am says:

Looking better and better everytime I see it!

+1 vote     article: ModDB Overgrowth Alpha Trailer [Two HD Videos!]
Torabi Jan 8 2010, 8:02am says:

So when will the winners be announced?

+1 vote     article: 10 Copies of NS / OG to giveaway!
Torabi Jan 7 2010, 12:23pm replied:

As far as I know, the editing tools for Overgrowth are released and you can use a placeholder character to play around. It is constantly being updated too so always something new to try, juding by the moddb posts they make. NS2 has some stuff released too but not too sure about what.

+1 vote     article: Organic Indie Preorder Pack FAQ
Torabi Jan 7 2010, 12:10pm says:

I will most likely not win in the contest that the moddb staff put up. I am high and dry after christmas, bought games like a madman. But I am ready.. I am ready to do what it takes to get this pack. I want to become an indie dev myslef in the future and (I am starting my very first programming course at school in two weeks.) therefore I want to support you guys.

I am ready to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Since I have already bought a lot of games, my parents will not let me buy this pack. (it's not because of lack of money but the fact that I just sit by the pc all day) But I want to.. have to, support you. I want to support indie devs as much as I can.

I am ready to make the ultimate sacrifice!

Starting from next week or so, I AM GOING TO THE GYM, I WILL DO SO TWICE A WEEK! Because I know that if I move my junk around and get healthier, I know that I can get more games. I don't want more games, I am stuffed. But I want to support you guys!
I will make the ultimate sacrifice, by going to the gym for you and all other indie devs out there! (But mainly because I need to get more fit.) So I can get this pack and support you!

PS: So did you guys enjoy my slightly insane and melodramatic text?

PPS: Hope I didn't scare any of you too much.

+5 votes     game: Overgrowth
Torabi Jan 7 2010, 10:33am replied:

Now that's mean, ouch.

+2 votes     article: Jailbreak: Top 100 Giveaway!
Torabi Jan 7 2010, 9:19am says:

Eve or Ev-a, something like that.
You know, Adam and Eve, first people on earth. First male and female. Eve, or well.. Eve 2.0 is basically the first fighting female robot therefore the name.

+1 vote     article: Jailbreak: Top 100 Giveaway!
Torabi Jan 7 2010, 9:09am says:

Hello gentlemen! Check out my TWEE-TER post: Twitter.com
It's mighty fancy actually, make sure to bring a tophat.

+1 vote     article: 10 Copies of NS / OG to giveaway!
Torabi Jan 6 2010, 3:37pm says:

Darn et, I wish you'd put this up during christmas. Would have bought it asap if it was. Shame I'm all worn out after christmas and I have no monies in sight.

+1 vote     article: The Organic Indie Preorder Pack
Torabi Jan 2 2010, 3:37pm replied:

Lovely! Seems like you've put some thought into it. Good man!

+1 vote     game: Depth
Torabi Jan 2 2010, 11:29am says:

So this is what you've been up to after Killing Floor? Or has this been in the works for a long time? Looks great nontheless. A bit too dark for my taste. Was hoping for a more tropical feel with the clear light blue water, and hula girls.

+1 vote     game: Depth
Torabi Dec 26 2009, 2:00pm says:

Shame there are no servers, or well, there is ONE with a few people but I can't play there because the ping is too high and I keep getting disc. I managed to kill one guy though, was fun.

+1 vote     download: Dhl2 Beta 1 -Client
Torabi Dec 22 2009, 9:31am says:

Lovely, me and my friends are going to try it out.

+3 votes     article: Kreedz Climbing Beta4.2 punctual release
Torabi Dec 19 2009, 4:58pm replied:

Oh good! Great to see developers who care about their community and reply to the little questions that people might have. Keep doing that, it will get you a long way.

+1 vote     article: Our thoughts on Desura
Torabi Dec 19 2009, 6:07am says:

One question Jeff, this game looks amazing and all but I'm not to keen on buying games without demos. So my question is, will this game have a demo?

+2 votes     article: Our thoughts on Desura
Torabi Dec 16 2009, 2:35pm says:

Holy moly! This is amazing news. This is a great day for modding! Cheers! Is it possible to get an invite yet or is it just for game developers and such?

+1 vote     article: Introducing Desura
Torabi Dec 15 2009, 2:00pm says:

I loved the particle effects! It's nice to see that the mod is coming togheter.

+2 votes     article: Just a teaser
Torabi Dec 12 2009, 1:47pm replied:

The picture is just an old HL2 poster with inverted colors..

+3 votes     article: Half Life 2 - Alone We Travel
Torabi Dec 1 2009, 2:13pm says:

The 3D Audio thing is very impressive, shame that you used such a horrible example though.

+1 vote     article: December 1st "Beta Testers Invasion"
Torabi Nov 16 2009, 5:31am says:

Ho-lee-**** that is amazing.

+1 vote     article: Alive and kicking
Torabi Nov 15 2009, 6:20am says:

Fancy. I have no idea how you convinced Valve to send you new Francis lines though. Thought they were only doing that with Dead Before Dawn since it was so overhyped.

+2 votes     article: Last Drop - Released with new Francis voices!
Torabi Nov 13 2009, 8:19am replied:

So you guys are the geniuses behind Black Shades?! I like you guys even more now.

+4 votes     article: Why we are not using Euphoria
Torabi Nov 13 2009, 8:17am says:

Hahahah, this is amazing! Downloading!

+1 vote     article: Dino D-Day: The Mod - Released!
Torabi Nov 2 2009, 9:37am says:

Hats off to you sire!

+1 vote     member: Chicken+Ribs_Combo
Torabi Nov 2 2009, 9:36am says:

Great work! At first I was going to say that I have to reinstall UT04 because of this but now I regret it. Don't get me wrong, it still looks amazing and everything.. I'm just too much of a chicken to play it.

+1 vote     article: Out Of Hell RELEASED
Torabi Oct 26 2009, 6:10am says:

Amazing, and I really mean that. It's not common that a level designer/mod team manages to "wash out the source feel". That seriously doesn't look like the source engine! Good job.

+3 votes     article: The Building Site
Torabi Oct 24 2009, 5:31am says:

Dear god that is insane. How the hell did you guys pull this off?! Just taking a model and giving him bones in a matter of minutes instead of doing it in 3DS Max or something. Amazing.

+2 votes     article: Initial rigging and animation tech demo [HD Video]
Torabi Oct 24 2009, 5:31am says:

This mod is fantastic! I wonder if we'll ever see a coop gamemode now that you mentioned that you are working on AI. That would have been awesome.

+2 votes     article: GES Update 10/23/09 [October Report]
Torabi Oct 22 2009, 2:50pm says:

Not exactly necessary.

+1 vote     download: tf_meetsnipermdlpreview
Torabi Oct 21 2009, 12:47pm says:

Did this really need it's own MOD profile? It isn't even a mod.

+2 votes     mod: Gmod Ultimate
Torabi Oct 21 2009, 10:14am says:

How come I haven't heard about this lovely mod until now? In a way that is a good thing since I didn't have to sit there and wait since it's coming out tomorrow.

+1 vote     article: Release date!
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