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Mod Review on Sep 16th, 2012 - 1 person agrees

I think this project is another great example of how a small group of dedicated people can come together to make something very special. As a fellow developer for HEK it is always refreshing to get to play great stuff like this made by other people :-)

- The new HUD is creative, and works very well. It fits in with the infected feeling of the flood biped.
- The included manual is very well written, and provides a detailed explanation for each design decision. Everyone should read this before playing.
- The encounters are creative and well executed. I know that Lone and Koo put their heart and soul into this project, and it really shows. There's several very memorable encounters in there, and if you manage to survive them they feel that much more special.
- As for the lack of HUD elements, I don't feel this is an issue. I would imagine a flood combat form to be able to be less better suited to judging distances, as they don't actually use eyes. The lack of HUD elements also enforces this.
- I do not feel the flood need to use grenades. They never did, and never should imo. There's several changes to the player biped that "compensate" for it being a flood combat form. You can jump higher, run faster, and melee harder. Harder, better, faster, stronger. It makes for some very memorable moments when you jump+melee a hunter to death.
- I'm very much looking forward to see what Lone and Koo plan for their custom BSPs, if they are as creative with those as they are with their new assets and encounters, I am confident that it will be fantastic.

I won't hide this under any chairs or tables. This project is my favorite project made by other people on this website (along with Firefight Descent). I simply love it, it's very polished and made with Scottish love.

Yarrrr indeed!
A well deserved 9/10, losing only a point because this BSP isn't custom :-)

- Lodeman <3

Firefight Descent
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Mod Review on Aug 31st, 2012

A nice firefight map that combines the best ideas from ones that came before it, and then adds on to it.

The BSP is for the most part very well designed and resembles Crater from Halo 3: ODST. However the spawn point lacks sufficient cover, and the green hallways cannot be accessed by AI, making it a little too easy to camp there.

The difficulty curve of the map is well done too, and matches what you'd expect from a Halo firefight map.

There is also a nice selection of custom weaponry available, along with fresh new bipeds.

Some of the tags have some small issues, eg. the drones collision isn't up to par and the sentinel shields flicker constantly. But for the most part these don't affect gameplay too much.

The map is definitely one of the best and most polished firefight maps currently available for Halo Custom Edition, and was the first one using a custom BSP as far as I'm aware. The custom BSP uses a daring color scheme, but pulls it off very well.

All things considered I find this map deserves an 8/10. A 10/10 would imply it was perfect, while a 7/10 seems mediocre/average. The map has that in-your-face wow factor, but some minor imperfections in the tags and some of the design keep it from reaching a perfect score.

Nonetheless a fantastic effort, especially considering what a small team worked on this. Congrats guys!

Project Lumoria
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Mod Review on Nov 26th, 2010

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