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My name is Toma Cristian (in english is Chris)
Im a 16 year old student,learning in Informatics College of Chisinau
My birthday is on 19th October 1999
My hobbies are modding,playing games and computer workout

Games that i like to play:
1) Battlefield 2 (Mostly Mods)
2) Black Mesa
3) Crossfire Russia
4) Counter-Strike 1.6 and Global Offensive
5) Battlefield 3: Venice Unleashed | ZloGames
7) Other Stuff
My gaming nicknames on different platforms:

Battlelog,Origin: ZloHunter
Steam: tomacristi2
Uplay: Noobkiller2

I also mod Battlefield 2.Here are my skills:

1) Map AI (I can remake flag layouts for mods [zombie,realism] )
2) Porting (I can port content from Battlefield 2142 and Play4Free)
3) Battlefield 2142 Modding (Can add Battlefield 2 Vehicles and Weapons in there)
4) Tweak (Can remake AI,Weapon Stats,Kits and more)
5) Lighting (Lighting is my best section)
6) Teams Creator (I can create teams out of nothing)
7) HUD (Can edit the place/icons/spawn menu and more)
8) NavMesh (Can make NavMesh for maps.Useful for mappers)

Something that i'm currently trying to do:

1) Growning my Gaming Channel
2) Collecting Money (You know for what,dont you)
3) Project Zombie Strike 2014 (This bastard game me some problems)
4) Learning Informatics (F***ing codes everywhere!)
5) Modding stuff

Abandoned or Lost Things:

1)CryEngine 3 SDK (Sad to leave him,was a good engine)
2)Project Zombie Reality 4.3 (Left and Abandoned due to many problems)
3)Battlefield 2 Extension Pack No.3 (Soon to be revived)
4)Counter Warfare:Ghost Protocol V1 (Cancelled due to my friend's death)
5)Battlefield 2142 Map Remake (What the heck is this pal doing here?)
6)Extension Pack No.2 V2.5 (What? V2 is last version.This was back in 2014)

My PC:

CPU: Intel i7-4790k at 3.60 GHz

GPU: ASUS Strix GeForce GTX 970 OC

RAM: 8 GB Adata

PSU: Thermaltake 650 Watt TR2 RX

Case: Thermaltake V4 Black Edition

So thats about all about me
Thank you for reading this.Hope you now know who am i :)

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Citi pixeli are headarul tau si *** tiai personalizat tot profilu ?

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Noobkiller2 Creator

Totul este in setari: Headerul ii 950x150
Restul am folosit tutorialul de a adauga fotografia in background
How to Moddb 2.0

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Ok , mersi

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

What? Since when i became a meme?

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Noobkiller2 Creator

Insert Something Here Storylines lol

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Hey m8, how it's going? Any new thing to do?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Noobkiller2 Creator

Everything is great!
Summer gives me a lot of free time to work on my stuff
How about you? :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Wow that great!. But I'm currently busy a bit because I don't have a holiday for summer here and then I have a tons of final year projects.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Noobkiller2 Creator

I feel sorry for you
College took away 2 weeks of summer
Next year will be the end for me :|

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Hey man,i could use some help in PM you know? :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Noobkiller2 Creator

Ok,im waiting for your message

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Updated ZloGames Battlefield 3 Server Creation for V7 Update

Jun 13 2016

New Gameplay is out! What an interesting project :)

Jun 11 2016

Guys,thank you for 50 Subscribers! Special video coming soon!

Jun 7 2016

To stream or not stream? Or at least make a video after all this shit ends with my college :|

Jun 3 2016

Great,encountered some "romanian" racists on moddb -_-

May 31 2016

R.I.P Call of Duty

May 16 2016

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