Learning the basics of scripting and general modding. And I'm planning to do a massive overhaul of Medieval 2 Total War called Avatar: Total War. Will take some time to finish (*cough* years *cough*) but I will stand this through.

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Hello first :D I'm Toph_ and I am developing a mod for Medieval 2 Total War Kingdoms. The Mod is all
about Avatar: The Last Airbender and maybe even The Legend of Korra. Will take alot of time but when it's finished it will take you to a whole new kind of experience. You will hardly recognize Medieval 2 anymore. New campaigns, new units, new abilites, new animations and the freedom to do whatever you want! Always wanted the Air Nomads to kick the Fire Nations butt? You're good to go. Or how about conquering the Earth Kingdom as the Water Tribes? Feel free to do so. But here's what's going on now:

Okay I've managed now to bring the first very lines of script to work. Hooray for me I guess. After I've finished with the scripting, I will put the first info to this mod directly to the mods site for the game. So it still will take some time before you are able to see the process. But just in case you stumbled here and read about my "work" and thought: Yaaay finally someone starts this mod again, here is some general information:

It will be playable in Single and Multiplayer (Battles and Hotseat)
The great campaign will start a couple of years before the great War started. And it will
cover the whole war and maybe the korra thing too.
I haven't decided yet If I just make 4 Factions or I'll do a couple more, need to gather some possibilities.
But 4 Factions it is for the beginning.
You will be able to have the well known characters of the series as generals. I'm thinking of using a script of Third Age Total War to make them respawn if you want to. Have to talk to the guy who made that script first of course.
So right now, I'll have to learn scripting way better, bunker tons of coffee and think of many, MANY names for smaller cities or villages. Not that much info from the series. Any Ideas? Feel free to sent me an PM :)

That's it for now :D


if you please make a update news every modder think is dead
we need news
im dutch german neighbor

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