I'm into the command and conquer series, halo series and just about any battlefield game that has helicopters period. i enjoy using unorthodox tactics to fool my opponents into total chaos. my current gaming status is somewhat unfortunate. i am now operating off a MAC, and that being said, i can no longer play most games. i have an alternate PC for any mods i download however so i can still do some reviews and comment with due intel. right now i play games via steam. Borderlands 2 and Star Conflict are on the list as well as Alpha Games such as Interstellar Marines. If anyone would like to group up on BL2 or team up on Star Conflict, my Steam Username is TiberiumWolf. Oh and btw, for those that i consider friends on Borderlands 2, i tend to create and hand out Legendary Rare guns that the creators were either too lazy or too useless to come up with on their own. And I'm talking gamebreaker damage without it being counted as illegal or crash worthy.

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Tiberium_Exposure Jun 7 2013, 7:12pm says:

Just wondering something off the top of my head here... What of the Scrin? Are we going to be able to play as their faction at any point in time in the future? Or at the very least be able to utilize captured alien tech? Such as a converted tri-pod? Or even a commandeered Stormrider? It would be an interesting twist and could give players something to use in order to mix up how they kill other players.

+2 votes   mod: The Third Tiberium War
Tiberium_Exposure Jun 7 2013, 7:05pm replied:

Your point is valid. However, your argument is critically invalid and pointlessly wrong where-as Buffet Restaurants are involved. And on that note, you cannot disagree.

+1 vote   media: The Mon Calamarian Fleet
Tiberium_Exposure Jun 5 2013, 1:55am replied:

They used orbital MAC and repair stations. As well as the equivalent to a SKY-Dock. a massive plate-ship with a surface area of about 1/2 a square mile. Big enough to compensate for and repair up to 2 destroyers, one-per side. (this is a proven fact from the halo universe and it can be described in better detail in the book "HALO: Fall of Reach". It was only the Covenant that didn't use technologies in the way of anti-ship stations in space or defense platforms, as they — as descried in the book series- are "Imitative, not innovative".

+3 votes   mod: Covenant at War
Tiberium_Exposure May 25 2013, 11:54pm says:

are you going to be able to fix the map generator crash error before the final release? i rather enjoy making maps that have lots of tiberium, water AND veinholes.

+1 vote   mod: C&C Tiberian Sun Crystallized Doom
Tiberium_Exposure May 20 2013, 7:20pm says:

will you also be adding Han Solo as the Survivor's Hero? He was surprisingly in the book and played a remarkable role in it as well. Having him as that factions' Hero would fit to both the book and the canon your mod is rallying behind.

+1 vote   mod: The Death Trooper Mod
Tiberium_Exposure May 20 2013, 6:57pm replied:

Delete some of that crap and/porn you have taking up background space. your computer is probably full and needs more room.

+1 vote   download: KW Reloaded 1.7
Tiberium_Exposure May 20 2013, 6:55pm replied:

i sort of "cheated" on that shortcut creation. i copied something that was made in another mod. "C&C3: The Forgotten" comes with an auto-installer. the files that it plants along with mod inside its main folder contains a sort of "hook". its located inside a text document. all you would have to do is copy that text document into the mod folder you're trying to install, and replace the "mutant" mods name in the text document with the mod's name you're trying to install. afterwards, simply make a copy of the desktop shortcut and replace the origin point from "mutant" to whatever mod you're attempting to install. its sort of complicated, but it is the easiest means i have been able to find out on being able to "shortcut" C&C3 mods. i hope this helps.

+1 vote   download: KW Reloaded 1.7
Tiberium_Exposure May 10 2013, 4:17pm replied:

there's your problem. Windows 7 is too "fast" of software for Tiberium Wars to run properly to start with. all the mod is doing is overloading it and causing ti to run even slower, and that is what is causing the coherent memory issue. you need to do one of two things, either troubleshoot and run the game on windows Xp or vista settings ( creating a shortcut for the mod itself would help resolve any issues that may crop up using this method, or you can go to a flea market or a garage sale, buy an old Windows XP or vista computer, re-install everything, and play the mod that way. sure the second costs a bit more and take more time, but hey, beggars cant be choosers.

