I'm into the command and conquer series, halo series and just about any battlefield game that has helicopters period. i enjoy using unorthodox tactics to fool my opponents into total chaos. my current gaming status is somewhat unfortunate. i am now operating off a MAC, and that being said, i can no longer play most games. i have an alternate PC for any mods i download however so i can still do some reviews and comment with due intel. right now i play games via steam. Borderlands 2 and Star Conflict are on the list as well as Alpha Games such as Interstellar Marines. If anyone would like to group up on BL2 or team up on Star Conflict, my Steam Username is TiberiumWolf. Oh and btw, for those that i consider friends on Borderlands 2, i tend to create and hand out Legendary Rare guns that the creators were either too lazy or too useless to come up with on their own. And I'm talking gamebreaker damage without it being counted as illegal or crash worthy.

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Tiberium_Exposure Jan 19 2013, 7:55am says:

how about a way to link mine-carts together( like train-cars. linked but not stuck inside of each-other.)? or even better yet, mine-carts that can seat more than 1 person at a time, like a actual train car? then if you figure out how to link them together, you can link the carts behind the furnace car and have an actual train, rather than powered rails. it would be useful for early-game, and it wouldn't involve red-stone or that annoying glitch of having the furnace cart push your cart, and when you hop out it reverses direction.

+1 vote   mod: HydroCraft
Tiberium_Exposure Jan 19 2013, 7:50am replied:

well what about that one time both factions were in London battling each-other (episode: Doomsday)? can there be like one world where they are constantly in a state of all-out war? that way there can be some fun at least? even if it is just kicking back and watching them tear each-other apart?

+1 vote   mod: GTA Doctor who
Tiberium_Exposure Jan 18 2013, 6:17pm says:

what map is this? just wondering, because i recognize it from C&C3 and would very much like a link to where i can download it.

+2 votes   media: Anti-Tank Squads
Tiberium_Exposure Jan 17 2013, 5:41am replied:

hey keoni, i got a theory about this. would you happen to be running either the EAW gold pack or on a XP OS or both?

+1 vote   mod: Super Star Wars: Rise of the Droid Empire
Tiberium_Exposure Jan 13 2013, 12:09pm says:

what would be cool is if you could make something the equivalent of a guile suit? like it can make you invisible if your not moving and mobs cannot spot you? make it from leaf blocks somehow farmed from trees and string collected from spiders? it would be something nice to have in-game, especially when hunting mobs at night and it would finally put the leaves on the trees to good use other than setting them on fire or chopping at them for saplings/ apples. at least give it some thought please?

+3 votes   mod: HydroCraft
Tiberium_Exposure Jan 8 2013, 9:50pm says:

will the Daleks and Cybermen be in this? like a character model switch between the gangs? like one gang is the Daleks and another is they Cybermen? this way if they fight, it makes sense and keep true the the doctor who feel?

+2 votes   mod: GTA Doctor who
Tiberium_Exposure Jan 2 2013, 7:06pm says:

Maybe in the future replace the saucers with a devastator warship model that launches a sort of plasma missile? just copy switch out the IFV rocket weapon with the new overwritten model and change the texture on the rockets to have a bright blue/purple glow? its possible and it would get rid of that nasty machine model and give it a more organic feel. BTW the scrin never used saucers, they used a more organic approach rather than mechanical.

+1 vote   media: Overlord Cultists
Tiberium_Exposure Jan 2 2013, 7:01pm says:

does it break apart and scatter tiberium everywhere like in KW? Or is it just tiberium radiation?

+1 vote   media: Scrin Overlord's Wrath
Tiberium_Exposure Jan 2 2013, 5:35pm says:

Seeing as you have all of the war factions but one, would it be possible to have the Forgotten as a faction in the future? i mean you have match-ups for each faction except yuri.

