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1 year ago by Noobkiller2 2 comments

My name is Toma Cristian (in english is Chris)
Im a 15 year old student,learning in Informatics College of Chisinau
My birthday is on 19th October 1999
As my past relatives where slavs and latin,im half-slav and half-latin
My hobbies are modding,playing games and computer workout

Games that i like to play:
1) Black Mesa (Full Release and Legacy)
2) Battlefield 1942 | 2 | 2142 | 3 | 4 and Hardline
3) Counter-Strike 1.6 and Global Offensive
4) Metro 2033 Redux
5) Just Cause 2
6) Prototype 2
7) Fallout 4
My gaming nicknames on different platforms:

Battlelog,Origin: ZloHunter
Steam: tomacristi2

This dude returned to modding! Here are the skills:

1) Map AI (I can redesign the levels layout for other modifications (zombie,normal)
2) Porting (I can port content from Battlefield 2142 and Play4Free)
3) Battlefield 2142 Modding (Can import Battlefield 2 and P4F in 2142)
4) Tweak (Can remake AI,Weapon Stats,Kits and more)
5) Lighting (Lighting is my best section)
6) Teams Creator (I can create teams out of nothing)
7) HUD (Can edit the place/icons/spawn menu and more)

Something that i'm currently trying to do:

1) Growing my Gaming Channel
2) Collecting Money
3) Fix Windows 7 Civil War Edition by installing Windows 8.1
4) Learning Informatics
5) A hard Nostalgia on old times

Abandoned or Lost Things:

1)CryEngine 3 SDK (I have no time to work with it now)
2)Refractor 2 Modding (Time has passed,time to move)
3)Project Zombie Reality 4.3 (Abandoned due to its failure)
4)Battlefield 2 Extension Pack No.3 (Content Lost during backup)
5)Counter Warfare:Ghost Protocol V1 (Cancelled due to my friend's death)
6)Battlefield 2142 Map Remake (Pending,may be abandoned)
7)Extension Pack No.2 V2.5 (Lost content and cancelled)

My PC specs:

  • CPU: Intel Core i5-2310 at 2.90 GHz (Old Fart :( )
  • GPU: Palit GeForce GTX 750 StormX
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • HDD: 1 TB Samsung
  • CASE: Thermaltake V4

So thats about all about me
Here are top countries that checked out my profile
Thank you for reading this.Hope you now know who am i :)

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