+1 vote   download: KW Reloaded 1.7
Tiberium_Exposure May 8 2013, 11:15pm replied:


+1 vote   company: Apex Studios
Tiberium_Exposure May 7 2013, 9:34pm replied:

then what about the other mando-type culture that could also be used. planet called Concord Dawn? the Concordian's are also a warrior culture that has Bounty hunters for hire. they generally run on the same sort of strict training as the mandolorians do and as i do recall, there is some bad blood between the two cultures after the whole incident with Jango Fett and the separatist movement during the clone wars. that being said, they would be the opportune choice to have as that "for-hire" hit squad, as they are not mandolorian and their cultures were opposed after the whole clone wars era BS.

+1 vote   mod: Rise of the Mandalorians
Tiberium_Exposure May 1 2013, 7:59pm replied:

Unfortunately no. i try to stick to RTS games on a more Sci-Fi aspect whenever possible. Historical strategy games based on actual world events are of no "real" interest to me. the C&C series and any game related to that series other than C&C4 are of supreme interest to me. also any attempt to recreate a halo RTS on any game engine interest me greatly as well and i support them whenever possible.

+2 votes   member: Tiberium_Exposure
Tiberium_Exposure May 1 2013, 7:54pm says:

quick question, would you happen to be adding anything that could balance it out just a little bit more,? like a human vessel that isn;t immediately gutted by the covenant fleet? anything at all that can go toe-to-toe with a few covenant ships and last more than 3 minutes would be nice to have, not heavy on the guns, but just enough armor to serve as a serious distraction. also an idea for a multiplayer map. as i have mentioned before, in some of the books i've read, the is one in particular. in the book Halo: The Cole Protocol, there is a space-based environment Asteroid-City/ Colony called Metisette. I am wondering if it can be implemented into this mod as a multiplayer map taking place around this said colony. in the middle could be neutral insurrectionist ships that attack anything that comes close. it would add a nice distraction when fighting the covenant on this map, say a 3-way map with the asteroid colony in the middle? the colony existed long before the first Halo game took place, so it would be a nice change of pace considering it fits in well with the timeline.

+1 vote   mod: Covenant at War
Tiberium_Exposure May 1 2013, 7:46pm replied:

just saying, it would balance it out even further since the consortium still has the greatest edge on the other two factions. its capability to corrupt planets and move massive fleets through territory uninterrupted is unmatched by anything you can add to this mod. if you were able to do something like that similar with the empire, it would provide a "balance" or a " equilibrium" of sorts.

+1 vote   mod: Vader's New Order - Empire Surrounded
Tiberium_Exposure May 1 2013, 7:37pm replied:

he is saying that the A.i> system that you currently have isn;t building the saturn weapons system. and most likely asking if it will be fixed. try to learn to read parsed speech, or get someone who understands riddles to read your messages for you if it is someone who is putting his speech through a translator program and posting it onto here. think of it this way, try reading a paragraph where each of the separate words' letters are all backwards and mixed with numbers. same concept.

+1 vote   mod: Contra
Tiberium_Exposure May 1 2013, 7:31pm replied:

well is there any way to fix it? Because i rather enjoy making random maps with large water, veinhole and tiberium content. it mixes up the battles unlike anything else.

+1 vote   mod: C&C Tiberian Sun Crystallized Doom
Tiberium_Exposure Apr 29 2013, 11:43pm replied:

i fully agree with you on this comment. i sent messages to the Covenant at war and the Campaign commander modding teams for EaW and all i got were misleading messages or just plain insults in return, like they took offense to the mere suggestion of them combining mods. (campaign commander had a fully integrated command menu and ground combat system and covenant at war has a full-scale space work-up with planet-to-planet based galactic combat. if they combined their mods, they would have a TC worthy enough to rival any Halo game released by Microsoft and large enough to drown out Halo Wars completely, but still they bicker and fight. fighting over which mod is better is absolutely pointless if your working for the same goal. time to cut losses if your both missing pieces, join together and allow the open ends to mesh together. more can be done and released in the larger picture. but still they bicker and fight like a pack of wolves over the same deer carcass.

