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Tokoya Jul 12 2011, 11:14am says:

Beautiful shot!

+2 votes   media: Mountain Ruins
Tokoya Jun 20 2011, 10:50am replied:

Replacing all of HL2's content isn't really worth the effort to a small modding team, it takes up a ton of time and energy that could otherwise be spent making the gameplay better.

+1 vote   article: Modding Today Interview
Tokoya Jun 11 2011, 2:18am says:

Solid low poly work ^^

+1 vote   media: DOTD - Kitchen (2)
Tokoya May 14 2011, 1:52pm says:

I dig the movement speed and the camera has the perfect amount of drag, it's shaping up to be a fun looking concept!

+1 vote   media: Sleepy Tomb Samurai WIP Dev video 9
Tokoya May 6 2011, 2:12pm says:

Good luck!

+1 vote   article: April 2011 Update progress
Tokoya Apr 25 2011, 9:05am says:

Beautiful shot

+1 vote   media: Beta 07.02 Flying Camera Shot
Tokoya Apr 20 2011, 12:28pm says:

It's always nice to see a great looking HL mod in the works

+1 vote   article: Announcing Office Shift
Tokoya Feb 18 2011, 10:56am says:

It's always great to see an update from this beautiful mod

+1 vote   media: Map: Ghost Town
Tokoya Feb 16 2011, 4:35pm says:

In love with this shot, Duck Tales anyone?

+1 vote   media: Entity Framework
Tokoya Feb 16 2011, 4:24pm says:

Spooky 0_0

+1 vote   media: Hauntings from the past
Tokoya Feb 14 2011, 2:38pm says:

Beautiful atmosphere in this video. Flesh was one of the top Mods of all time and I expect this will be right up there with it

+3 votes   article: From the depths
Tokoya Feb 5 2011, 2:44am says:

It's great to see an update!

+1 vote   media: Souleon Storm
Tokoya Feb 3 2011, 1:15am says:

Can't wait to try this out!

+1 vote   download: The A.Typical RPG Demo Saga: The Demo Appears!
Tokoya Jan 30 2011, 1:33am says:


+2 votes   article: Gameplay trailer and website launch!
Tokoya Jan 29 2011, 4:57pm replied:

The more the merrier!

+2 votes   media: Data Pad
Tokoya Jan 10 2011, 10:46am says:

Interesting video

+2 votes   media: The beginning
Tokoya Jan 8 2011, 9:54pm says:

Very nice, some of the areas in the other screenshots could do with a lot more detailing though

+1 vote   media: Media-Release 2011 (Beta Screenshots) (Part 2)
Tokoya Jan 2 2011, 12:50am says:

Damn this was cool of you fellas, I really hope someone creates a stable co-op version

+7 votes   article: Nightmare House 2 source files released!
Tokoya Dec 27 2010, 4:53pm says:

I like the map, it's great to see an update!

+1 vote   media: New World Map
Tokoya Dec 27 2010, 10:35am says:

Awesoome news

+1 vote   article: Propper is alive
Tokoya Sep 8 2010, 7:55pm says:

Very nice

+1 vote   media: New particle Effects
Tokoya Aug 31 2010, 6:10pm says:

Can't wait to see what youdo with the rest of the RPD and park!

+1 vote   article: Updates
Tokoya Jul 25 2010, 2:51am says:

I like these concept arts, very snazzy style

+2 votes   article: First round of concepts!
Tokoya Jul 25 2010, 12:05am says:

I love your art style

+1 vote   media: Leg of Tower And Head Piece
Tokoya Jun 9 2010, 12:23pm says:

That is some beautiful CC

+2 votes   media: Dorsa #002
Tokoya May 21 2010, 4:48pm says:

I love it, it really looks it could be like Raccoon

+1 vote   media: Mapping Tests
Tokoya May 9 2010, 7:43pm says:

Seriously beautiful jungle there, I think you'll surprise the Sonic team :D

+1 vote   media: Emerald Hill Village
Tokoya May 1 2010, 3:51pm says:

Great choice, it has a very unique look

+1 vote   media: STG 45M
Tokoya Apr 6 2010, 11:30am replied:

Ditto that!

