I'm into the command and conquer series, halo series and just about any battlefield game that has helicopters period. i enjoy using unorthodox tactics to fool my opponents into total chaos. my current gaming status is somewhat unfortunate. i am now operating off a MAC, and that being said, i can no longer play most games. i have an alternate PC for any mods i download however so i can still do some reviews and comment with due intel. right now i play games via steam. Borderlands 2 and Star Conflict are on the list as well as Alpha Games such as Interstellar Marines. If anyone would like to group up on BL2 or team up on Star Conflict, my Steam Username is TiberiumWolf. Oh and btw, for those that i consider friends on Borderlands 2, i tend to create and hand out Legendary Rare guns that the creators were either too lazy or too useless to come up with on their own. And I'm talking gamebreaker damage without it being counted as illegal or crash worthy.

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Tiberium_Exposure Jul 9 2013, 9:35pm replied:

aren't "squads" and "groups" pretty much the same thing? btw, in C&C3, NOD soldiers were spawned in groups, just like GDI's rifleman squads, so answering my own question, yes they are. Interesting idea, why not start small, like asking if the C&C3 sniper's will still come in pairs (spotter and sniper)? Or even asking if the Riflemen will get to keep the peacekeeper riot shields? Hell, why not even ask if the Grenade squads grenades, the scrin buzzers, Black hand flamethrowers, corruptors liquid tiberium, will be able to clear out buildings? so many other interesting questions, why does the number of soldiers per $$$ amount even matter? serious question: did you even play C&C2? the soldiers in that game and C&C1 (both made by Westwood btw) came out not in groups, but in single units and were rather effective individually.

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Tiberium_Exposure Jul 9 2013, 9:27pm replied:

Actually, the "NAVAL" type-combat could be transferred to "hover" warfare, out over open water or, since its supposed to take place in a time-space that tiberium blankets most of the planet, it could be liquid tiberium. the coding for amphibious units could be modified to transfer not from land to water, but from land to hover modes. On that note, it would be rather neat to see a sea of liquid tiberium on maps and how it would affect the harvesting and combat of the 3 factions. Maybe it could open up new ideas on the lines of harvesting liquid-T for extra credits, or even make for territory for "tiberium lifeforms". Why completely eradicate the "naval" gametype from the game, when it can be altered and be useful on so many other levels. (btw, last i checked, back in C&C2, Tiberian floaters were found over water MORE than they were over land. Just something to keep in mind.)

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Tiberium_Exposure Jul 4 2013, 7:07pm replied:

well can you please work out the bug with the lifeforms/ veinholes? cities can be played without, but the massive unpredictability of tiberium-based life has its positives that simply cannot be done without. also, i cooked up a mixer on TibEd that i found is able to be used with your mod and it allows the veinholes to spread much farther and last longer against constant attacks. (it also allows the tiberium to grow much, much faster and maintain a field that is close to 500% the standard size.) i can post it for you to check out if you want, once the bugs in your mod are worked out (fixed). think of a veinhole that ahs the potential to cover the entire map in veins, as well as tiberium that replicates so fast that a bail taken out of it is regrown and replaced almost as quickly as it is taken out.

+1 vote     mod: C&C Tiberian Sun Crystallized Doom
Tiberium_Exposure Jul 3 2013, 12:06am replied:


+1 vote     mod: Tiberium Secrets
Tiberium_Exposure Jul 3 2013, 12:02am replied:

For the first part, ask around. there may be other mod teams that have made mods for RA3 that could give you advice on how to alter the game to remove the grid. (yes i know, stopping and asking for directions is highly undermining and very embarrassing, but at this stage, would you rather choose ignorance over such a crucial issue? ) also if you cannot remove the grid, try and find a means of replacing the boxes with a hexagonal or octagonal overlapping grid system. that way you can at least place buildings, walls included, on rough angles, or even oblique points. it may not be the same as the C&C3 system, but it would at least be close.

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Tiberium_Exposure Jul 2 2013, 11:56pm replied:

it is more efficient, but it is not in fact "better". the ore collection system from previous C&C titles gave the play more "free will" so to speak and the RA3 system restricts everything so that the whole collection system is more refined and harder to disrupt. (like it's not even part of the overall gameplay as a whole.) in RA3, it is much easier to defend harvesters as all that is needed is to surround the refinery and the ore repository with a wall and it is safe from everything but air strikes. i made my previous suggestion as attempting to rewrite the new protocols and replace them with older ones is a very stressful and tenuous task. (not to mention bug riddled and even dangerous for the game as it could cause game-crash.)

