Hey there! Back in 1999 I found the mapeditor for JediKnight (DarkForces II) on the web. Since then I was addicted to gamedesign. Especially firstperson-action on a scifi-setting. In 2001 I joined the development-team of EdenEclipse (www.edeneclipse.com) as lead leveldesigner. In 2006 I created the score for the WWII strategy game Subwolves. In 2009 I graduated at the academy of music in M√ľnster (Germany) where I studied "musicproduction". (got the best exam of the year ;)) From 2009 - 2010 I created the music for the popular and promising Prison Island Mod - which unfortunately went dead in 2011 before being released. I'm looking for promising projects (better something small, than somthing epic that will never be finished), that I can contribute to. 2d graphics work and leveldesign is my hobby, music and sfx my profession. Just decide if you like what you see. I promise nothing more and nothing less ;)

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Demo Reel on Soundcloud

Tolifox Blog

Well, I have been inactive here at moddb for some time.
So I thought for a fresh start, I should put create a little portfolio on Soundcloud and instead link to it.
The Profile includes various work from the past years. Dating back to 2002.
There are tracks I did for

  • Project Timeless
  • Edeneclipse
  • Subwolves
  • Prison Island
  • Athena
  • ...

Some of them were never used or released. And some are just unrelated to any game.


Prison-Island Teaser

Tolifox Blog 1 comment

Well, a few month ago I joined the crew of the Prison-Island-MOD.
While there was not much for me to do at that days, except for creating small demos and sound moodboards, I finally got some definite work to do:
Producing the music for the Prison-Island Teaser.
Enjoy... ;)

Prison-Island Teaser video - Mod DB

Feel free to leave me a comment, or comment on the mod's profile:

Nar Shaddaa Essentials (free textures) released

Tolifox Blog

Nar Shaddaa Essentials

So, this is my first real contribution to the community. A texture-pack with 14 Nar Shaddaa-style textures. And free for use. You may take a look at the download.

NarShaddaa-Essentials (free textures)

A few words about the story behind those textures:
Since I played the original game (Jedi Knight - Dark Forces II) I was a fan of the Nar Shaddaa setting. Unfortunately I did not like the way Nar Shaddaa was rendered in most of the following games. To me it looked too much like Corruscant most of the times.
During my work for the EdenEclipse - development team as a level designer from 2001 to 2003, I started creating textures on my own. My rolemoddels were - of course - the textures from Jedi Knight. I like textures wich are not only materials, but actually "show" something. The textures from the set have their origins in my work for EdenEclipse. Back then I had invested much time in the creation of good basic-materials. It turns out I still use these bases today.

The remake of Jedi Knight's Nar Shaddaa textures started really just out of fun. Some of these textures have been on my harddrive for more than four years. I never used them myself, because I quit mapping due to a lack of time when I started studying at the academy of music. Well, maybe they finally get to be used by YOU! ;)



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