Im back from Canada

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*Pro*Noobkiller2 Jul 22 2014, 8:51am says:

Nice one Muntaqim
That tank looks pretty good

+4 votes     media: Zulfiqar 3 update
*Pro*Noobkiller2 Jul 20 2014, 6:04am replied:

And i thought i was snow
It was better with it :D

+1 vote     media: Carpathian Mountains
*Pro*Noobkiller2 Jul 19 2014, 11:40am says:

Nice one XD

+2 votes     media: Trollin'
*Pro*Noobkiller2 Jul 17 2014, 6:18am says:

whats the name of the mod?

+2 votes     media: One creepy mod...
*Pro*Noobkiller2 Jul 6 2014, 4:59pm says:

Nice reskins
Im waitingfor more than this :)

+2 votes     media: M1014 Desert Reskin :)
*Pro*Noobkiller2 Jul 6 2014, 4:56am says:

Look what they made if they didn't gave us mod tools
Now they are worst
If they gave them to us, we'd fixed Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4
They just need money, they dont need us
I'd like to say or they fix the games
Or they will backrupt

+3 votes     article: Fellow gamers, we need to be heard.
*Pro*Noobkiller2 Jun 20 2014, 3:59am replied:

Im waiting it

+2 votes     media: Dalian Plant in CryEngine 3
*Pro*Noobkiller2 Jun 19 2014, 9:12am says:

Holy **** !
That effect would be used in Oman?
That will be great!

+2 votes     media: UMP45 & Map Weather Feature
*Pro*Noobkiller2 Jun 18 2014, 1:48pm says:

Holy Moly!
Looks great!
Keep it up

+2 votes     media: Dalian Plant in CryEngine 3
*Pro*Noobkiller2 Jun 15 2014, 1:15pm says:

You have my like!

+2 votes     media: M16A4 M203 Variations
*Pro*Noobkiller2 Jun 14 2014, 12:57pm says:

I like it!
The helmet and glasses are great!

+2 votes     media: The Mercenaries
*Pro*Noobkiller2 Jun 14 2014, 12:52pm replied:

No problem

+3 votes     member: *Pro*Noobkiller2
*Pro*Noobkiller2 Jun 11 2014, 2:37pm says:

You are learning russian
But i already know it as my Moldovan,English and bit German

+1 vote     member: DUBONTIME™
*Pro*Noobkiller2 Jun 11 2014, 2:29pm replied:

Here im screwed.
Why they need to make trolls about you (i like your works)
What you have done to make trolls about you
It was fine before you left the BF2 community
Im not angry on you
But still im confused

+3 votes     member: GordonTheCat
*Pro*Noobkiller2 Jun 11 2014, 2:22pm replied:

I was a opinion
But i like your textures!
That SEAL's are awesome

+4 votes     member: ~M~I~Ł~O~S~Z~
*Pro*Noobkiller2 Jun 11 2014, 12:44pm says:

Hey,im interested
Can you make a skin for vehicles?

+3 votes     member: ~M~I~Ł~O~S~Z~
*Pro*Noobkiller2 Jun 11 2014, 6:35am says:

Here was Chuck Norris
Before the game even started

+3 votes     media: Played the Death Is Alive in local server
*Pro*Noobkiller2 Jun 11 2014, 6:17am replied:

And why did he add the Osama there?
I found some people raging on youtube...

+3 votes     mod: Medal of Freedom: Declassified
*Pro*Noobkiller2 Jun 9 2014, 9:01am says:

Why did he do that
He was a good mod leader...

+3 votes     article: Mod News
*Pro*Noobkiller2 Jun 5 2014, 1:39pm says:

Perfect one!
For desert combat its just perfect!

+3 votes     media: New Soldier Camo Textures
*Pro*Noobkiller2 Jun 3 2014, 4:11am says:

I will look good at PLA :D
Hope you will add it there

+4 votes     media: Bofors AK 5D MK2 EoTech Version
*Pro*Noobkiller2 May 28 2014, 1:02pm says:

I have a question:
What she was doing there? XD

+3 votes     media: have some anime GIFs
*Pro*Noobkiller2 May 27 2014, 10:52am replied:

Its already estabilished:

1) USMC-Human
2) MEC- Zombies (As default)
3) China- Delta (the team that will fight the human)
4) Chinsurgent- Alpha (Skins as Human)
5) EU- NATO (survivors after the biochemical failuire)

I need some time and skins to make awesome zombies and soldiers
I will add motocrossbike

+3 votes     mod: Omnicide 2
*Pro*Noobkiller2 May 27 2014, 10:46am replied:

After june

+3 votes     download: Omnicide 2: Alpha
*Pro*Noobkiller2 May 26 2014, 11:47am replied:

Put the contents in:
C:/Program Files(x86)/EA Games/Battlefield 2/mods

+2 votes     download: Omnicide 2 Pre-alpha 1
*Pro*Noobkiller2 May 26 2014, 7:41am says:

Old good intro
So much love it
Better than second

+2 votes     media: Death Note - Opening 1
*Pro*Noobkiller2 May 25 2014, 11:54am says:

Perfect one
I love it

+2 votes     media: Remington 870 Ironsight & Eotech Version
*Pro*Noobkiller2 May 25 2014, 10:14am says:

This mod seems to be dead

+2 votes     mod: Battlefield: Korea
*Pro*Noobkiller2 May 25 2014, 5:03am says:

Remember the time when i has watching Death Note
Good old times

+2 votes     media: L wallpaper
*Pro*Noobkiller2 May 24 2014, 2:18pm replied:


+3 votes     media: Omnicide 2 Logo
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