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TKAzA Dec 1 2014, 7:39pm replied:

It's back!

+3 votes   mod: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha
TKAzA Dec 1 2014, 7:13pm replied:

then it is not eligible and should be added so it can be voted for!

+1 vote   article: 2014 Indie of the Year KICKOFF!
TKAzA Dec 1 2014, 12:57pm replied:


+1 vote   article: 2014 Indie of the Year KICKOFF!
TKAzA Nov 30 2014, 9:33pm replied:

Vote for all your favorites, you don't have long to get your favs into the top 100!

+4 votes   article: 2014 Mod of the Year KICKOFF!
TKAzA Nov 30 2014, 8:57pm says:

Really nice comp, good luck to all.

+3 votes   article: Christmas Games Competition Here on
TKAzA Nov 30 2014, 8:09pm says:

The feels man!

+1 vote   article: A Tribute To Donkey Kong Country will be released in 5 days!
TKAzA Nov 30 2014, 8:03pm says:

Jeremy Clarkson simulator! Wheres my hammer.

+1 vote   game: Where Is My Hammer: Destroy Everything
TKAzA Nov 30 2014, 7:36pm says:

That's pretty Epic! :D Pardon the pun ;), Goodluck all! Thank you Epic!

+11 votes   article: Epic Games joins 2014 awards
TKAzA Nov 28 2014, 2:54pm says:

Hope all is ok and this keeps on being developed!

+1 vote   game: Lift
TKAzA Nov 27 2014, 12:37pm says:

The lips need more depth as does the brow, good progress though, keep at it and id personally use 3d coat, its far easier and cheaper (60£) than zbrush.

+1 vote   media: Head Sculpt WIP
TKAzA Nov 27 2014, 12:00pm says:

Same, any release is a good release!

+8 votes   article: v5.0 Progress Update
TKAzA Nov 27 2014, 12:34am says:

Always looking good!

+7 votes   article: New Overgrowth a208 video devlog
TKAzA Nov 26 2014, 9:17pm says:

Thats a great dk model, you could probably optimize the hands a bit more. And the face, However this looks like the loading screen model so im guessing the ingame one is further optimized.

+1 vote   member: IgorF.
TKAzA Nov 26 2014, 8:02pm replied:

Still looks like a sheet of glass!, Gimme that chicken!

+1 vote   media: mousepad fix
TKAzA Nov 25 2014, 5:31pm says:

Grats on the funding, looks very polished.

+1 vote   article: DevBlog #5 – Kickstarter Ending
TKAzA Nov 25 2014, 3:52pm says:

This is over the top fun, get your mates together for epic vehicle carnage!

+2 votes   mod: Get Wrecked [Vehicle Combat Sandbox]
TKAzA Nov 25 2014, 12:47pm says:

Looks outstanding, tracking this!

+1 vote   game: Ashen Rift
TKAzA Nov 25 2014, 12:17pm says:

Looking good, going to have to try this out!

+1 vote   game: Battleship Commander
TKAzA Nov 22 2014, 6:15pm says:

Looks interesting, tracking.

+2 votes   game: Survive Pangea: Pre Historic Survival
TKAzA Nov 20 2014, 1:08am replied:

See the downloads, the changes are listed.

+3 votes   mod: FakeFactory Cinematic Mod
TKAzA Nov 16 2014, 9:34pm replied:

Indeed a great indie team.

+1 vote   article: Update 01.056 – Bugfixing #3
TKAzA Nov 16 2014, 8:18pm says:

Diggin the art chaps, looks lovely.

+1 vote   article: Quest Board!
TKAzA Nov 16 2014, 7:46pm says:

Great update, enjoyed playing at EGX, will you be allowing players to craft their own levels at some point?

+1 vote   article: Cloudbuilt DLC: New level and new enemy
TKAzA Nov 16 2014, 7:44pm says:

Intuitive looking toolset, when can we expect to play with it? :D

+1 vote   article: Planet Explorers - World Editor Video
TKAzA Nov 16 2014, 3:39pm says:

Just wondering how this is different to the steam SDK, Have you thought of having jackhammer as the base map editor instead of hammer?

+2 votes   mod: Half Life Modding Kit
TKAzA Nov 16 2014, 3:33pm says:

Looking awesome chaps!

+4 votes   article: Fall of Saigon Map: Countryside
TKAzA Nov 14 2014, 10:38pm replied:

Apps like evolve may help you connect with your friends, but yes I believe FH have developed a GS work around.

+1 vote   article: Gamespy Shutdown Solutions
TKAzA Nov 12 2014, 10:08pm says:

That takes me back, so far! Looking forward to the release.

+1 vote   article: A Tribute To Donkey Kong Country announcement
TKAzA Nov 11 2014, 10:44pm says:

Christmas will even be more special this year!

+2 votes   article: Christmas-Life HD announced!
TKAzA Nov 11 2014, 10:42pm says:

Looking great chaps, you releasing an update for the MANW comp?

+1 vote   article: CSLA is back in the 80's
TKAzA Mar 25 2015, 2:08pm says:

such awesome news!

+2 votes   article: Yet Another Long Overdue Update
TKAzA Mar 24 2015, 10:36pm replied:

this is the google drive copy, i dont use mega

+2 votes   download: The Reckoning : For M&B
TKAzA Mar 16 2015, 5:48pm says:

Video please!

+2 votes   media: Lensdirt & Godrays
TKAzA Mar 9 2015, 9:08pm says:

Great update!

+1 vote   article: New model for ARMA 3 (Work report 1/4 2015)
TKAzA Mar 3 2015, 11:51am says:

Looks amazing!

+2 votes   article: Vektor Prix - Local Splitscreen Multiplayer!
TKAzA Feb 23 2015, 5:29pm replied:

That's fantastic to hear, thanks for sharing!, cant wait to show off what the community creates, modDB has you covered!

+3 votes   article: February Update / SFX
TKAzA Feb 22 2015, 12:23am says:

More details on your plans for mod-ability please :D!

+1 vote   article: February Update / SFX
TKAzA Feb 10 2015, 2:12am replied:

agreed! gameplay over graphics anyday, keep ironing out the code, graphics can come later :)

+1 vote   article: Check out the trailer !
TKAzA Feb 8 2015, 6:39pm says:

loving the monsters, cant wait to see them in 3d.

+1 vote   article: January Update
TKAzA Feb 7 2015, 2:37pm replied:

dem maths!

+1 vote   media: Coming soon to theaters
TKAzA Feb 3 2015, 8:28pm replied:

Yes, its real.

+3 votes   game: Five Nights at Freddy's 3
TKAzA Jan 26 2015, 8:43pm says:

Nice, not sure on the SSIL, seems a bit dramatic, however if it works with the SSAO, i guess it wouldn't make objects glow from the bottom.

+1 vote   article: Skyrim ENB - Effect Demo Video Series UPDATED
TKAzA Jan 25 2015, 6:45pm says:

Added to the indiedb greenlight collection, goodluck devs.

+1 vote   article: A Quiver of Crows - Announcement Trailer and Greenlight
TKAzA Jan 19 2015, 9:01pm says:

Only took 4 days, impressive!

+1 vote   article: Voidrunner has been greenlit on Steam!
TKAzA Jan 16 2015, 8:05pm says:

Do you have twitter chap?

+1 vote   member: E-Cone
TKAzA Jan 14 2015, 3:53pm says:

With the amazingess of space engineers, this will be big, cant wait! Any word on modding support chaps?

+2 votes   article: Medieval Engineers - Announcement
TKAzA Jan 10 2015, 9:35am replied:

If it happens again, try shutting off adblock for moddb.

+2 votes   media: WHERE IS YOUR ADBLOCK NOW
TKAzA Dec 16 2014, 4:14pm says:


+1 vote   game: CatFish
TKAzA Dec 16 2014, 10:55am replied:

You can check mods you track here rather than looking at all the updates.

