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Tigger-oN Jul 12 2012 replied:

Endarchy is a mod for Doom 3. You will need a full copy of Doom 3 (and patched to the latest version) to play it.

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Tigger-oN Jun 21 2012 replied:

Great! Glad you found the fix.

Not sure how the .bat file was throwing your system, there is not much to it. If I do an update, maybe I should remove the .bat file as I guess other people could have the same issue.

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Tigger-oN Jun 21 2012 replied:

This is the first performance issue I've heard of.

Do you have any "enhancement mods" running? If so, remove them (for now) and try again. This will include anything that plays around with lights, shaders or textures.

If that is not the problem, try turning down the screen size. Try running at something like (for 4:3 screens) 1024 wide by 768 high.

And if that does not work, can you post your system specs please?

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Tigger-oN Jun 20 2012 replied:

Glad to hear you are enjoying the mod!

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Tigger-oN Jun 18 2012 replied:

Well, technically it is 4 levels but one of them is an intro where you choose your skill level. But yes, Endarchy does play as a single level.

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Tigger-oN Jun 18 2012 says:

Thanks GhostHound. The original was uploaded by someone else. Correcting the error now, and uploading a new version too.

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Tigger-oN Jun 15 2012 says:

Thanks heaps for the coverage of Endarchy! It really is nice to see something you have made be promoted.

On the Endarchy mod page "profile" however it says:
"Platform" "Windows"
"Developed by" "medve"

Both of which are not correct. The mod works fine on Linux, FreeBSD, OSX and Windows. And I was the developer, not medve.

I don't really mind and I even think it is fantastic that someone else has added all this content, but is there some way I can change these profile details? I can see how to add more content and news, just can not edit the profile.

Anyway, again thanks for the coverage!

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