+1 vote   media: New Gate 2 shots of Northern Europe war time
Tokoya Apr 4 2010, 11:37pm says:

Excellent view from the battlements =D

+1 vote   media: Thorlak Island Exterior
Tokoya Mar 23 2010, 6:57pm says:

Interesting blog, I fully support the move to the UDK as it will afford you much more freedom and more people will beable to access X321 without owning Crysis.

Best of luck to you and the mod!

+1 vote   media: Developer Blog 3
Tokoya Mar 22 2010, 1:48am replied:

Yeah I know, and I meant if you ever want to play some RECB multiplyer hit me up, friend runs a server sometimes xD

+1 vote   media: Corridor next of the generator room -wip-
Tokoya Mar 18 2010, 1:47pm says:

I love those projectected textures! We still play RECB, let me know if you want in sometime

+1 vote   media: Corridor next of the generator room -wip-
Tokoya Mar 15 2010, 8:52pm says:

Great to see you are alive again, good luck! I hope we can play it soon!

+1 vote   article: Thorlak Island returns in 2010
Tokoya Feb 2 2010, 12:39am says:

Truly amazing, it looks like a top of the line title

+1 vote   media: UDK Test shots
Tokoya Feb 1 2010, 5:38pm says:

Nice work

+1 vote   media: DOTD - Shower Area (3)
Tokoya Jan 25 2010, 2:52pm says:

Excellnt shot!

+3 votes   media: Cellblock A7 update2
Tokoya Jan 21 2010, 3:33pm says:

I really like this but the yellowish brown walls look a bit off, but I'm sure it will look great with the proper lighting

0 votes   media: R.P.D. Main Hall 99% Completed
Tokoya Jan 1 2010, 9:41pm says:

Awesome o_o

+1 vote   article: Long awaited Trailer finally online January Update
Tokoya Dec 22 2009, 1:18am says:

Great interview, this story has really piqued my interest and it's always great to get a peak behind the scenes of such a mysterious project!

+1 vote   article: Interviewed by Gamespy: Planet Half-Life
Tokoya Dec 21 2009, 11:33pm says:

Amazing screenshots!

+1 vote   article: December Update:
Tokoya Dec 16 2009, 7:07pm says:

Very nice burshwork!

+4 votes   media: Concrete mill
Tokoya Dec 15 2009, 5:15pm says:

Very Nice!

+2 votes   media: high path
Tokoya Dec 8 2009, 10:14am says:

Can't wait to see the final version

+2 votes   article: St.Michael Clock Tower In The Works
Tokoya Dec 8 2009, 10:12am says:

Wow, really well done

+1 vote   media: Raccoon Park Front Gate
Tokoya Dec 3 2009, 3:07pm says:

The soldier looks superb in-game

0 votes   media: resistance soldier redo ingame
Tokoya Nov 30 2009, 10:30pm says:

Hey, do I know you from somewhere?

+2 votes   member: exaltstudios
Tokoya Nov 23 2009, 3:14pm says:

This tunnel looks great! I love the lighting and the hazy atmosphere

+2 votes   media: Update #08
Tokoya Oct 24 2009, 12:24am replied:

I agree, PB has ruined playing certain games such as BF2 and COD4 for me, I manual update, automaticly update and whatever else it tells me to do and I still get kicked out. On the other hand VAC hasn't given me any trouble if at all. I guess it really just depends on the specific user but PB has repeatedly hindered me from enjoying the games that I have spent cash on.

+2 votes   article: MW2 getting no modding love? ** Updated
Tokoya Oct 14 2009, 6:12pm says:

Good update

+1 vote   article: The Moonlight Path - ALPHA News
Tokoya Aug 28 2009, 6:39pm says:

Bad luck for them, but at least they were ultimately recognized ^^

+1 vote   article: MSUC Additional Winners
Tokoya Aug 24 2009, 9:41am says:

Looks superb, the textures really pop in the atmosphere.