This list is a pretty static top 100.

+3 votes   article: Updated site rankings and comments system
TKAzA Dec 16 2014, 9:02am says:

Release ETA, we want this!

+2 votes   article: Venture: 2014 Update
TKAzA Dec 16 2014, 6:22am says:

Lovely art, tracking!

+1 vote   article: The Concrete Jungle Weekly Chronicle - Dec 13th
TKAzA Dec 11 2014, 7:05am replied:

Might need to consider an EA category with it becoming a popular trend to help indies get a foot through the door?

+2 votes   article: Top 100 Indies of 2014 are here!
TKAzA Dec 7 2014, 10:31pm says:

Looks great tracking!

+3 votes   article: The Masterplan: Banksgiving Update
TKAzA Oct 27 2014, 11:44pm replied: +1 vote   article: Alpha 32: shoot 'em up!
TKAzA Oct 17 2014, 10:11pm says:

That's a lovely map editor, do you have a video of it in action?

+1 vote   article: Planet Explorers - World Editor
TKAzA Oct 13 2014, 11:37pm says:

Love to see what roads look like cut along cliffs and through hilltops. Tracking.

+2 votes   article: Buildanauts: Kickstarter Dev Diary Video - Roads & Traffic (Pre-Alpha)
TKAzA Oct 10 2014, 7:25pm says:

Nice shader work, can you post an animated gif of it in action.

+1 vote   article: World-Building: Shaders & Aesthetics
TKAzA Oct 5 2014, 4:05pm says:

The water looks very good for unity, the wave peaking is cool.

+3 votes   article: Hearts of Oak News 3rd October 2014
TKAzA Oct 3 2014, 12:20am says:

They could port all their content to another engine like, UE4 and make something epic, but Id hate to see the mod die from the switch, perhaps a 2nd team can start work on a standalone release :D :O

+5 votes   article: Give and Take
TKAzA Oct 2 2014, 11:30pm says:

Great artwork, liking the mix of 2d and 3d

+1 vote   article: The Hunted - Development Update (Sep. 27, 2014)
TKAzA Oct 1 2014, 10:47am replied:

yeah its got workshop support

+2 votes   article: Trine modding tools released
TKAzA Sep 8 2014, 7:29pm replied:

Seems more like an meat cleaver to me.

+1 vote   article: Eastern Front ver.
TKAzA Aug 29 2014, 9:44pm replied:

Considering each image is about 3mb in size, it would be the speed of your connection, we serve content as fast as you can receive it, on the point of image size, the images & size are under the developers control, so maybe nextime they will add smaller images or use thumbnails, either way its your connection speed and you would have to wait some time for the images to load here or off their website.

+2 votes   article: Crafting Expansion, Combat Mechanic Updates and Sailing
TKAzA Aug 24 2014, 11:24pm replied:

Chat was removed, it will be recorded / used when devs are in the chat however.

+1 vote   article: Monday Night Indie 18th Aug
TKAzA Aug 24 2014, 8:51pm says:

So much stress in so little time, great fun but brutal mod!

+5 votes   mod: PLAYERUNKNOWN's Battle Royale
TKAzA Aug 23 2014, 8:50pm says:

Goodluck execution will be key, tracking!

+1 vote   article: Silent Hill Collier Preview
TKAzA Aug 23 2014, 1:25pm replied:

Yes, the play area becomes smaller every few minutes, don't get caught outside the zone.

+5 votes   download: Battle Royale
TKAzA Aug 18 2014, 11:23pm replied:

Open Broadcaster Software

+2 votes   article: Monday Night Indie 18th Aug
TKAzA Aug 14 2014, 8:25am says:

So lovely, can you record a .gif of it splitting, love to see the animation in action.

+1 vote   media: planetoid stages
TKAzA Aug 14 2014, 8:24am says:

Cant wait for the DEMO, keep us posted!

+1 vote   article: Brick Inventions - Trailer
TKAzA Aug 10 2014, 6:56pm says:

Such fine work, well done on the release, can wait to get some friends over to play this!

+2 votes   article: CRAWL RELEASES
TKAzA Aug 10 2014, 5:52pm says:

Love this!

+1 vote   media: launch delays- sorry guys
TKAzA Aug 9 2014, 7:19pm says:

so weird its wonderful!

+1 vote   media: mr delphin
TKAzA Aug 7 2014, 11:41am replied:

Yes and no, its about exploring and doing the objectives, different truck choices results in a different play through experiences, but being a simulator it has its limits to entertainment. However with mods, you can never be bored.

8 wheeled drive truck?

+3 votes   game: SPINTIRES
TKAzA Aug 5 2014, 8:39pm says:

Any place to get the alpha?

+1 vote   article: Monthly Update 7/2014
TKAzA Aug 4 2014, 3:06am says:

Congrats chaps!

+12 votes   article: Double Action: Boogaloo - ModDB Final
TKAzA Jul 31 2014, 4:18am says:

4.5 million in funding, this should be one amazing product!

+1 vote   article: Shroud of the Avatar Release 8 Instructions
TKAzA Jul 20 2014, 9:53am says:

Awesome, whens this coming to mobile?

+1 vote   article: Catmouth Island is done! :3 :3 :3
TKAzA Jul 18 2014, 5:11am replied:

Just wanted a hug :(

+1 vote   media: Hello Henley
TKAzA Jul 10 2014, 11:39pm replied:

They need a better system, having this many causes issues, so should be more load on demand, nothing the console cant do, eitherway, i found loading one at a time till you find the ones that cause crashes, was the only way to get that volume of mods working, A few graphics mods mess with each other and some custom content doesn't like expanded base content, but other than that, i never enjoyed the vanilla game it was to falloutish, the gameplay tweaks are some of the more enjoyable imo.

+4 votes   media: More mods needed.
TKAzA Jul 5 2014, 6:36pm says:

Nice change in art direction, really digging it. Indiana Jones character Hat please!

+2 votes   article: TinyKeep Overgrown
TKAzA Jul 1 2014, 7:54pm says:

Looks pretty cool, whens the mobile version out?

0 votes   article: Munin is now available!
TKAzA Jun 29 2014, 6:07pm says:

That must be an awesome feeling, seeing those big names play your game!
The environments look painstakingly created.

+3 votes   article: Rise & Shine gameplay video and Barcelona's Gamelab chronicle with famous people
TKAzA Jun 27 2014, 7:09am replied:

its a scam

+1 vote   media: Who like S.T.A.L.K.E.R. than read it
TKAzA Jun 15 2014, 7:01pm replied:

I have 5 normal SATA HDD'S, 3x250gig standard & 2 250gb notebook drives as i was to lazy to by real ones, so i salvaged them from dead laptops.

Upgrading to SSD will help but i think i need sata3 for the best effect and i dont think this motherboard supports 3, so when i get change to upgrade the GPU, i will also upgrade the MB and increase the RAM.

Honestly the speed games load is pretty fast, so the upgrade might wait till 4k becomes the standard.

+2 votes   media: Rig
TKAzA Jun 15 2014, 6:50pm says:

Thats some fat loot!

+2 votes   article: Contagion - News & Let's Play Competition Top 10 Winners Announced!
TKAzA Jun 13 2014, 8:24am replied:

Cheers David, the post has been updated.

+4 votes   article: Gamespy Shutdown Solutions
TKAzA Jun 12 2014, 10:46pm says:

Yeah its super to see these communities pull together to fix the games the developers couldn't.

+11 votes   article: Gamespy Shutdown Solutions
TKAzA Jun 10 2014, 10:23pm says:

cool way of self funding

+2 votes   article: Ascend Update 07/06/2014
TKAzA Jun 9 2014, 9:19pm says:

Brians brains all over my face! nom

+2 votes   article: Monday Night Indie
TKAzA Jun 7 2014, 7:23pm says:

The slide idea looks cool!

