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tnathan475 Jul 28 2010, 12:50pm replied:

Run and gun gameplay? Check. Little to Zero strategy? Check. Attachment system? Check. ******** weapon damage rates? DOUBLE CHECK. Yes, it is ALOT like Call of Duty and CSS mixed together (unfortunately).

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tnathan475 Jul 27 2010, 3:43pm replied:

He may be a little too angry about it, but he does have a point. This is not Firearms, it is a Call of Duty HL2 mod.

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tnathan475 Jul 27 2010, 10:47am says:

Still think the V-Spec II is far prettier

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tnathan475 Jul 27 2010, 10:45am says:

Pretty amazing that this ROAD CAR can do over 265 mph

+1 vote     media: Bugatti Veyron Super Sport
tnathan475 Jul 26 2010, 9:42pm replied:

I have plenty of free paged pool memory (few things run in the background anyhow), and I have been using mat_queue_mode 2 (I use that tweak in all source engine games I run). It just doesn't seem to want to be all that stable. I have seen that the damage rates are to be increased, but to be honest "30%" and "66%" are still too low to create a game that isn't just based on 'run and gun'. My main issue with this mod is that it does not "bring the best aspects of the Firearms(hl1) Mod to the source engine" it rather discards them in favor of a more fast-passed Arcade, Call of Duty type FPS, instead of the strategic aspects that made Firearms(HL1) a truly great mod.

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tnathan475 Jul 26 2010, 11:11am says:

I'm sorry as much as I wanted to like this mod really I do not. The damage rates are nowhere near where they should be, recoil on several weapons are....strange to say the least and it seems to crash way more than it should (I have no problems with any other source mods or games). I realize that this is the first release but these are errors that really should have been resolved in an internal beta. There also seems to be little to none of the strategy that made Firearms for Half-Life 1 so enjoyable, unfortunately it seems like this mod has fallen into the run-and-gun type FPS that we all have Call of Duty to thank for. That being said, its still a thousand times better than the joke of a game called Counter Strike Source.

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tnathan475 Jul 5 2010, 2:48pm says:


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tnathan475 Jul 1 2010, 12:16pm says:

Love this game.

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tnathan475 Jun 30 2010, 9:21am says:


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tnathan475 Jun 17 2010, 7:51pm replied:

press [enter] on the map screen

+1 vote     article: MKF v0.4 Beta is out!
tnathan475 Jun 17 2010, 2:08pm replied:

Use Xpadder

+2 votes     article: MKF v0.4 Beta is out!
tnathan475 May 30 2010, 3:02pm says:

Whats left of a Dodge Charger R/T

+1 vote     media: All American Muscle
tnathan475 May 29 2010, 4:12pm says:

Great video, steering seems a bit "springy" at the moment however.

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tnathan475 May 2 2010, 1:15pm says:


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tnathan475 May 1 2010, 11:52am says:

excellent work.

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tnathan475 Apr 30 2010, 11:53pm says:

those lights look great.

+2 votes     article: Night Lights and a New Direction
tnathan475 Apr 10 2010, 2:21pm says:

Intresting headlights, not sure I like the blue in front of the air scoop. Did Koenigsegg at least have the good sense to install a rear spoiler on this version?

+1 vote     media: Koenigsegg Agera
tnathan475 Feb 28 2010, 8:03am says:

wow, ostentatious.

+2 votes     media: Gold-Mercedes-Benz-C63 Amg
tnathan475 Feb 28 2010, 8:02am says:

best version of the GTI

+4 votes     media: ALL Volkswagen-Serie-1
tnathan475 Feb 21 2010, 4:14pm replied:

Well after driving it all around Jamaica (in various road conditions---including area where there is basically just a dirt track) I can make the following observations: Brake and throttle response are complete rubbish, you have about 3-4 inches of pushing before the car "knows" you are pushing on the brake/throttle. Break is very sharp and sudden when (finally) engaged as well. Gear changes are also not very smooth, the car will sometimes lurch into a lower gear (it is an auto-transmission unfortunately) without warning on a flat road while your foot is depressed on the throttle. Best way to drive this car with auto-trans is to continuously shift the gear lever into the appropriate gear (L,2,3,D) for where you are (towns, or open road) and what you are doing (ex. shift DOWN to 2 if overtaking). Many parts of the exhaust hang too low under the car so its very easy to bottom out on a very rough road (there are plenty here). Car is slow, but not unbearably so (at least with 4 people including driver) but if loaded with luggage and people it will struggle to overtake or climb a steep hill, the lack of power WILL get to you after awhile as overtaking and speeding up quickly after breaking hard here is something you do frequently. Only real advantage with this car here in Jamaica is her size. If you go to Jamaica and rent and plan to be driving many places, best bet is to spend a little more money on something slightly larger, with more powerful specifically and with all-wheel/four-wheel drive.

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tnathan475 Feb 21 2010, 3:51pm replied:

One of the few Alfas I really like (along with the old Alfa 75, and the Twinspark). Very pretty car. Great chase scene featuring the 159 here from Quantum of Solace

+2 votes     media: Alfa Romeo 159
tnathan475 Feb 18 2010, 7:01pm replied:

Just posted an Alfa, never been a huge Alfa fan my self but even I have to admit the 159 is a pretty car.
As far as posting images I believe it falls under Fair use ( ), as this is non-profit, and for educational and commenting on.

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tnathan475 Feb 18 2010, 2:39pm replied:

I believe it, the steering is not exactly.....precise.

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tnathan475 Feb 17 2010, 2:27pm replied:

I definitely agree, it would be very useful to have a clear all button for updates. Comment notification would be nice too. It would certainly help those of us that watch many mods.

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tnathan475 Feb 12 2010, 5:45pm says:

Its the first day of the 2010 World Rally Championship. First stage is the Uddeholm Swedish Rally taking place from February 12th-14th.

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tnathan475 Feb 12 2010, 5:36pm replied:

There are many tracks around the world that will usually do a "track day". Where you bring and race your own car. Best way to find out is ring the closest track near you and ask if they do track days.

+1 vote     media: Der Nürburgring Nordschleife
tnathan475 Feb 11 2010, 7:42pm says:

amazing, no other word for it.

+1 vote     article: Weather 2.0
tnathan475 Jan 27 2010, 6:01pm says:

Simply superb, can't wait to use that FNC

+1 vote     article: L.U.R.K. Weapons
tnathan475 Jan 27 2010, 5:41pm says:

very nice

+1 vote     media: tomazo+911
tnathan475 Jan 27 2010, 12:04pm replied:

Very very pretty car, but also a very very unruly car.
Top Gear's review -

+2 votes     media: Lamborghini Countach 5000QV
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