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Game Review on Jan 29th, 2015 - 1 person agrees 1 person doesn't

As we know AS 2 was published because of Gamespy shutdown. To make AS 1 MP-playable devs had to move it to Steam. But why AS 2 is so expensive?
Also a lot of reported issues havent been fixed!

+ MP moved to Steam
+ some new vehicle models
+ better graphics
+ Map editor

- no Storyline Campain
- bad AI
- soldier's gear is unrealistic and not historical (blue feldgrau, kepi caps on winter, flying helmets, incorrect rangers weapon ... bla bla bla)
- unrealistic weapon accuracy (espacially you can fell it playing sniper missions)
- non WW2 units in MP (Centurion, IS-3, SKS ... )
- a lot of stuff havent been changed since Faces of War 2006 and it dont match new one and graphic
- really overpriced
- work of MP fog of war and weapon ranges systems is against common sense
- trolling history in Skirmishes (like STG-44 and Sten Mk.5 in Africa)

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