+1 vote   article: New 'B-12' Alpha Trailer Released!
TKAzA Jun 2 2014, 9:52pm says:

Kicking off now, come join the developers and see what they have created!

+2 votes   article: Monday Night Indie Kickoff - Live Now
TKAzA May 29 2014, 12:04am says:

Smash planets together!, Yes please!
Loving the gravity displacement visual.

+3 votes   game: IMPACT WARNING
TKAzA May 28 2014, 7:41pm replied:

The CRYtech community is quite large, steams community is larger, they have this exclusive to steam, effectively merging steam to a development platform exclusively for the CRYENGINE, So you wont find unity being sold on steam, and i doubt you will see UE4 on steam any time soon, as unreal has its marketplace built into the UE4 Engine system, bypassing steam completely for content delivery.

Looks to be a new way of securing communities or building upon them, is to supply each with a unique development platform.

EPIC AAA engine battle commence! Who will open up next? I feel unity might be lagging behind in the license field.

+8 votes   article: CRYENGINE on Steam!
TKAzA May 12 2014, 10:07pm replied:

Ive always sung the praise of logitech, even though i have had more of their mice break, i guess it was personal brand choice over reliability.

A g25 keyboard died when beer got split on it, for 5 years i used a cheap 10 dollar keyboard that took many more spills, untill i saved up enough for a new fangly old style mechanical keyboard, as i spend most my days typing its more of a tool and quality matters a great deal, not to say Logitech is rubbish, but I'm sure if id stuck the Logitech under water to wash the beer off it, it still wouldnt be working.

my razor blackwidow has already had one wash and still works like new, ive never liked the sit of the razor mice, im much more a fan of the logitech 500 style with inlayed thumb support and easy to reach side buttons.

Its a bigger and weighty feel and has always served me well in games, however for the next upgrade ill prolly go for a Corsair M60 (rather than a razor) looks like it will last a while and has a layout i think will feel comfortable.

+2 votes   media: Rig
TKAzA May 3 2014, 1:24pm says:

nice trailer really catching soundtrack to boot!

+1 vote   article: Preorders Open!
TKAzA Apr 27 2014, 8:33am says:

Please read instructions in description. Enjoy and thank the devs!

+2 votes   download: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - LOST ALPHA v1.3000 - Part 1
TKAzA Apr 27 2014, 7:56am says:

Read the description for install instructions.

+7 votes   download: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - LOST ALPHA v1.3000 - Part 3
TKAzA Apr 25 2014, 12:39am says:

let us know how working with the collective goes, seems like a interesting replacement to greenlight

+2 votes   article: Black The Fall - Live on Collective
TKAzA Apr 15 2014, 9:24pm replied:

Try with Firefox or disable addons, sounds like something might be blocking them, as they run via flash.

+3 votes   article: Updated stats system
TKAzA Apr 5 2014, 1:58am says:

Love the art style, reminds me of torchlight, not a bad thing cos that looks awesome! Tracking!

+2 votes   article: Tom Sparks Kickstarter and Greenlight Launched
TKAzA Apr 5 2014, 1:07am says:

so its possible to effectively make mods for this?

+2 votes   article: Custom Scripts
TKAzA Apr 2 2014, 7:55pm says:

Its epic!

+3 votes   download: Goldeneye Doom2 Edge Standalone - Beta 4
TKAzA Mar 29 2014, 10:54pm says:

Sweet a 3d sequel to HAOS

+2 votes   article: Thruster Effects and Autopilot Docking
TKAzA Mar 29 2014, 10:02pm says:

loving the sound track, helps sell the style of the game well.

+3 votes   article: Demo 2.0 Available! THE KICKSTARTER IS UP! GO GO GO!!!
TKAzA Mar 28 2014, 7:28pm says:

normally i have to mess with the export / import options, however this worked first time, so easier and quicker than others ive used.

+3 votes   media: ue4 first test
TKAzA Mar 27 2014, 8:27pm says:

looks good for hl1, whats the map about

+1 vote   download: Riverpool
TKAzA Mar 26 2014, 5:03pm says:

The sin city shader looks good.

+3 votes   article: Development Update
TKAzA Mar 25 2014, 8:49pm replied:

Hey Mr.Wobbelly was a handling "feature" you will miss it when its gone! :D

+2 votes   download: OUTDATED Renegade X - Open Beta 2 (OBSOLETE)
TKAzA Mar 22 2014, 1:00pm replied:

Like epic and the the udk/ the cryengine sdk will remain free but will not be updated to have the next gen tech.

So you can stay free and use 2012 tech or for the price of a happy meal you can get next gen, its not hard to choose.

+3 votes   article: CRYENGINE going subscription based!
TKAzA Mar 22 2014, 12:55pm replied:

I think it might have a bit more shelf life than what it might appear.

EA, SquareEnix and Crytek are invested in it. Its backed and developed by AMD. Big boys with lots of dosh. They will want strong competition as it drives prices.

Then you have EPIC, Nvidia and Microsoft on v12 of a API put in place to give windows an edge over mac back when computers were powered by hamsters.

I think the take up will be slower, like linux has been for gaming but in the end, not being bottlenecked into using someone elses API, AMD / Crytek have more freedom to experiment.

Sure at the moment its a performance boost, but i'm keen to see what mantle based 3d tools come out, autodesk switched from dx11 to nitrous rendering and the performance doubled.

If this means you can get twice the detail from cryengine come 4k gen hardware, crytek will have the edge when everyone else is still in HD land.

If direct x cant keep up with what AMD are doing it might last longer than expected.

+2 votes   article: CRYENGINE going subscription based!
TKAzA Mar 22 2014, 1:21am says:

Yeah at first i was like, oh its cheaper than Unreal thats pretty big, but its not out yet :(, however the AMD Mantle caught my eye and i had a read into it.

Basically it AMD's answer to direct x.

I think this is a big deal as if you can develop 3d software and plug into the gpu via the mantle api it could be similar to cuda only much faster.

For 3d artists this could be a big thing, why? If the software the artist uses can produce better more expressible artwork due to more rendering power, skys the limit with what awesomeness will come with 4k and the next gen graphics hardware.

Good looking times ahead for crytek, whats microsoft going to do with direct x and nvidia then?

Graphic tech is overtaking processors, and we are on the front line of this technology as indie gamers and developers, I think that's awesome!

+6 votes   article: CRYENGINE going subscription based!
TKAzA Mar 19 2014, 11:46am replied:

there's no mouse cursor i see some hud and just blackness.

+1 vote   article: Pre-Alpha 4 Release!
TKAzA Mar 18 2014, 11:26am says:

Cant load on windows 7 64bit, ati 5800, just a black screen after selecting maps.

+1 vote   article: Pre-Alpha 4 Release!
TKAzA Mar 10 2014, 9:00am replied:

or a low res model?, then they could float and break :D
ETA on release?

+1 vote   article: Antartica Research Station Updated
TKAzA Mar 9 2014, 3:05pm says:

Loving the global map style that's poped up recently, people keep making it look better n better, tracking.

+1 vote   article: Introducing Prometheus
TKAzA Mar 8 2014, 1:03am says:

Yeah, have fun at GDC, looks good!

+1 vote   article: Son of Nor VIDEO Dev Diary #69 - Triplanar Eyes
TKAzA Mar 8 2014, 12:26am says:

Little Indie Flight Tech :D

+1 vote   game: Lift
TKAzA Mar 6 2014, 4:02am says:

Loved your demo, looking forward to the full release!