+5 votes   media: August Update
Tokoya Aug 17 2009, 3:00pm says:

Great videos, its great to watch the progression

+1 vote   article: Level Creation Time Lapse Videos
Tokoya Jun 19 2009, 12:08am says:

This game is evolving into an amazingly addictive experience, I can't wait to play the new version!

+2 votes   article: Age of Chivalry CR2 Update Due in June!
Tokoya Jun 17 2009, 4:52pm says:

Lookin superb

+2 votes   media: Final Fantasy VII: Mako Dawn, Mako Dusk
Tokoya Jun 7 2009, 11:29pm replied:

Yup, Valve spoiled it's kids and look whats happening when they finaly put the cookie jar away. For being generous to it's fan base while it could, it's being punished when it no longer can.

Man, what a loyal community we turned out to be!

+24 votes   article: L4D2 Boycott Group emails Valve with their demands
Tokoya Jun 7 2009, 4:46pm says:

It's good to see that someone is still making Morrowind mods, it looks interesting, I'll have to find my copy before I download..

+1 vote   download: "Beta" download of Molag Sod
Tokoya Jun 5 2009, 12:27am says:

Great work fellas

+1 vote   media: June Update
Tokoya Jun 2 2009, 10:37am says:

You definetely have a full plate but I can't wait to see how this turns out!

+1 vote   article: Overview, Features & Progress
Tokoya May 31 2009, 12:34pm replied:

Gotcha :)

+2 votes   member: Toyoka
Tokoya May 26 2009, 9:01pm says:

Man, this game looks excellent

+1 vote   media: ScreenShots
Tokoya May 17 2009, 3:35am replied:

And thats the truth

+2 votes   media: Tristram, sweet Tristram
Tokoya Mar 30 2009, 5:29pm says:

This looks very impressive, definetely going to download when it's finished.

+1 vote   article: X32I - Redemption First Look
Tokoya Mar 30 2009, 5:26pm says:


+1 vote   article: Vault-Tec-Source
Tokoya Mar 22 2009, 10:19am says:

I like the architecture

+2 votes   media: R e b e l l i o n - Media
Tokoya Mar 10 2009, 5:12pm says:

Really looking forward to seeing how this will turn out, good luck!

+1 vote   mod: The Spencer Estate
Tokoya Mar 1 2009, 6:12pm says:


+1 vote   media: Final Fantasy VII: Mako Dawn, Mako Dusk
Tokoya Jan 24 2011, 1:34am says:


+1 vote   article: New Team Member
Tokoya Jan 22 2011, 11:53pm says:

Wow, by far the most impressive gameplay vid shown to date, you guys are really proving yourselves as developers!

+1 vote   article: NMRiH Map Spotlight #2 - Cabin
Tokoya Jan 22 2011, 1:42pm replied:


0 votes   media: nmo_cabin Spotlight Images
Tokoya Jan 8 2011, 1:45am says:

I really like it

+1 vote   media: Dissolution Ingame
Tokoya Jan 4 2011, 12:34pm says:


+2 votes   article: How to talk to people‚Äďand RELEASE DATE!
Tokoya Dec 28 2010, 12:57pm says:

It's great to see a source mod garner so many players, congrats GE:S team!

+1 vote   article: GES Update 12/27/10 [v4.1 Aftermath]
Tokoya Dec 27 2010, 11:24am says:

Ooh baby, cannot wait!

+1 vote   article: Merry Christmas and a happy new year!
Tokoya Dec 27 2010, 11:22am says:

Sweet Vid =3

+1 vote   media: A Christmas greeting
Tokoya Dec 27 2010, 10:40am replied:

Nobody is arguing that it isn't a good WW2 mod but his point is valid, multiplayer and singleplayer are two entirely different bests and comparing the two is like comparing an rpg to an fps and should be treated as such in the MOTY awards

0 votes   article: Players Choice - Mod of the Year
Tokoya Dec 21 2010, 4:55pm says:

Nightmare House 2 was one of my all time favorite HL2 mods, but the level of effort and quality, not to mention the sheer amount of content created is only rivaled by The Nameless Mod in my opinion

+1 vote   article: Editors Choice - Best Singleplayer Mod
Tokoya Dec 17 2010, 6:04pm says:

If it were up to me the creators of Amnesia (Frictional Games) would have definitely been on this list.

