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Autumn Aurora 2

Mod review

This mod is probably the best OH ive played for Shoc.
It's got amazing environments, combat is balanced, the recoil actually makes it feel like the weapons do impact, and they actually do. The UI is simple and is not bullcrap.
Though, because of A-Life, there is a chance that some unique stalkers can appear and die near you which nets you an awesome peice of loot, like when Vampire died, I got his SG550 Tact. Though do not rely on this as this is a small chance of happening. But the combat is pretty balanced and I recommend being in cover and taking out enemies with 2 shot bursts with weapons and don't bother sniping with the Makarov much as it can waste your ammo.

Last but not least, the installer setup is really simple to follow and gives you choices of how you want the game to be played and such. ENB is simply amazing too.


E L I T E (ver. 8.1)

Mod review may contain spoilers - 4 agree

I have to say.. I am really surprised on this mod, this small, and such a game-changer. Because I already beat this game once, it just is not the same, this mod makes the game a lot more brutal. Remember saving Nimble? Good luck because a helicopter will try to shred you down. Remember the empty zone and linear progression? Throw that out too, you get bandits and military attacking Cordon with stuff. I like this mod so far, but I can imagine what brutality the army base will throw at me. But this mod imo is the best if you still want a vanilla game and good stuff at the same time. Good mod so far.


Arsenal Overhaul - Clear Sky 2.0

Mod review - 3 agree

This weapon pack is the best one I have played with and the most stable one too. This mod features a ton of weapons at your disposal and all of them are deadly to you and to the enemy. First hours I started up this mod and had a blast blasting Renegades with the Mosin Nagant and the pistol, It sort of felt like I was in a russian action movie and that's sort of a rare experience to happen to me because most of the other stuff don't make me feel like it. Right now I stopped at the military turret at the Cordon and having a bit trouble, so I will decide to go through the other path. But this mod is the best definitely when it comes to weapons and MISERY can just suck it (no offense but its better than retextures). So take this time and install the damn thing and have fun :D


Arsenal Overhaul 3

Mod review

Really good mod and really stable on performance compared to most mods.


Master Sword: Continued 1.2

Mod review

Codutility France Mod MW2 MW3

Mod review


Mod review

Deus Ex: Gore Mod

Mod review - 1 agree - 1 disagree

This mod is just awesome and makes Ion Storm lazy for putting in crappy blood. Plus high-powered weapons + this mod = Awesome.
I will tell you guys the Pros and Cons.

Pros : Twice better Blood and gore than Vanilla
2 versions for low and high end PCs
More Blood value for each shot
Shotguns and this mod is epic.

Cons : The Blood can make some lag at some points
Blowing people up causes Lag
The blood spurt looks cartoon-ish
Could be make a bit better
Would've been Better with the Modern-ish Combat.

But Overall I give this mod a 8 because of some of the Cons.
The only thing though is that I haven't tested this mod.

Now that I have played the mod and Beta V2 I say, I am happy what I downloaded and applied beta to. Blood looks so much better in V2 than v1.
New rating is a 9.

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