+1 vote   article: Life Goes On had a release date!
TKAzA Mar 6 2014, 4:00am says:

Lovely art update, if the engine supports sprites / decals it might be worth laying a few out, liven up the "clean" game world.

+2 votes   article: Beta 0.6.0 released!
TKAzA Mar 5 2014, 9:37pm says:

Any eta on android release?

+1 vote   game: Project shyKnight
TKAzA Mar 5 2014, 3:21pm says:


+4 votes   media: stuff
TKAzA Mar 3 2014, 9:40pm says:

Beware, silly sized .gifs (this will make 100mb+ .gifs easily (usless for the internet (it also will make .avi.. this apps got power)but great to mess about with)), will take longer to load than a video, 2-3mb is a sweet spot imo, the green screen feature is great, is how i made this sweet effect.
Great apps should be shared!

+3 votes   download: GifCam
TKAzA Mar 2 2014, 7:21am says:

Looking forward to seeing those in 3d, its always kreepy to have bodyparts in the wrong spots, walking hand heads though, that's one i havent seen before.

+6 votes   article: Monsters Within
TKAzA Feb 28 2014, 11:44pm says:

Going to be bonkers racing with trailers, time for fun physics

+1 vote   media: ETS 2 MP- Accessory + Trailers
TKAzA Feb 26 2014, 1:13pm says:

Will you be releasing a demo?

+1 vote   article: Brick Inventions: Graphics update
TKAzA Feb 25 2014, 8:56am says:

Your mother wouldnt not approve mr modlord :P

+3 votes   media: New boob workout!
TKAzA Feb 17 2014, 1:56pm says:

Looks awesome!

+2 votes   article: From The Depths alpha launch
TKAzA Feb 17 2014, 12:27am replied:

Just a matter of choice, and more choice is a good thing :)

+10 votes   download: Estranged: Act I (Windows, Mac and Linux)
TKAzA Feb 16 2014, 10:05pm says:

The developer was kind enough to package the mod for those that dont want to download it via steam, Thank you!

+7 votes   download: Estranged: Act I (Windows, Mac and Linux)
TKAzA Feb 15 2014, 12:22am says:

Looks great tracking

+1 vote   article: New Screenshots, Alpha Demo Soon
TKAzA Feb 12 2014, 9:23pm says:

It doesnt give an option to skip the .net install, it deletes the old file then tries to extract the new one and jams, same happens on different install path.

Admin privs and compatibility mode have also been tried.
Do you just have the "updater.exe", that will download the files from the server? like a .zip that doesn't use the nullsoft installer?

+2 votes   article: More Coastal Influence
TKAzA Feb 12 2014, 7:06pm says:


+2 votes   article: Revamped Bridge and Turrets
TKAzA Feb 10 2014, 11:45am replied:

Owch that would hurt a bit.

+2 votes   media: Unspecified Hazardous Industrial Machinery
TKAzA Feb 9 2014, 10:03am says:

Will it shred :D

+3 votes   media: Unspecified Hazardous Industrial Machinery
TKAzA Feb 8 2014, 5:58pm says:

Looks great, would love to have a go at the closed beta when ready.

+2 votes   game: In Exilium
TKAzA Feb 8 2014, 5:30pm says:

as this is made with unity, would it be possible for a pc version?

+2 votes   article: Lonely Bunny RPG Update 1.1 Submitted!
TKAzA Feb 6 2014, 8:59pm says:

Fantastic thanks for sharing!

+3 votes   article: Making textureless 3D work. a how-to guide.
TKAzA Jan 28 2014, 10:06pm says:

Looks great in blender, good to see more blender games imo

+2 votes   article: Charlie Devlog 09
TKAzA Jan 28 2014, 9:18pm says:

Whens the release? !

+1 vote   article: Preview: Kingdom of Lindon
TKAzA Jan 27 2014, 1:27pm says:

You guys are working like the clappers! Great work!

Piggeh would make a cool boss if your planing on having those or rare creatures to battle.

+2 votes   article: Dwelvers is Reaching New Heights
TKAzA Jan 25 2014, 7:29pm says:

Didnt look like unity engine in the trailer, very polished, nice work!

+2 votes   article: Orborun full version is out today!
TKAzA Jan 25 2014, 2:06am says:

awesome, little gem, any chance of a stand alone build?

+4 votes   article: Offworld Beta Release - Looking for feedback
TKAzA Jan 21 2014, 4:52pm says:

tracking, love the artwork!

+2 votes   article: Full Steam Ahead!
TKAzA Jan 21 2014, 6:17am says:

I love dwelvers and your art aswell!

+2 votes   media: Piggeh
TKAzA Jan 15 2014, 10:18am says:

Looks great!

+1 vote   article: Black Horse Courier #5
TKAzA Jan 14 2014, 9:56pm says:

Whens the demo coming out?

+2 votes   article: Project Demo and Screencast
TKAzA Jan 14 2014, 1:05pm says:

the install seems to say theres a tut / cheat sheet u can get for 1$

+1 vote   article: Growsim Final Version Released
TKAzA Jan 9 2014, 2:26am replied:

Please show me what you can do with 3d coat!

+1 vote   media: BSA sight on G36C
TKAzA Jan 9 2014, 2:17am says:

great for lans but any chance of a server browser for hosting online?

+1 vote   article: Iron Cube, 0.31 release
TKAzA Jan 4 2014, 9:56pm says:

mmm the link isnt working for me?

+2 votes   article: Alpha is available for testing!
TKAzA Dec 24 2013, 7:41am says:

Prometheus sure are pumping out the lovely artwork, hope they will also do a high res pc version. ;)

Well done to all those selected.

+1 vote   article: Best Upcoming App of 2013 Players Choice
TKAzA Dec 15 2013, 1:19pm says:

You took the demo down :( , will this boss update be out soon?

+1 vote   article: Candlelight Update 12.07.13
TKAzA Dec 10 2013, 4:09pm replied:

Sven got a mention getting a source licence, This is the same sorta news, it was in the headlines so gets a mention.

0 votes   article: Quarter 04 Year in Review 2013
TKAzA Dec 6 2013, 4:26pm says:

Id agree xmas time is tight for most, so kickstarters this time of year will be tough, hope it still gets released though, keep the updates comming and you will have enough fans come 6 months you wont have an issue with the next funding campaign.

+1 vote   article: Scraps user vehicle design showcase
TKAzA Dec 3 2013, 5:08am says:

Drunk gang brawling, awesome, hows the controls work?

+1 vote   article: Health Bars and Object Lifting
TKAzA Dec 2 2013, 7:38am says:

When can we expect the next demo?

+2 votes   article: Enhanced Enemies!
TKAzA Dec 2 2013, 7:01am says:

Release this beast!

+1 vote   article: Vektor Prix - New Level, More Detail
TKAzA Dec 1 2013, 5:36am replied:

I dont see SW listed,
We dont manage the games on the site, the developers add them.

+2 votes   article: 2013 Indie of the Year KICKOFF!
TKAzA Nov 30 2013, 7:37am says:

Awesome, following!

+3 votes   group: Quantized Bit
TKAzA Nov 30 2013, 2:56am says:

Very nice, fantastic normals and render, the barrel looks a bit plasticy, perhapse make it a little brushed, from cleaning. Other than that, love to see a non textured, normal mapped version with wireframe overlay, i have a g36c model and its no were near as good as this,

+1 vote   media: G36C
TKAzA Nov 29 2013, 8:10pm says:

And to keep your games news up to date over the next 30 days, have a look at the news guide! Get Noticed, Get Voted!

+3 votes   article: 2013 App of the Year KICKOFF!
TKAzA Nov 29 2013, 8:09pm says:

And to keep your games news up to date over the next 30 days, have a look at the news guide! Get Noticed, Get Voted!