+7 votes   article: The Best Developers of 2010
Tokoya Dec 9 2010, 1:32pm says:

I really dig this shot

+2 votes   media: Map Spotlight #1 - Broadway
Tokoya Dec 3 2010, 6:20pm says:

The freakishly long fingers frighten me

+4 votes   media: Water
Tokoya Nov 22 2010, 1:15am says:


+2 votes   media: Regulations For Trainees
Tokoya Nov 19 2010, 11:02am says:

Amazing work! What kind of insane compile times do you have to contend with?

+1 vote   article: Off Limits - level presentation video
Tokoya Nov 8 2010, 2:07pm says:

I love how 3 years later you're the only one to post again xD

good question though, moddb error perhaps?

+3 votes   article: Mistake -1 - new screenshots and modeller !
Tokoya Oct 26 2010, 2:12am says:

You gotta tell me your secret Swedish meatball recipe one of these days

+4 votes   member: Danboe
Tokoya Oct 22 2010, 10:45am says:


+1 vote   media: Off Limits - alpha trailer
Tokoya Oct 17 2010, 1:31am says:

The environment is so great I feel like it's a shame it isn't being used in an a single player experience like Deus Ex, but I'm sure the gameplay will be awesome :D

+3 votes   mod: Off Limits
Tokoya Oct 13 2010, 11:31am says:

Hey just wanted to say that from the perspective of someone who is going to play from day one that these progressive upgrades that never reset sounds great, but I think people are overlooking the way this may effect new players who join a couple months after release.

Once you start adding upgrades that increase damage output and decrease the damage received I think you will begin toeing a dangerous like where any new players could easily be turned off by the idea of having to dedicate X amount of hours to this mod just so they can keep up and play properly with everybody else.

Of course there are examples of amazing games that have managed to pull this off who prove my opinion wrong but I'm a huge advocate of balance and would hate to see a worst case scenario where a barrier is created between older players and newer players who just can't compete and can't be bothered to become a regular.

+1 vote   article: The Rising MOD - Update 8: Resistance Upgrades
Tokoya Oct 13 2010, 10:52am says:


+1 vote   media: Work in Progress
Tokoya Oct 10 2010, 9:04pm says:

Excellent video guys :D

+1 vote   media: 1187 Gameplay Teaser 2010
Tokoya Oct 10 2010, 12:06pm says:

It looks just like the real training facility

+2 votes   media: Stairwell (2nd --> 3rd floor) -wip-
Tokoya Oct 8 2010, 4:06pm says:

If STALKER and Oblivion made whoopie, this would be the result

-1 votes   media: Two Classic Battlefields Revealed
Tokoya Aug 22 2011, 12:21pm says:

I've been watching this mod for along time, but this new trailer now has Grey on par with Cry of Fear on my "holy **** I have to play this" list.

+2 votes   article: News Update on Progress
Tokoya Apr 3 2011, 12:38pm says:

Very sleek gui

+1 vote   media: New Gui
Tokoya Mar 3 2011, 11:50am says:


+1 vote   article: 3-02-2011 Update: Labwork map
Tokoya Sep 23 2010, 8:23pm replied:

Thank you for posting our news update on!

+1 vote   article: A New Demo is Coming Soon!
Tokoya Sep 9 2010, 1:44pm says:

I was really looking forward to episode 2, but I still appreciate that you released what was done so far.


+2 votes   article: UNCOMPLETED Eye of the Storm episode II
Tokoya Aug 20 2010, 10:18pm replied:

Best comment lol

+1 vote   media: Cinematic Presentation
Tokoya Jun 22 2010, 11:51am says:

Interesting stuff

+2 votes   article: Developer Banter - Ragnarok Arena
Tokoya Jun 2 2010, 7:44pm says:

I have actually been working on something very similar to this, your bar is way cooler than mine though with the neon strip :3

Great work!

+1 vote   media: Update Images May/April 2010
Tokoya May 23 2010, 1:08pm says:

Good displacement work, looks beautiful

+1 vote   article: A walk at the beach...
Tokoya May 18 2010, 2:24pm says:

It's good to know development is in full swing, looking forward to this a lot!