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Tiberium_Exposure Jun 28 2013, 3:11pm says:

Also, and i'm just gonna add this in here because from past mods, the resource gathering routine in RA3 is tenuous to say the least. Maybe you can simply remodel the ore-pit into a heavily modified Tiberium spike facility with 6 spikes (3-per side) and a primary loading dock in the middle? Of course the model would have Tiberium leakage and crystals attempting to consume the structure, but it would be able to work just like the ore dock and not require the gathering routine to be altered. the only alteration would be that the spike-dock wouldn't run out of resources. It would hold true to both the principles of TW3 and RA3, as well as open up new means of getting the same jobs done in the game.

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Tiberium_Exposure Jun 28 2013, 3:03pm says:

it would be kinda neat if you could, later on make a campaign in this mod. but too really top it off would be if you could get ahold of the campaign cut-scenes from the cancelled game from 2008. i have the second half of the entire entry sequence on my pc and i would gladly put it on a file-share site if you ever needed it for a mod. (especially since it is just collecting dust in an untouched folder on my computer.)

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Tiberium_Exposure Jun 28 2013, 2:57pm replied:

My point still stands. and i don't care how many negatives i accumulate for it. Both Renegade and Elite Squadrons games on the psp, though small, were rather unique tie-ins for the star wars universe. And they helped develop the new gametypes that we may see in the new Star Wars Battlefront game, like it or not. It's the hard truth, but someone has got to say it. so in more ways than one, those two games are as close to a 3 & 4, or at least 3 and an expansion pack which would make this new SWBF game a #4 or a #5. face the facts, they are all there.

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Tiberium_Exposure Jun 24 2013, 4:49pm says:

any news on a release date? i know its an annoying question, but just something to look forward too. I'm not asking you to release the mod as that would be rude, just asking on an estimated date that a demo would be released on.

+1 vote     mod: Tiberium Secrets
Tiberium_Exposure Jun 24 2013, 4:45pm says:

sry dude, but i ran this mod. i installed it correctly and tested it out on 3 different versions of Windows (XP, Vista, and 7). the mod didn't work. it simply played as vanilla. might want to take down this download as it is a DUD.

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Tiberium_Exposure Jun 24 2013, 4:43pm replied:


+1 vote     mod: Command and Conquer Tiberian Revolution
Tiberium_Exposure Jun 24 2013, 4:42pm replied:

Nod is actually supposed to be based around stealth and subterfuge. what ever happened to attacking from the shadows? i'm actually inclined to agree with Cauldon on the point with the Scrin. they are more organic than mechanical and some curves mixed in with all of the rough angles would give them a more organic feel. Your new series faction is all mechanized, save for GDI. rough angles are more their thing.

+1 vote     mod: Crossfire
Tiberium_Exposure Jun 24 2013, 4:37pm says:

not trying to assume anything, but how come the "new" APC looks like something out of an "ALIEN" movie?

+2 votes     mod: C&C 5 Insurrection
Tiberium_Exposure Jun 24 2013, 4:31pm says:

can you please release a version of the mod for each "serious" update? like after each phase of a new wave of units and/or defenses? that way we can tell the difference between the phases, and assist in bug spotting and/or errors that may need fixing. telling the populace about the mod and showing the new enhancements only increases both the anxiousness and general anxiety related to not being able to test it out for ourselves. furthermore, there has not been a serious release since sometime "last year" and that has been somewhat unheard of in the C&C modding community. (if you don't believe me, take a look at the other TW3 mods. they either have several updates stacked along or no mods released at all, or "dead" is the term.) only for VERY widely known C&C modding groups are there release times like once per-year, but those usually ending up being failures or too big to download. other than that, you see this kind of thing related to the Star Wars modding community, where most of them haven't released a mod in almost 2 years, but are still updating with plans of release in 2015. it would be depressing to see this mod turn to that sort of view in terms of "updates" rather than releases.

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Tiberium_Exposure Jun 13 2013, 5:48pm replied:

dont you mean BF5? Especially since renegade and elite squadrons pretty much fill in the gap for 3 and 4 rather nicely, albeit being small games in comparison.

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Tiberium_Exposure Jun 13 2013, 5:46pm replied:

Why not give it decreased shield/hull strength? that'll balance it out wont it?

+1 vote     media: Imperial Vigil Corvette
Tiberium_Exposure Jun 9 2013, 1:24am says:

Any "recent" updates? Its already June and based on how things are being tracked, it has been close to a month since the last page update. I'm not asking for a Mod release, as that would be rude and unconditioned, I am simply inquiring about whether or not something is in the works..

+1 vote     mod: C&C Crazy Mod: Revived
Tiberium_Exposure Jun 7 2013, 7:12pm says:

Just wondering something off the top of my head here... What of the Scrin? Are we going to be able to play as their faction at any point in time in the future? Or at the very least be able to utilize captured alien tech? Such as a converted tri-pod? Or even a commandeered Stormrider? It would be an interesting twist and could give players something to use in order to mix up how they kill other players.

+2 votes     mod: The Third Tiberium War
Tiberium_Exposure Jun 7 2013, 7:05pm replied:

Your point is valid. However, your argument is critically invalid and pointlessly wrong where-as Buffet Restaurants are involved. And on that note, you cannot disagree.