+3 votes   article: 2013 Indie of the Year KICKOFF!
TKAzA Nov 29 2013, 8:09pm says:

And to keep your mods news up to date over the next 30 days, have a look at the news guide! Get Noticed, Get Voted!

+3 votes   article: 2013 Mod of the Year KICKOFF!
TKAzA Nov 8 2013, 6:55pm replied:

Thank you for letting us know, fixed :)

+2 votes   article: Freedom Friday - Nov 8
TKAzA Nov 1 2013, 3:37pm replied:

Please try another mirror, it will be the mirrors in your area are full.

+1 vote   download: Talon Demo
TKAzA Oct 20 2013, 10:10pm replied:

I'm by no means a PR guy Id call myself a developer, this article is based on observations.
Sometimes, people have that much on their plate they don't remember all the things that could go into making there news massive, the next mine craft, counter strike or ???

That's the opportunity this article is designed to drive, if you publish your news to these basic ideas, based on what other people do, you may just open more doors, with a simple news post.
As long as you put the time and effort into it.
This is free advertising, your time is as valuable as what your doing with it!
Thank you for your comment, we are all learning here!

+4 votes   article: News and Features a Guide
TKAzA Oct 5 2013, 7:47pm says:

COR MEDIAAA :) Tracking +1

+3 votes   article: Raindrop: Re-hydration Log # 2
TKAzA Oct 5 2013, 2:12pm says:

woo sweet bday present, looking forward to it.

+2 votes   article: Graphic Override 2.5 is coming
TKAzA Oct 1 2013, 6:11pm says:

this looks awesome, loving the realtime destruction and the physical accuracy of it all, top work.
i'm so building a battlestar galactica in this...

+1 vote   article: New “Crash Test” alpha footage released & Early Access date announced
TKAzA Sep 25 2013, 10:32pm says:

Whats the issue your having with the downloads?

+3 votes   download: Zone of Alienation 1.07
TKAzA Sep 24 2013, 11:58am replied:

ah cheers, yeah just wanting it for features as we linkback.

+1 vote   group: Jötunn Games
TKAzA Sep 24 2013, 11:42am says:

I like your going down 2 separate routes, having a community version and official version will seem odd though and will back end updates for servers and the "licence" api?( the closed off security), mean updates you make may break the communities version when deployed.

Also with the platform going deeper into cross platform, the games still get authorised by desura, and what's the guarantee they will work correctly on the open source version.

Looking forward to seeing how this pans out.

+4 votes   article: Desura/Desurium Open Source Direction
TKAzA Sep 23 2013, 7:18am says:

oh its in perth!
So your flying back for a presentation?
yeah i agree some clips would be great.

+1 vote   article: Speaking at Games Workshop
TKAzA Sep 23 2013, 2:31am says:

I think they removed it as funding finished, they got funded, well done!

+1 vote   article: Icebound Kickstarter - Final Hours!
TKAzA Sep 23 2013, 1:32am says:

you guys got twitter?

+1 vote   group: Jötunn Games
TKAzA Sep 19 2013, 6:18pm says:

haha, well it may be a work in progress

+2 votes   game: Drive Simulator
TKAzA Sep 14 2013, 8:49pm replied:

I read it wrong also, haha

+2 votes   article: 3089: Polish you've been waiting for & sale!
TKAzA Sep 14 2013, 8:33pm says:

yeah tracking this hotstuff!

+1 vote   article: Gloria Victis Pre-alpha v.0.4.3
TKAzA Sep 14 2013, 6:07pm says:

the rain makes it look like the grounds moving, its a bit trippy.

+1 vote   article: AI Tank Platoon War!
TKAzA Sep 13 2013, 3:02pm replied:

The art style is what i loved the most, im sure you hear it alot, but its just really unique and pretty!

+1 vote   article: Candlelight Update 9.10.13
TKAzA Sep 11 2013, 8:34pm says:

I enjoyed the demo, nice work.

+1 vote   article: Candlelight Update 9.10.13
TKAzA Sep 10 2013, 8:51am says:

probe points 0.o

+2 votes   article: Training for Aliens: UFO (beta)
TKAzA Sep 6 2013, 8:10am says:

I think the map needs more details seems a bit flat and lifeless at the moment, hard to comment further with no download.

+3 votes   article: Original Mod Assault Squad Gift Pack 1
TKAzA Sep 4 2013, 3:12am says:

Im doing that as we speak, and a full .rar

+6 votes   download: N44 Alpha Version 1.0 Part 1 of 5
TKAzA Sep 1 2013, 12:27am says:

On windows, the collisions seems to spaz out when going high speed and doing donuts. Had fun, be good if you could add different forklifts.

+1 vote   article: Fork Truck Challenge - New features
TKAzA Aug 30 2013, 2:24pm says:

yeah some Ambient Occlusion on the pipes on the walls would fit in perfectly.

+1 vote   media: New Engine Effects: Lights
TKAzA Aug 29 2013, 8:22am says:

Try this..

+1 vote   article: Pulse Shift : Chamber 5 Dlc is out!
TKAzA Aug 29 2013, 6:38am says:

If only this was possible back in the day, wowzer!

+2 votes   article: As time passes by...
TKAzA Aug 14 2013, 10:45pm says:

fixed sorry didnt check

+1 vote   article: Kickstarter!
TKAzA Aug 13 2013, 10:41am says:

This was epicly fun, 4 engines, 450+ kmp jumps and silly looking cars with 50 engines, will you make it so you can shoot all the guns at once?

+1 vote   article: Scraps 0.2 update adds automatic weapon range reduction, lots of fixes etc
TKAzA Aug 12 2013, 10:58am says:

i love this game, TAKE MY MONEY

+1 vote   media: Anti-Gravity
TKAzA Jul 30 2013, 8:29am says:

Nice work phil, can tell a lot of work has gone into this game and its great you have had good feedback from other sites.
I haven't played your game so can't provide feedback, however i would say besides the vast amounts of work and polish, its still just a zombie shooter, its hard to draw a crowd to a zombie title these days as its a very common theme. Still i wish you the best and for a first title you have done a great looking job.

+2 votes   article: Dead on Sight - Zombie, Sniper, Action!
TKAzA Jul 23 2013, 8:05am says:

yes banned

+2 votes   member: natalie29449841
TKAzA Jul 17 2013, 11:00pm says:

mmm, may upset current players

+2 votes   article: Price drop - what we plan to achieve
TKAzA Jul 12 2013, 5:45am says:

Banned for warez

+2 votes   member: x-dev
TKAzA Jul 10 2013, 10:04am replied:

good man i can now feature this, keep up the good work.

+2 votes   article: More Features for the Folks!
TKAzA Jul 4 2013, 2:23am says:

17, well on your way mate, it was fun if not a bit floaty with the controls

+1 vote   article: Beta Out Now!
TKAzA Jul 3 2013, 7:47pm replied:

i think it shoots 3.5' floppydisks

+1 vote   media: CAT
TKAzA May 2 2013, 7:22pm says:

if the model is simple it shouldnt be 600 tri, remove all polygones that are on the same plane angle and replace them with one removing the rings will keep the uvs, you can get that to 200 poly in minutes, good skin

+1 vote   media: Insta-Heal First Aid Spray
TKAzA Apr 4 2013, 5:12am replied:

Gmt -8 Perth time, the best time zone in the world!

+2 votes   article: Site Downtime
TKAzA Feb 13 2013, 9:32pm says:

very nice poly work, i had to look twice when i saw the mesh

+3 votes   media: samnite_attic helmet
TKAzA Dec 27 2012, 2:39pm replied:

Would love too, good idea.

+1 vote   article: MOTY ModDB Characture Development Process Breakdown.
TKAzA Dec 25 2012, 7:51pm replied:

glad you like it

+1 vote   media: Connie Trophy
TKAzA Dec 19 2012, 3:33pm says:

Your article rocked old man!