Allies : GDI
Soviets : NOD
Yuri : ???

compared to the other two, Yuri is in many ways just like the forgotten as they use lost or forgotten technology and abilities. to have the mutants as a playable faction would balance out the mod and make it even more interesting (like you could have a 2v2v2 of each pairing per team.).
so can you please take it as an idea or possibly under some consideration?

p.s. The Forgotten are an Essential part of the Tiberium universe and they would have became a use-able faction in the original games had EA not taken over. there is only one mod that actually recognizes the Forgotten as a military strength, but it is For C&C3:TW. so think it could be an applicable superpower in this game as well? besides, the only other power for the tiberium universe would be the scrin, and if that were added it would **** over the mod, being the extreme O.P. faction that it is.

+1 vote   mod: C&C: Reloaded
Tiberium_Exposure Jan 1 2013, 7:39pm replied:

well is there a way to locate where the problem is originating from and fix it? Unlike the standard version, it may be a hidden file that is not found in the original 2-disc version of the game. i just hope this fact is taken into consideration for any, if possible updates, in the near or distant future.

+1 vote   mod: Covenant at War
Tiberium_Exposure Jan 1 2013, 7:26pm says:

why not link it through mediafire? last time i checked, that site is not blocked in any country as nearly every country uses it.it would be beneficial to anyone who cannot download via moddb or gamefront.

+1 vote   download: ROTR ECA Beta 1.8
Tiberium_Exposure Jan 1 2013, 7:01pm says:

that new main menu looks wicked awesome, i hope you keep it. though the color is somewhat rusty, what if you increased the blue tint on it a bit(that way it has a more metallic resonance when combined with the metallic grey of the epic unit you have in the menu (apologies but i forget its name.)), or maybe allowed it to have a glowing red eye humm to life in the dark to give it a creepy cyber appearance rather than a dead droid look?

+2 votes   news: "Have a snack"
Tiberium_Exposure Dec 30 2012, 7:45pm says:

are the songs available for purchase or will they be after this mod is released? the music is fracking awesome.

+1 vote   mod: C&C Generals Zero Hour : Enhanced
Tiberium_Exposure Dec 28 2012, 8:16pm says:

hello, sry for intruding like this, but Halo Covenant at war is not working properly. i get the mod running. but then it gets to the title screen and after that it all runs downhill. none of the icons are where they should be. no pictures for the units, its all jumbled up and looks like a badly placed 3D Picasso. i do not know what to do. i followed the install like i do any other mod and tried to run it, and no matter how many times i re-download the mod and re-install it, it still comes out the same. i run Sw EAW gold pack on a windows XP OS. i have everything to run the game on max settings. just would like to be able to run this mod effectively and properly. any help or assistance is greatly appreciated.

+1 vote   mod: Covenant at War
Tiberium_Exposure Dec 28 2012, 8:12pm replied:

well if your trying to get a skirmish for ground, i have a suggestion. why not try getting the team from HALO: Campaign Commander along with this mod? they already have the Land skirmish thing down, but they have no space. i understand that both teams are trying to make their own Halo RTS mod, but both could benefit by an alliance.

+1 vote   mod: Covenant at War
Tiberium_Exposure Dec 22 2012, 10:22pm says:

funny idea, and it would be wicked awesome if it were possible. the Covenant-At-War- team has recently released their space-based skirmish beta, but they only have space, no ground- Your mod has only ground, but no space combat. if you put 2 and 2 together, you will understand what i am asking. is there a possible co-op in the future between these two awesome mods to form the greatest and most epic Halo RTS mod anywhere? the two run on near-parallel timelines, and they practically complement each other, not to mention all of it is custom models on both sides. i know its a crazy and relatively stupid question to ask, but is it a future possibility?

+2 votes   mod: Campaign Commander
Tiberium_Exposure Dec 22 2012, 10:17pm says:

how long do you think it will take to get out a space-based GC up and running the the available skirmish models? i mean it doesn't even have to be with the milky-way galaxy, just to see how it would run on GC in principle.

+1 vote   mod: Covenant at War
Tiberium_Exposure Dec 22 2012, 9:40pm replied:

infantry make great distractions and excellent mulchy cannon fodder.

