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Mercs 2: The end of an era

There are so many games today that has come and passed by to be topped of by some over rated game with graphics and cost that would not compare to how fast games like that would get corny before another investment in another is made. Mercenaries 2 is one of those games that has passed on, it does not have the best graphics owing it directly derives from the PS2 only to be remade for the PS3, but certainly its a "Play ground of destruction" a phrase promising total mindless action and simple missions that actually involves the character toppling entire buildings with c4! Its a game that is actually addicting to play where you have plethora of weapons ranging from bombs, guns, and vehicles to dispose those pesky if not idiotic ai of the game! The game itself is a sandbox, where basically you are free roaming the world in Mercs, free to do any missions you please at any time, anywhere and however you want it accomplished save but a few.
The environments in the game are completely exploratory, you can scale an entire mountain, get atop buildings(though you cant get in them), swim an open ocean, visit vast areas that has entire cities, towns, villages, etc. Its like a gta of third person shooters, you jack cars, steal tanks, grapple hook to a helicopter and basically have at the enemy and have time to earn cash while at it! Did I mention bombs?! Thankfully, you just don't collect guns, and tanks but call in airstrikes, artillery, nukes, etc as much as you want as long as you want if you got money and fuel to spend. Money is used to buy weapons, vehicles, and bombs to collect, and fuel to sustain air re-supply and continued air strikes! Its like BF or COD with care packages and strikes but easily demanded and available! Nothing beats two nukes and twenty more to take care of one soldier LOL! Its a game like other that is available and very expansive in terms of how you play, there are so many shooters now that are FPS, standard shoot and run, heal, perk up and airstrike, good graphics...BORING! Too simple, and those games are only worthy to be continued playing is when you got friends or actually good people to enjoy a sleepless night in pwning and raping the shit of everybody. Now, imagine good graphics, the sandbox play of Mercs, the immersi ng and expansive game play of mercs where you do anything, kill anyone, steal, buy and blow the shit out everything and do it again!? That there my friends is the day gaming actually takes off!
The sadness of it all, people actually thinks that looking in at good pictures, running around and shooting, and basically dumbing down the game play is far better than the freedom and creativity that Mercs give! I don't know where and why they become so naive, so simple minded, and foolish enough that games of today are just expensive pieces of shit that has no value in them after a couple months all for better graphics but same old shit: Run and gun! If I would think that the only way to go, the only reasonable and worthy way is basically to play older gen games with a lot of freedom like Mercs that has no sense but is far more fun and enjoyable destroying entire cities! Yes its unrealistic, but would you sacrifice reality for a bit of fantasy and nukes!! Games already are a fantasy and yet people are so close minded to the fact that games are about enjoyment and most of all substance! For the realistic freaks out there, join the military and get bombed as certainly you wont be enjoying it and not re-spawning any time soon and will not be missed! LOL For those whose reading this that are skeptical, buy yourself a military simulator preferably ARMA and tinker with it, or mod your own damn games to a point where you play and easily get killed and have to start over from the very beginning! Thats how FPS games should be realistic! You get shot in the head, chest your dead! Not re-spawn and recharge health! Don't be dragging the game industry and not revolutionizing with your lameness and stubbornness for some same old crap! However, the few people like me out there blogging or complaining out there won't be reviving this concept as the tide of people who can't see past there ineptitude are influencing the gaming trends, so becomes the end of an era. The end of Mercs!( till after you nuke those lame ass people lol)



toombs1234 Blog


toombs1234 Blog
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