+6 votes   mod: Zero Hour : Human-Covenant War
Tiberium_Exposure Apr 28 2013, 5:47pm says:

tracking. It is a very efficient game and rather interesting to play. i attempted it over at my friends house and i liked it. on that note, i will support how i can.

+2 votes   mod: ytryrt yrtyrt yrt yr
Tiberium_Exposure Apr 28 2013, 5:42pm replied:

but it still makes them more powerful than the other 2 factions. now if you gave the empire an ability akin to that... like a dark force network with glowing red lines connecting the planets, and those planets cannot be corrupted unless captured.... it would be a great idea. it would balance out the playing field so that only the rebellion would be at fault. (if the glowing yellow corruption makes you feel like a real crime lord, then the glowing red lines connecting the planets should make you feel just like an emperor.) at the very least, please think on it, as it would help balance things out a little more between the empire and the consortium. to balance out the rebellion to this, just give them more ships? like a hijacked Republic fleet? (utilizing the same ability of the bastion 2nd fleet from the Legacy mod, One ship is brought in, then in sequence, other commendable ships "pop" in from hyperspace until you have a fleet of 10-12 ships at your command.) all for a population cost of 10. give the reb's a few of those and they will be a much harder opponent.

+1 vote   mod: Vader's New Order - Empire Surrounded
Tiberium_Exposure Apr 28 2013, 5:34pm says:

HOW DARE YOU! HOW DARE YOU GET RID OF THE MAMMOTH TANK! its the main battle tank since the first frickin game, and you just take it out! the rig i can understand, but removing the mammoth tank......all your doing is ruining GDI and making them weaker. the mammoth tank is the one universal unit that can cover all 3 types of main defense. i can cover land, air and anything else in-between (hover units). all of the other updates are absolutely awesome, but taking that one unit out, is one of the worst decisions i have seen in ANY mod. (compared to ALL of the mods i have seen for this game.)

+1 vote   mod: Crossfire
Tiberium_Exposure Apr 26 2013, 7:21pm replied:

well what if the shot generated causes damage to the ship itself? like a small radius combination of a self-destruct but instead of the ship glowing red, it phases into a invisibility state? Also in a sort of 1-2 punch, it launches the "ghost ship" right before the ship itself detonates while cloaked. it would appear like the ship is blasting off at full thrust towards its target, and that should hide the falling debris if the debris dissipation is sped up or programmed to shrink, much like the old EaW pirate frigate models, only much, much smaller.

+1 vote   mod: Covenant at War
Tiberium_Exposure Apr 26 2013, 1:35am says:

a little side note to keep in mind. can you please attempt to fix an error that continues to cause havoc when starting skirmish matches. whenever i attempt to use custom maps (user created) or use the random map generator to make new maps, the mod causes the game to crash. I'm not sure if its al of the random variables that get in the way of the mod running, but it forces me out of the game. please, please fix this if you can.

+1 vote   mod: C&C Tiberian Sun Crystallized Doom
Tiberium_Exposure Apr 21 2013, 1:59am says:

You sir's have my attention......tracking.

+1 vote   mod: Legend of the Toa
Tiberium_Exposure Apr 21 2013, 1:54am replied:

well what if you were able to put in a "ghost" model? like a slightly smaller version of that specific ship coming out of an unseen turret on the bow of the ship firing it? the ship itself would die without a blast and the "ghost" model ship would assume the role of a seeker missile, only of much larger size and with the impact of a one-hit K.O. on any covenant vessel of equal size. since missiles cant be shot at with anything standard, it would serve the purpose. its like a radar cloning ability but with the clone being in a solid state, invulnerable to incoming fire and have the capability to hit any single target and take it out in one hit, but at the same time it would cost the "life" of the ship that is using said ability. all that would be needed would be to "speed" up the decay of the left over bits from the ship that fired this "fire ship torpedo". (think of it like this, the ship, in the process of firing, implements the in-game use of stealth generators, and hides from the surrounding space and dies while still stealthed after firing said shot without a dying cinematic explosion. then the "fire ship torpedo" taking the guise of the actual ship - albeit heavily damaged- charges toward the targeted covenant vessel. it would not one-hit K.O. the larger carriers and capital ships, but it can seriously cripple them, but any ship of equal or lesser size to the "fire ship" would be immediately destroyed upon impact. the torpedo itself can be superimposed onto the model of the aggressor special weapon shot, but given the same tracking capabilities of a guided missile, as well as the same sound as the sundered heart charging its engines. )

