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C&C4: Tiberian Twilight

Game review - 4 agree - 10 disagree

This game is very good
-The graphics are great
-Awesome new units
-Game is even more strategic
-More mobile games
-A new type of battle
-Fun campaign

This game is bad
-No bases, crawlers
-No harvesting, just catching a crystal for an "Extra Bonus"
-No old units
-It made the entire C&C series to completely akward
-the only way to win is to capture Nodes
-Always had to be connected to internet, even during singleplayer skirmish and campaign
-Units have to be unlocked

This new installment in the C&C series has brought many new and great things to the game, however this is not the C&C game that many C&C veterans know. There are no bases, instead there are mobile bases called crawlers, and to go even further, there are classes, Attack: Offensive Units, Defense: Can build turrets, Infantry and some vehicles, Support:Aircraft, and support powers and some ground units. A bad thing is that all the units are not unlocked at the start of the game, players gain levels, and they get to unlock units if you reach a certain level. it can be frustrating. The campaign is fun and very strategic, i don't know what else to say though.
There is no harvesting, instead a tiberium crystal is dropped on the battlefied and your unit can carry it to your crawler. Gameplay is slow at first, however mid to late game can be very fun, also i think six people can be on a team. if your team can coordinate, it can be fun and strategic. if your crwler gets destroyed, you get another one. So, i hope this review helps people decide if they want it or not. My thoughts are it is a good game, but it is nothing like the previous C&C games.


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