+3 votes   member: mossy_11
TKAzA Dec 14 2012, 7:16am replied:

this isnt a performance improving mod, nor ever will be sorry

+2 votes   mod: Drive2 Mega Extreme Challenge
TKAzA Dec 10 2012, 2:13pm says:

At the moment...

+2 votes   mod: Drive2 Mega Extreme Challenge
TKAzA Dec 3 2012, 1:52pm replied:

Cheers it did, was completed on time, i hope the 3d printed models look the part

+3 votes   media: Somthing to look at :)
TKAzA Dec 2 2012, 11:24am says:

Showing this news some love!

+2 votes   article: AOTY Kickoff
TKAzA Sep 23 2012, 6:45pm says:

is it you?

+1 vote   media: Hhahah
TKAzA May 28 2012, 2:10am replied:

tested twice, nothing but f1 works for the help screen, not sure the issue, in unity do you have alt keys set up in the control config?

+1 vote   download: Explorers of Zenith v003 First Alpha - Windows
TKAzA May 25 2012, 11:04pm says:

nice going to try

+1 vote   article: Update 3 - First alpha public test
TKAzA Mar 9 2012, 2:56pm replied:

i had them it was a awesome set

+1 vote   media: LEGO Rock Raiders Chrome Crusher
TKAzA Dec 7 2011, 1:25pm says:

also the car feels to light and out of control, have a look at the scripts they used in the car race demo of unity, on my first turn i bounced out of the map

+1 vote   article: StuntCarOnline - The New Car (day 3)
TKAzA May 27 2011, 3:03am says:

The seam is at the back, the middle is a zbrush model, its highpoly that is used in max to bake the normal map, ill make a quick tutorial tonight if you like.

+1 vote   media: Faces
TKAzA Mar 27 2011, 7:56pm says:

something is up with the smoothing groups on the arms

+1 vote   media: Thief vs. Barber
TKAzA Mar 24 2011, 4:25am says:


+3 votes   media: House
TKAzA Feb 27 2011, 10:06am says:

the one on the left is mine, the other 2 are stock standard shaders, and are there as a comparison
as for how i did it, well its just programming,

+2 votes   media: Shader Demo V2.1
TKAzA Feb 7 2011, 12:52pm says:

No as i wanted normal maps so i made the middle one by combining 2.

+1 vote   media: Shader Demo
TKAzA Jul 9 2010, 11:16am says:

Arg Lazer blender is so annoying.

+1 vote   article: GraviNULL: The laser blender update(b1.1) out
TKAzA May 26 2010, 6:00am says:

Its crysis.

+1 vote   media: Parallax Mapping
TKAzA Feb 17 2010, 9:57pm says:

Fantastic art direction, mapping, modeling, lighting... just amazing and very old skool feel.

Give it a try and dont give up... worth the small download.

+3 votes   article: Bounty Arms UDK standalone Demo 0.1 Released
TKAzA Dec 27 2009, 8:51am says:

We have the list and checking it twice, happy holidays all.

+2 votes   article: Desura Invites
TKAzA Dec 23 2009, 1:12am replied:

Discretion is taken on what content is removed.

+4 votes   article: Message From the Staff!
TKAzA Dec 23 2009, 12:49am replied:

Removed not deleted, removed items can be restored if needed.

+4 votes   article: Message From the Staff!
TKAzA Dec 15 2009, 6:11am says:

looks good

+1 vote   media: M-95 Barret
TKAzA Dec 8 2009, 5:46am says:

yes is does but i archived it meaning it stays on your page

+1 vote   article: Looking for help
TKAzA Nov 29 2009, 10:47pm says:

Fantastic work man.

+2 votes   article: Getting Started with the UDK
TKAzA Nov 15 2009, 1:55am says:

nope it was just somthing to type in.

+2 votes   media: Waffle irons!
TKAzA Nov 12 2009, 3:49am says:

Not at all infact i was keeping it for the party i was off to :)

+1 vote   media: Happey Helloween!
TKAzA Oct 30 2009, 10:14am says:

Yeah we are also uploading all builds to moddb, so enjoy and go create!

+2 votes   engine: Unity
TKAzA Apr 12 2009, 11:14pm says:

Gotta love ut and its lets make everything glow effect :P
Nice model and post, keep at it.

+1 vote   article: Dev Update #2
TKAzA Nov 17 2008, 5:07pm says:


+2 votes   engine: Construct
TKAzA Apr 21 2008, 8:21pm says:

May sound the same but this is not a remix of the source its a remake

File authorised.

+2 votes   download: Lost Forever
TKAzA Mar 21 2008, 7:23pm replied:

It more complicated than that, good vid will reinsall AA for this mod

+1 vote   article: StarGate Beta Almost Ready
TKAzA Feb 28 2008, 6:22pm says:

not a bad cut looks like your moving at a good pace

+1 vote   article: Internal Alpha Gameplay
TKAzA Feb 16 2008, 6:16am says:

No problem :)

+1 vote   article: New Slayer Model
TKAzA Feb 13 2008, 9:44pm says:

agreed great ocean

+1 vote   media: Carrier Attack
TKAzA Jan 16 2008, 7:29pm says:

thanks for the invite :D

+2 votes   group: Noesis Interactive
TKAzA Jan 10 2008, 5:21am says:

Welcome dude :D love the photo ahah

+1 vote   article: Mod DB Editor-in-Chief
TKAzA Jan 9 2008, 10:08pm says:

Looking good chris

+1 vote   media: THC Alpha cameras and player movement.
TKAzA Jan 4 2008, 10:58am replied:

thats what i said

+1 vote   media: Alan Grant WIP face
TKAzA Dec 17 2007, 8:01pm replied:

Stafford :)

+1 vote   article: Weekends, Modding & More
TKAzA Dec 10 2007, 8:30am says:

Can that mod authed

+1 vote   mod: Infestation - Upon Destruction
TKAzA Nov 30 2007, 12:46am says:

looks great :)

+1 vote   media: Dust Mite
TKAzA Nov 25 2007, 2:56am says:

check out my tutorials on my tutorials link and portfolio, its taken me years to learn to model so don't expect to get anywhere fast ;)

+1 vote   member: Fall_of_Darkness
TKAzA Nov 22 2007, 6:57pm replied:

3dsmax + zbrush and photoshop

zbrush is good, so very good :D

+2 votes   group: 3D Artists Group
TKAzA Nov 22 2007, 5:52am says:

Got to hate the ironies of working with source.

+1 vote   article: Three Month Mod - A Delay and a Name Change
TKAzA Nov 20 2007, 7:59pm replied:

Its hard to deal with and make icons that look good for such a small size, as per my comment above tell us what you dont like.

+1 vote   article: Icons, Sorting and Searching
TKAzA Nov 14 2007, 9:20am says:

comment quotes :O

+2 votes   article: Mod watch is back
TKAzA Nov 13 2007, 12:34am replied:

Most left on there own accord for personal and other reasons. :(

+2 votes   article: Who's Who - Mod DB Staff
TKAzA Nov 12 2007, 7:27pm replied:

Hes from norway dude and no it should not have passed without a spellcheck.

0 votes   article: Cryengine 2 Mapping
TKAzA Nov 9 2007, 8:10am replied:

you will fit right in then :P

+3 votes   article: Mod DB v4 Introduction
TKAzA Nov 8 2007, 6:50am says:


+2 votes   mod: MultiServer HL2 Mod
TKAzA Oct 11 2007, 2:25am says:


+2 votes   game: Star Trek: Starfleet Command 3
TKAzA Oct 9 2007, 6:58am says:

thats got some bad smoothing group issues

0 votes   media: MP34
TKAzA Oct 9 2007, 1:53am says:

Thank you for submitting your mod to moddb.