+1 vote   mod: Covenant at War
Tiberium_Exposure Apr 20 2013, 1:03am says:

something i am wondering, and after reading several of the halo books many times over, a few things i found rather interesting and i am wondering if it would be possible to incorporate into the mod. with the large UNSC ships, as an option of last resort, can the ability to use a heavily damaged ship as a battering ram be implemented into this game? such as allowing the use of a severely damaged cruiser or destroyer to set its fusion cores to critical and set the ships on a collision course into any nearby covenant vessels of a certain size? i have read it in HALO: The Fall of Reach, i think it was mentioned as a tactic used in HALO: Evolutions and if it were implemented into the mod, it would make use of the "removed" self-destruct option. it would also allow players to implement a "fire ship" tactic in large battles. at the very least, please consider this as it is found to be a common practice of last resort in the HALO universe.

+2 votes   mod: Covenant at War
Tiberium_Exposure Apr 19 2013, 1:51am says:

does anyone here know what the major downside would be of building a fixed wing fighter aircraft and mount rail-guns onto said aircraft wings for an offensive weapon? food for thought.

+3 votes   group: Aircraft Lovers Group
Tiberium_Exposure Apr 19 2013, 1:39am replied:

then what about replacing one of the SSD's with the fleet and turn it over to the Rebellion like it was commandeered by a "defector". since this mod is literally re-writing Star Wars history, something like that would not be all that uncommon.

+2 votes   mod: Super Star Wars: Rise of the Droid Empire
Tiberium_Exposure Apr 19 2013, 1:37am says:

I understand that most people who play this game now are running on updated software and have new computers and the like, but this is about those of us who are still stuck with the older computers and either cannot afford the new computers, or are seriously uncomfortable with them. This mod does not run with XP systems or software. for whatever reason, it causes the games icons to get all jumbled up and then the game either freezes/ crashes completely a short while later, or it generates an exception error that does not go away, and is generated each following time until the mod is removed and the game is completely re-installed. I hope that you guys will look into this bug if you haven't done so already, but i am not the only one who is "suffering" this problem. i mentioned this mod to a decent number of my facebook pals as well as close to 1000 people that i know on xfire that play this game. a good third of them are all complaining of this issue (myself included) and the few that can play it with Xp for whatever reason cannot get it online as that causes a temporary exception issue that is resolved simply by re-installing the mod. Hopefully this matter can be resolved with an altered patch in a future update to this mod, as several dozen to a few hundred people that play this game i'm sure still own and run XP software and systems. (this issue cropped up when i downloaded the mod upon release, it took this long to count the numbers that were affected by the problem based on the number of people that i know who downloaded this mod.)

+2 votes   mod: Super Star Wars: Rise of the Droid Empire
Tiberium_Exposure Apr 19 2013, 1:19am says:

why does the Armored sonic gear look like Metal Gear REX from the Metal Gear Solid series?

+1 vote   mod: Xenoforce Reborn
Tiberium_Exposure Apr 19 2013, 1:17am says:

if this systems proves to work on ZH, will it, in the possible future, be updated to C&C3's engine? as i understand this, tiberium does not have a functioning code in any of the generals games, so it would have to be written and built from scratch. C&C3 already has that type of code, just for a smaller scale use. Also, when making the crawlers, how are you going to be able to compensate for the modeling bugs that would supposedly allow for "infinite" exit points when generating units? since the crawler is neither unit nor building but both at the same time, are you going to be able to compensate for the amount of lag that will be generated in-game from having multiple if not hundreds of units taking up space inside a single "unit" that has only one exit? what i mean to ask, are you going to be able to regulate how many units come out at any one time, rather than having the "crawler" expel all of the units simultaneously like that of a GLA tunnel network, but on a much larger, and far more laggy scale?

+2 votes   mod: C&C StarLight
Tiberium_Exposure Apr 16 2013, 3:33am says:

DAT *** x2!!!!

+2 votes   media: Ahsoka and Aaayla's Ass
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