0 votes   mod: Crossfire
Tiberium_Exposure Dec 22 2012, 9:35pm says:

came across a problem. when i downloaded the README and tried the link in the README, the link is broken. it goes straight to the main menu of the media fire site and wont let me reach the download area, like its locked out, or your mod is not posted online.

+1 vote   mod: Lumix - v1.2; Source Code Released.
Tiberium_Exposure Dec 22 2012, 9:01pm says:

got another question for you. will there be AI operating on this map? i ask this because, your talking about a massive map spanning space and two very large ships, an 8v8 isn't going to be all that exciting with that large of a battlefield, so will there be AI bots flying around defending either team kill AI and players of the opposite team both in space and on-board the capital ships with constant respawning like in SWB or SWB2? if your going to go through with this an 8v8 match wouldn't be all that ideal, so either your gonna include AI bots somehow, or equally somehow modify the player limit past 16 to say 64? ( Swb and Swb2 have a max player limit of 32, but they still include AI bots to aid the players.) this is the burning question....

+2 votes   mod: Halo Star Wars
Tiberium_Exposure Dec 22 2012, 8:52pm says:

got a problem when i downloaded the mod. i tried playing it on my xp computer. i managed to unzip it properly and install it, but for some reason, all the icons are screwed up. normally it would mean i would have to re-download it, but it is happening every time i re-download and install it. is this mod even compatible with XP OS? or is there a simple fix to this?

+1 vote   mod: Super Star Wars: Rise of the Droid Empire
Tiberium_Exposure Dec 20 2012, 12:33am says:

is that old star trek music in that new main menu video that is up. i was listening to it, and it sounded distinctly familiar.

+1 vote   mod: Legacy Era: Second Imperial Civil War
Tiberium_Exposure Dec 17 2012, 6:08am says:

please make each of these tier 4 turrets cost between 2500-4000. if you make it cost in the 4500-5k range, then the players wont be able to build enough to consistently outmatch the epic units. a sufficient price range so that players are able to build them with ease, but still not able to get them out too early. also can you make the build time for one of these turrets the same as how long it takes to build a Tech center? that way, just like the cost, they are able to be brought out in due time, but not fast enough to mass produce them on a large scale?

+3 votes   media: Defense structures Tier 4
Tiberium_Exposure Dec 17 2012, 6:00am replied:

take a good look at what each faction has in terms of super units, then re-phrase your comment.

+2 votes   media: Defense structures Tier 4
Tiberium_Exposure Dec 17 2012, 5:46am replied:

its gonna get much, much higher. i am spreadin word about this mod on xfire to what friends i have on sw:eaw:foc. hope tht 3k doubles by monday night!

0 votes   mod: Super Star Wars: Rise of the Droid Empire
Tiberium_Exposure Dec 9 2012, 6:07pm replied:

this year? but there is less than a month left until the end of this year........

+1 vote   mod: Contra
Tiberium_Exposure Dec 9 2012, 6:00pm says:

is this mod gonna have that same bug as the other Halo mod? where the covenant ships are brought in out of slip-space, but wont go anywhere? as in they can't move or shoot at anything?

-1 votes   mod: Covenant at War
Tiberium_Exposure Dec 2 2012, 4:00am replied:

i agree with this. shame that game was never released, nor did anyone attempt to make a mod for Renegade or crysis along the same lines as TIBERIUM..... if only someone would attempt it.

+2 votes   media: Vlado32 - Fields Of Green
Tiberium_Exposure Dec 2 2012, 3:50am replied:

i apologize for the stupid comments. too many wine coolers + moddb.com = bad news bears. i just turned 21 this year, and i am still trying to get over the alcohol issue. i just have to remember to turn off the pc before i decide to drink next time.

+1 vote   mod: Legacy Era: Second Imperial Civil War
Tiberium_Exposure Dec 2 2012, 3:45am says:

i put my vote in for this mod already.

+1 vote   mod: Super Star Wars: Rise of the Droid Empire
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