+1 vote     media: The Mon Calamarian Fleet
Tiberium_Exposure Jun 5 2013, 1:55am replied:

They used orbital MAC and repair stations. As well as the equivalent to a SKY-Dock. a massive plate-ship with a surface area of about 1/2 a square mile. Big enough to compensate for and repair up to 2 destroyers, one-per side. (this is a proven fact from the halo universe and it can be described in better detail in the book "HALO: Fall of Reach". It was only the Covenant that didn't use technologies in the way of anti-ship stations in space or defense platforms, as they — as descried in the book series- are "Imitative, not innovative".

+3 votes     mod: Covenant at War
Tiberium_Exposure May 25 2013, 11:54pm says:

are you going to be able to fix the map generator crash error before the final release? i rather enjoy making maps that have lots of tiberium, water AND veinholes.

+1 vote     mod: C&C Tiberian Sun Crystallized Doom
Tiberium_Exposure May 20 2013, 7:20pm says:

will you also be adding Han Solo as the Survivor's Hero? He was surprisingly in the book and played a remarkable role in it as well. Having him as that factions' Hero would fit to both the book and the canon your mod is rallying behind.

+1 vote     mod: Death Trooper Mod
Tiberium_Exposure May 20 2013, 6:57pm replied:

Delete some of that crap and/porn you have taking up background space. your computer is probably full and needs more room.

+1 vote     download: KW Reloaded 1.7
Tiberium_Exposure May 20 2013, 6:55pm replied:

i sort of "cheated" on that shortcut creation. i copied something that was made in another mod. "C&C3: The Forgotten" comes with an auto-installer. the files that it plants along with mod inside its main folder contains a sort of "hook". its located inside a text document. all you would have to do is copy that text document into the mod folder you're trying to install, and replace the "mutant" mods name in the text document with the mod's name you're trying to install. afterwards, simply make a copy of the desktop shortcut and replace the origin point from "mutant" to whatever mod you're attempting to install. its sort of complicated, but it is the easiest means i have been able to find out on being able to "shortcut" C&C3 mods. i hope this helps.

+1 vote     download: KW Reloaded 1.7
Tiberium_Exposure May 10 2013, 4:17pm replied:

there's your problem. Windows 7 is too "fast" of software for Tiberium Wars to run properly to start with. all the mod is doing is overloading it and causing ti to run even slower, and that is what is causing the coherent memory issue. you need to do one of two things, either troubleshoot and run the game on windows Xp or vista settings ( creating a shortcut for the mod itself would help resolve any issues that may crop up using this method, or you can go to a flea market or a garage sale, buy an old Windows XP or vista computer, re-install everything, and play the mod that way. sure the second costs a bit more and take more time, but hey, beggars cant be choosers.

+1 vote     download: KW Reloaded 1.7
Tiberium_Exposure May 8 2013, 11:15pm replied:


+1 vote     group: Apex Studios
Tiberium_Exposure May 7 2013, 9:34pm replied:

then what about the other mando-type culture that could also be used. planet called Concord Dawn? the Concordian's are also a warrior culture that has Bounty hunters for hire. they generally run on the same sort of strict training as the mandolorians do and as i do recall, there is some bad blood between the two cultures after the whole incident with Jango Fett and the separatist movement during the clone wars. that being said, they would be the opportune choice to have as that "for-hire" hit squad, as they are not mandolorian and their cultures were opposed after the whole clone wars era BS.

+1 vote     mod: Rise of the Mandalorians
Tiberium_Exposure May 1 2013, 7:59pm replied:

Unfortunately no. i try to stick to RTS games on a more Sci-Fi aspect whenever possible. Historical strategy games based on actual world events are of no "real" interest to me. the C&C series and any game related to that series other than C&C4 are of supreme interest to me. also any attempt to recreate a halo RTS on any game engine interest me greatly as well and i support them whenever possible.

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Tiberium_Exposure May 1 2013, 7:54pm says:

quick question, would you happen to be adding anything that could balance it out just a little bit more,? like a human vessel that isn;t immediately gutted by the covenant fleet? anything at all that can go toe-to-toe with a few covenant ships and last more than 3 minutes would be nice to have, not heavy on the guns, but just enough armor to serve as a serious distraction. also an idea for a multiplayer map. as i have mentioned before, in some of the books i've read, the is one in particular. in the book Halo: The Cole Protocol, there is a space-based environment Asteroid-City/ Colony called Metisette. I am wondering if it can be implemented into this mod as a multiplayer map taking place around this said colony. in the middle could be neutral insurrectionist ships that attack anything that comes close. it would add a nice distraction when fighting the covenant on this map, say a 3-way map with the asteroid colony in the middle? the colony existed long before the first Halo game took place, so it would be a nice change of pace considering it fits in well with the timeline.

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