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A recent influx of stolen content in mods has forced my hand to post this, im duplicating it here as news drops fast on the home page.

Copyright and you! ModDB as you may not be aware does have a strong copyright stance, we need to protect you the members from possibly having a legal bat hit across your head and same for ourselves. Staff are always on the lookout for people stealing others work and claiming its there own as well as other shady happenings, as a point we are asking for your help to keep the site clean of thieves.

Examples of copyright violation are:

  • De-compiling/Disassembling content for use in another games engine.
  • Use of another games art assets in a mod without the consent of the artist.
  • Claiming work is yours when it was made by some one else.
  • Taking work from a mod or game and using it in another without consent.

As a important note even if you credit the author of the content used, permission is still needed to use it. Crediting will only cover you if you have permission in the first place.

If users are found to have uploaded content with stolen assets, they will have their account suspended aswell as all their mods, addons and downloads removed, this is a minor slap on the wrist in comparison to large companies reactions that can include legal costs and fines in the hundred of thousands.

If you see a mod with stolen content, please contact us with a link to the content claimed to be stolen for investigation.

ModDB Content Management Staff


Wise bit of proactive self awareness for everyone there TKAzA.

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Walk softly, carry a big stick.

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"legal costs and fines in the hundred of thousands" Yep just like MERP and Warner Bros. studios. -Crap

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