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finally in college and the same old RTS addict that i am. been modding for C&C3 tiberium wars lately, and doing some a little step up in challenging myself in 3d modelling. from doing tanks i currently am modelling gundams, in the hopes of being able to establish a gundam-based game on the UDK after i master animation and texturing ;) but i doubt that's gonna be any time soon..

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Dragon nest Players (Whichever server you are playing on) hear me out. i'm sure you've all suffered (and/or continue to suffer) this error that happens when your antivirus takes away the game launcher and puts it in the chest, and the next time you put it back in that freakin folder, you get that god damned runtime error AKA "Floating support point not loaded".

yes i know... CLEAN THE REGISTRY.... as if i hadn't done that before i even posted this yes i had done that five million times over, yet it's one of those problems that say "if all else fails, reformat your PC". no i don't have time and effort and resources to reformat this four-year-old PC. hell i even dared to upgrade it. and it's those one of those things that force you to quit when you think you don't wanna quit.

update the .Net framework yes been there done that. not a working solution. your best bet now is reformat your damn PC. good luck reinstalling windows.

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