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tigerace1945 Feb 4 2013, 1:21pm replied:

Crocodile is just a code name used to describe flamethrower armed allied vehicles. ex Sherman "Crocodile" and Churchill "Crocodile"

so im going to assume "Crocodile upgrade" just means that you can upgrade the bren carrier to mount a flamethrower in the same way you can upgrade it to mount a hmg. I don't think it will replace the Churchill Crocodile

+6 votes   media: Bren Carrier Wasp
tigerace1945 Dec 11 2012, 3:06pm says:

Thank you! If i have to look at that garbage vanilla 88 model one more time i'm going to puke. You sirs deserve a medal!

+1 vote   media: new units (3)
tigerace1945 Nov 14 2012, 9:01am says:

right one

+1 vote   media: Orion-Cruiser Viewer's Choice Contest
tigerace1945 Oct 26 2012, 5:22pm says:

Is AUM already included with the platinum download? i installed darthmod but i can only find two or three new nonvanilla British units. there is a batch file in the darthmod data folder that says AUM but it activating it makes no difference. Am i doing something wrong or are there only supposed to be three new british units.

+2 votes   mod: DarthMod Empire
tigerace1945 Oct 24 2012, 6:39pm says:

where did all the funny pictures go :(

+2 votes   mod: Coh Realistic modification
tigerace1945 Oct 24 2012, 3:28pm says:

Bf-110 C

+2 votes   media: 1939-1945 SGW mod - New Units
tigerace1945 Oct 20 2012, 3:01am says:

I hope this mod doesn't get taken down. the descriptions on the images are priceless. I am proud of this mod. its about time someone started telling the true story of world war two and not that government controlled mumbo-jumbo found in the text books now a days. ;)

+1 vote   mod: Coh Realistic modification
tigerace1945 Sep 16 2012, 7:32pm says:

my friend and i completed it on medium difficulty in 230min. On a side note are you going to release german power 2 ?

+1 vote   download: German Power 1 MOW:AS Ver ( Fully Overhauled )
tigerace1945 Jun 24 2012, 1:46pm says:


+1 vote   media: Kingtiger Camos
tigerace1945 May 21 2012, 7:57pm says:


+1 vote   article: Vote for your favourite faction
tigerace1945 Jan 9 2012, 6:15pm replied:

I think there is something wrong with relic online. My freind,who had not downloaded the mod, was haveing the same problem today.

+1 vote   mod: Europe at War
tigerace1945 Feb 2 2011, 10:44am says:

"One Man Army"
"Hitler's worst enemy"
"Berlin or bust"

+1 vote   media: Draftees
tigerace1945 Jan 31 2011, 3:39pm says:

you should look into the world of tanks models. idk what the deal is on them, but a few coh mods are useing then so i guess they got permission. wot has lots of late war and experimental tank models from russia, usa, and germany.

as for the main idea of the mod. i would suggest sticking with the late 40s early 50s and not go to crazy with stuff like copters, walkers, and hovercraft and all those weird german and cold war prototypes that would have probably never been built, even if the war went on past 45. i think you should use original late war vehicles like tigers and panthers, to give it a ww2 feel and show how if the war went on those tanks would replace the panzers as the main battle tanks.also have lots of more probable prototype tanks like the panther 2 and the maus, to show how the nations are advanceing in tech.and one more thing, dont rely to much on cold war tanks and weapons because they would probably not have been built, because of lack of funds that would have been going to the war effort. i think thats what you were already planing but im just wanted to make a suggestion.

ohh and great idea for a mod.

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tigerace1945 Jan 12 2011, 8:40am says:

lulz, the tiger probubly won : D

+2 votes   media: BoW 2
tigerace1945 Jan 8 2011, 2:39pm says:

never mind i fixed the problem

+1 vote   download: Rising Sun Campaign
tigerace1945 Jan 8 2011, 2:09pm replied:

thanks for the link. i fixed it.

+2 votes   mod: Realism 4
tigerace1945 Jan 7 2011, 5:21pm says:

idk if ty,s realism causes this or DCG but whenever a play a map the enemy stays at thier spon and does not move. you could take the objectives without killing a single enemy. before the new update the enemy was fine. they would move to guard the objective and chock points. idk maybe they changed it from thier last version

does anyone else have this problem?

i realy love this mod and DCG but it realy sucks that thiers no strategy in the game anymore.

+2 votes   mod: Realism 4
tigerace1945 Jan 2 2011, 2:15pm says:

i cant get passed the first mission. i killed every jap on the map and raised the flag but it still doesn't say that i won.

+1 vote   download: Rising Sun Campaign
tigerace1945 Dec 30 2010, 6:57pm says:

does the turret rip off , or does the tank just flip over when it fires. lol JK

+1 vote   media: Kingtiger with 105mm
tigerace1945 Nov 28 2010, 10:27am says:

for anyone whose game crashes when you load a map:

1.right click the battlegroup42 short cut properties compadibility tab
4.check "run this program in compatibility mode for"
5.and select ,windows 98/ windows me,
6. apply ;)

this is how i fixed both my battlegroup42 and forgotten hope when they would not load any maps

+2 votes   mod: BattleGroup42
tigerace1945 Nov 25 2010, 12:12pm says:

i have the same problem as falcon, it says it cant find the file. i have downloaded it twice from 2 different sites, so i dont think it is a download error. i have windows 7 could that be the problem?

+1 vote   download: ShockWave 1.0
tigerace1945 Nov 8 2010, 4:19pm says:

could you possibly flip the main gun upside down. i mean that hump above the main gun, right where the main gun starts on the turret, was usualy bellow the main gun not above it.

like so

idk maybe you want it like that. but im just makeing a suggestion

+1 vote   media: T34 field colours
tigerace1945 Sep 4 2010, 7:55pm says:

and landing would be a VERY bad idea if P-51s were attacking you.

+1 vote   media: Load screen
tigerace1945 Sep 1 2010, 2:50pm says:

LOL y does that me262 have its landing gear down?

+1 vote   media: Load screen
tigerace1945 Jul 14 2010, 11:39am says:

ohh God the zombies are attacking in "NEAT SINGLE FILE LINES"......we are all doomed!!!!

+1 vote   media: Bilder
tigerace1945 May 23 2010, 2:36pm says:

that plane seems a little low

+1 vote   media: E3 screenshot
tigerace1945 Apr 24 2010, 9:47am says:

mg 34 wooooooooooooo

+1 vote   media: Battle of Crete 4
tigerace1945 Apr 24 2010, 9:47am says:


+1 vote   media: Battle of Crete 1
tigerace1945 Apr 11 2010, 1:18pm says:

or at least reskin so it has an iron cross on it

+2 votes   media: AxisPlayer
tigerace1945 Mar 21 2010, 5:13pm says:

my money is on the robot

+1 vote   media: Some Pictures of Fallout 3
tigerace1945 Jan 22 2010, 4:02pm says:

its on break

+1 vote   media: Gallofree HTT Assault
tigerace1945 Oct 9 2009, 7:22pm says:

silly empire thats your own base

+2 votes   media: Eclipse Super laser
tigerace1945 Apr 14 2009, 6:12pm says:

why are b-52s being lunched from a carrier. cool but unrealistic

+1 vote   media: The entire map revealed that low angle
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