You need a full mod related website up, wether it be a simple site with a about page and team listing or a site packed with media and files, please note… forum boards are not counted as a website, they are a part of a website.

We Request
That you have a active upto date website with about, team and media page.

Note: If your mod is released please advise us the link and your mod will be authed,

After doing this winthin 1 week, please reply to this pm and your mod will be properly authorised on ModDB.


+1 vote   mod: Planet Fear
TKAzA Oct 9 2007, 1:51am says:

Authorised for the v4 switch you will be able to make a mapping group.

+1 vote   mod: Mappers-Alliance
TKAzA Oct 9 2007, 12:59am says:


+1 vote   game: The Space War 3
TKAzA Nov 6 2007, 11:55pm says:

Great work CC Team

+1 vote   article: Carpathian Crosses: November Update
TKAzA Oct 3 2007, 12:45pm says:


+1 vote   mod: ARRANGEMENT
TKAzA Oct 2 2007, 12:38am says:

Interesting concept, Authorised

+2 votes   mod: A Frayed Stitch in Time
TKAzA Sep 30 2007, 10:32am says:


+2 votes   mod: FOV3 Mod
TKAzA Sep 26 2007, 12:30am says:

Authorised, updated mod link to direct part of website, please update the site with a english version sometime.

+1 vote   mod: StarCraft 1.99
TKAzA Sep 25 2007, 1:14am says:


+1 vote   mod: Allied Intent Xtended
TKAzA Sep 24 2007, 2:27am says:

Authorised :)

+1 vote   mod: Cthulhu²
TKAzA Sep 17 2007, 10:38am says:


+1 vote   member: teh_spy
TKAzA Sep 6 2007, 5:59am says:

that tank is huge, its like the size of the control center.

+1 vote   article: First Ingame Screenshots!
TKAzA Sep 14 2007, 1:50pm says:


0 votes   mod: CSR: Portal storm
TKAzA Aug 23 2007, 9:45pm says:

whos this?

+6 votes   member: ChrisPage
TKAzA Sep 7 2007, 6:09pm says:

Officially Authorised

+1 vote   mod: Black Sierra
TKAzA Aug 16 2007, 11:39pm says:


+1 vote   mod: UT40K
TKAzA Oct 30 2007, 7:05pm says:


+1 vote   mod: Jurassic Park: Site B
TKAzA Aug 2 2007, 10:03am says:

:) woo long and complex ill never have to give this a try :P
good read wra

0 votes   article: Introduction to Shaders
TKAzA Jul 31 2007, 10:29pm says:

Sounds intresting ill be watching :)

+1 vote   mod: Reanimated
TKAzA Jun 29 2007, 6:01am says:

yer top notch model and details
few seam issues but overall 10/10

+1 vote   media: Ford 03
TKAzA Jun 26 2007, 11:38pm says:

Oh lol its on the FP heheh well don guys this will rock and i dont just mean my awesome skin and model :P

+1 vote   article: And They're Off!
TKAzA May 21 2007, 3:03am says:

Great work guys makes me want to give modding the engine a shot

+1 vote   article: ProjectX announced
TKAzA May 19 2007, 6:19am says:

Hope you had fun.
Allow the door to hit you on the way out!

+1 vote   member: FEAST
TKAzA May 10 2007, 11:50pm says:

Handy hint leilei, thank you.

+1 vote   game: One Must Fall Battlegrounds
TKAzA Jul 9 2007, 2:02pm says:

Its based on our reality as a second race of humanity, they are on there way to find earth... so its like a alternate reality almost.

+2 votes   mod: Colonial Forces
TKAzA Aug 2 2007, 4:25am says:


This mod has been deemed “dead” or inactive.
If this is your mod and you would like this reversed please, send me a pm and we will re activate the mod.


+2 votes   mod: Out break
TKAzA Aug 21 2007, 11:31pm says:

Officially Authorised

+2 votes   mod: Land of Adventurers
TKAzA Mar 5 2007, 12:40am says:

Awesome stuff DL its really coming alone well.

+2 votes   article: Inverse Kinematic system and first videos!
TKAzA Feb 27 2007, 6:44am says:

I have started a RequieM fan club, do you want to join?

+2 votes   member: RequieM
TKAzA Feb 20 2007, 9:29pm says:

Very nice davo keep it up :)

+2 votes   article: A soft pulse. In a harsh world.
TKAzA Jan 21 2007, 5:42pm says:


+2 votes   media: Infinity city landscape
TKAzA Jan 15 2007, 9:25am says:

;) aliens

+2 votes   media: Dark Source Level 2
TKAzA Dec 29 2006, 12:19am says:

thanks for supporting dark source - please spread the word

+2 votes   member: wicked_bad_kid
TKAzA Jan 15 2007, 6:20pm says:

ah excellent these refrences will be handy

+2 votes   media: Dark Source Level 1
TKAzA Oct 29 2006, 8:42pm says:
correct scopes link

+2 votes   article: Better late then never.
TKAzA Nov 19 2006, 9:59am says:

aza approves!

+2 votes   article: Shockwave 0.95 Media Update
TKAzA Oct 24 2006, 9:34am says:

my first game i added hope u all like meh icons :D

+3 votes   game: Dungeon Keeper 2
TKAzA Feb 7 2007, 6:53pm says:

heheh what a awsome feature, i realy like this... will it just be on released mods or unreleased aswell

+2 votes   article: Want to go Behind the Mods?
TKAzA Oct 10 2006, 1:52am says:

:) its a nice model with nice sounds and animations

+2 votes  
TKAzA Oct 9 2006, 10:01pm says:

looks very nice

+2 votes   download: de_vine2
TKAzA Oct 9 2006, 9:31pm says:

:) love your work reeke

+2 votes   download: Rome Total Realism V5.4 Patch
TKAzA Oct 8 2006, 11:46pm says:

Welcome aboard ye David. May ye not walk teh plank or get the scurvy...
We all talk like pirates around err.

Arrg XD

+2 votes   member: david_Orrick
TKAzA Oct 8 2006, 1:53am says:

what the hell .... damm cool

+2 votes   download: Et Pro 3.2
TKAzA Sep 29 2006, 4:31am says:

yawn who cares...
nice work guys

+2 votes   article: News from our mod
TKAzA Sep 13 2006, 2:54am says:

confirmed pics working from aussie land

+2 votes   article: IDF gets forward...
TKAzA Sep 18 2006, 5:44am says:

party boy noes nothingz :D

um spelling correction (your* boat)
and oh lord i was quoted :P .... i was drunk i tell you .. DRUNK!!!

+2 votes   article: MOTM 2.0 Teaser
TKAzA Aug 19 2006, 11:58am says:

nice work man!

+2 votes   article: A Grand Birthday
TKAzA Aug 13 2006, 7:47pm says:

I made that^

+2 votes   media: Parabolic Antenna with Terminal
TKAzA Aug 10 2006, 10:12am says:

looks like a toy imo
id prefer more images than more text

+2 votes   article: News from the Wastelands
TKAzA Aug 7 2006, 1:45am says:


Please go to to hell u troll
make a mod and see how hard it is...

+2 votes   article: Killing FLoor 2.0 released!
TKAzA Aug 3 2006, 3:51am says:

wots with all the frackin updates man....
and wot happend to the pics :S dont die! on me now

waves fist

+2 votes   mod: Crack of Doom
TKAzA Jul 18 2006, 12:40am says:

me assults meth with a batton :P

+2 votes   article: The beta better be better!
TKAzA Aug 6 2007, 10:04pm says:


Can you please put up a English translation and or a about page on your website..
Its very hard to follow what the mod is about at the moment.