+1 vote   article: News!
Tokoya Apr 16 2010, 5:33pm says:

Don't worry about the lack of destruction, these were just a couple more screenshots to let you know that more progress is being made.

All of the gritty details like broken fire hydrants and shattered glass are usualy the last layer of detail I add to an area because it's hard to make any major changes later on with so much clutter.

It will be looking much more like the tattered remains Raccoon City as the level nears completion.

+2 votes   media: Updated street screenshots
Tokoya Mar 16 2010, 4:40pm says:

I really dig the style of the level but maybe it could use a small variety of different colored lights to break it up a little bit

+1 vote   article: Presenting our first custom half-done NPC model !
Tokoya Jan 25 2010, 4:07pm says:

This video was impressive, this mod has an incredible amount of potential, if the team completes this the community could have something very special to play. Just keep at it! People have been waiting years to have another go at Midgar and now we may finaly get that chance

0 votes   media: A nauseating demonstration!
Tokoya Dec 13 2009, 1:16am says:

Very awesome

+2 votes   media: New way Citadel_map01 update
Tokoya Nov 1 2009, 11:00am says:

I'm a huge fan of your maps, theyhave the perfect amount of detail!

+3 votes   article: Weekly Update - October 31st, 2009
Tokoya Oct 17 2009, 2:50pm says:

I'm taking a small break from ZPS so come halloween I can really enjoy this new update, fantastic work!

+4 votes   article: ZPS Release almost here and Halloween Contest coming to a close
Tokoya Sep 9 2009, 3:12pm says:


+1 vote   media: 09-08-09 - Beta Playtest - Image 001
Tokoya Aug 22 2009, 8:38pm says:

The mod may not be perfect, but I still had a great time playing it.

+1 vote   article: Eternal Silence Post-Mortem - Part 2
Tokoya Aug 19 2009, 3:19pm says:

Good way to mix it up, I really hope to hear a release date soon, this mod needs a release!

+1 vote   article: NMRiH Weekly Update August 17th, 2009
Tokoya Jun 23 2009, 7:15pm says:

Masks for gas, masks for gas!

+1 vote   article: DAWN OF THE DEAD - New Screenshots & Video
Tokoya Apr 2 2009, 9:43am says:

Looks fantastic!

+1 vote   article: X32I - Redemption Teaser + New shots
Tokoya Apr 1 2009, 9:43pm replied:

Thanks for clarifying

+1 vote   article: Noesis Interactive Announces the Addition of Curriculum to SourceU
Tokoya Apr 1 2009, 6:42pm says:

If this is an April Fools joke it's feeble at best.

+1 vote   article: Noesis Interactive Announces the Addition of Curriculum to SourceU
Tokoya Mar 31 2009, 7:37pm says:

I really like the gameplay, it looks very unique. The level looks damn good too.

+4 votes   article: Off Limits
Tokoya Mar 31 2009, 3:48pm says:

Epic modcast

+3 votes   article: Modcast S02 E19
Tokoya Mar 29 2009, 2:06am says:

It looks decent, I'm going to give it a try when its done

+3 votes   mod: The Nightmare Mod
Tokoya Mar 26 2009, 3:40pm says:

How about an Evil Dead 2 or Day of the Dead cover?

+2 votes   article: Rats update
Tokoya Mar 24 2009, 6:21pm says:

More people need to give this a shot, but someone needs to host a server with rotating maps/gametypes

+2 votes   download: ZombieMod: Source - Public Beta #3
Tokoya Feb 18 2009, 8:34pm says:

It's pretty obvious who the masses will vote for, some of us are looking to you staffers to shed some light on the lesser-known mods.

+1 vote   poll: Which MOTY results are you more interested in seeing?
Tokoya Jan 30 2009, 3:46am says:

Looks great

+1 vote   article: Noesis Presents ModDB TV: The Nameless Mod
Tokoya Nov 19 2008, 12:48pm says:

I remember thinking this was one of the coolest bosses around because it took me so long to kill it

+2 votes   media: Tentacles
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