+2 votes   mod: Chronicles
TKAzA Jun 27 2006, 1:21am says:

all words no screens, you guess the rest

+2 votes   article: Old C&C Conyard Build System to be Used in All-Stars!
TKAzA Jun 17 2006, 3:35pm says:

i like it to
do more :P

+2 votes   member: bugsport
TKAzA Jun 10 2006, 7:48am says:

no offense i know my skinning skills suck
but why use paint to make skins

+2 votes   article: Nekoketsukei Armour & Factory
TKAzA Apr 1 2007, 8:26pm says:

Well Done :P

+2 votes   article: Master Blasters Goes Commercial!
TKAzA Jun 6 2006, 12:20am says:

its using hl2 content for a hl2 mod id say no not realy
wiked screen btw looks tight :)

+3 votes   article: Strider Mod 4 under development
TKAzA Jun 4 2006, 7:44am says:

not to shabby

+2 votes   article: Infinity - Big media update!
TKAzA May 31 2006, 8:45am says:

kill crosses....sweet!!

+2 votes   media: Hunting Shotgun (Coach Gun)
TKAzA May 24 2006, 10:15pm says:

hes talking about me pming him btw :P

+2 votes   article: Just an up-date
TKAzA May 9 2006, 7:12am says:

Oh this was drawn by bugsport.

I love this btw its one of the best peices of dark source media i have ever released
Great work bugsport

+2 votes   media: Dr. Ryan Cell
TKAzA May 4 2006, 1:40am says:

Cry me a river... Such a original quote!

+2 votes   member: Sebbeman
TKAzA Apr 23 2006, 11:30am says:

there skinned and bloody good :) worthy of front page news
good work

+2 votes   article: Stargate: The Last Stand 23/04/06
TKAzA Apr 22 2006, 8:57pm says:

Welcome to

+2 votes   member: nyahnyah
TKAzA Apr 22 2006, 2:32am says:

how do you intende on doing this seeing as css is not modabale
unless you use amx

+2 votes   mod: Rebel-Strike
TKAzA Apr 21 2006, 7:20pm says:

strewth thats bloody good

+2 votes   media: OBJ-STGeorge
TKAzA Apr 10 2006, 8:49pm says:

sexy stuff

+2 votes   article: The Ratmobile Hits The Streets.
TKAzA Apr 4 2006, 11:51am says:

gw but bug found.
keep up the hard work

+2 votes   article: -Twilight Parallax Mod Release-
TKAzA Mar 28 2006, 7:40am says:

bigger images would be better

+2 votes   article: March Update
TKAzA Mar 24 2006, 7:20pm says:

dude you realy need to get a life!!!
your the one who made the mod

it says in the rules that you should be dedicated unuf to complete the mod
you have done nothing
so you shouldnt have made it

the story is stupid no one wants to take over a stupid mod

+2 votes   member: sky01454
TKAzA Mar 10 2006, 2:57am says:

very nice
you guys are pwning my hl2 top 100 rank

shakes fist:P
its well right you should be any who with lots of media updates and a great coder
good on you guys any update on a release

+2 votes   article: The Dreamscape Media Sampler Plate
TKAzA Mar 11 2006, 6:00am says:

yay nice feature
easy to setup and use

+2 votes   article: Mod Forums are HERE!
TKAzA Mar 14 2006, 10:57pm says:

thats some sexh stuff!

+2 votes   article: Public Beta soon to come!
TKAzA Mar 9 2006, 9:35pm says:

wow its uncanny :P

+2 votes   media: Sydney
TKAzA Oct 1 2006, 8:46am says:

lol baza :P

rawks joe and stuffy.... nice work.

+3 votes   article: Cinema
TKAzA Feb 17 2006, 5:55pm says:

not complaint just some constructive crit
the hl2 engine can handle mor map verts the hl1
you may want to make the arches more smooth to make them look a bit better

+2 votes   article: Small media update
TKAzA Jan 15 2006, 2:08am says:

ive only got one thing to say, that is some nice mapwork, why arent you working for steam yet? Wink

steam do you mean like hl3 - valve steam
this is bf2 and produced by ea games

+2 votes   media: Helio pad
TKAzA Feb 6 2007, 8:48am says:

you cant compare a generals map with a ut map, can you? it was going to be just hl2 however with differences aside they are botha alike and were both included.
there will be other mapping competitions for other engines

+2 votes   article: Addon DB Mapping Comp #1 “Living on the Edge”
TKAzA Jan 12 2006, 12:14am says:

watch :)

+2 votes   game: Davids Key Fun
TKAzA Jan 5 2006, 6:26am says:

very nice looking model the craft looks like a updated edition the the attak chopper out hl2

keep up the fantastic work

+2 votes   article: Small Media Update
TKAzA Mar 29 2006, 2:19am says:

^ same as above x100

+2 votes   article: More Playermodels
TKAzA Nov 30 2005, 1:07am says:

another great release well done guys

+2 votes   article: D.E.A.D Nov. Media
TKAzA Dec 4 2005, 8:24pm says:

hey nice tut
mind if i pimp it on the developer community

if you have any more to submit please dont heasitate to post on there

+2 votes   member: Crispy
TKAzA Nov 21 2005, 12:23am says:

bang bang i shoot you down..
oh there goes you head!

sorry XD

+3 votes   media: Mounted MG
TKAzA Nov 10 2005, 8:07am says:

WOW cel shaded nice
not going to ask how you did that just looks real nice
keep up the good work

+2 votes   article: Progress Update
TKAzA Nov 6 2005, 9:17pm says:

nice video
im not a fan of this style however i like the look and gameplay
go the old skool fantasy

+2 votes   article: Master Sword Sneak Peek #2
TKAzA Nov 3 2005, 3:40am says:

sent you a email
contact me back if your intrested!

+2 votes   member: Shrimpcg
TKAzA Oct 30 2005, 1:53am says:

looking nice

+2 votes   article: D.E.A.D in October, Boo!
TKAzA Oct 29 2005, 11:03pm says:

transperent clip
now that is detail

+2 votes   media: G-36 Rifle with AG-36 Grenade Launcher
TKAzA Oct 28 2005, 1:55am says:

Personaly story is allover the place
nice graphics and freaky sounds make it for a exiting game
multiplayer is down right fun
rating 8/10

+2 votes   article: F.E.A.R. Review
TKAzA Oct 4 2005, 2:13am says:

how could this get a approved post lol
i recon the idea is original should be funny seeing rebels and combine oon skateboards

+2 votes   article: Its alive
TKAzA Sep 22 2005, 7:53pm says:

shaping up to be a nice game
got that sof feel about it
keep up the great work

+2 votes   article: Sands of War 2 ingame media
TKAzA Sep 18 2005, 2:58am says:

how was this even apporoved ffs

+2 votes   mod: The Darker
TKAzA Sep 10 2005, 9:48pm says:

why is there a water melon there

+2 votes   media: Colony Sewer
TKAzA Sep 6 2005, 11:29pm says:

so it a aline from the alien movies nice copy

+2 votes   media: Xeno
TKAzA Aug 28 2005, 12:54am says:

nice idea just seems like a complicated CS. Good Luck

+2 votes   mod: True Warfare
TKAzA Aug 28 2005, 12:40am says:

sound silly why would people download a "movie" of trains.

+2 votes   mod: HL2 op zn Zwitsers
TKAzA Aug 22 2005, 3:07am says:

just imporoving your grammer in the hole story will make it much more appealing
good luck man

+2 votes   mod: Otherworld
TKAzA Aug 18 2005, 8:37pm says:

please remove old post

lol this ought to be a funny mod

+2 votes   mod: Bunny Slippers Mod
TKAzA Dec 4 2005, 11:57pm says:

i would buy a moddb computer case ... hold on i should make a moddb computer mod
wickid ill get right to it

+2 votes   poll: If Mod DB had a store, what would you buy first?
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