I guess it's time for a new bio since I've had the other one for eons. Head dev of Insolence, I have some very limited experience with coding, yadda yadda yadda.

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Battlefield 1942

Game review - 2 agree

This is a fantastic game and it holds up alright nowadays despite its age. One MAJOR drawback, however, is that the Instant Action/Instant Battle AI is total dogshit


Movie Battles II

Mod review - 2 agree

This mod is fantastic, but the community/playerbase is seriously one of the worst I've seen. Friendly fire seriously needs to be disabled in this since a lot of the players I've encountered teamkilled half of their teams for no clear reason.


Garbage Day

Game review - 2 agree - 1 disagrees

Well, there ain't much to do in this game other than walk around, kill people, and get ran over by cars. I'm assuming more features are planned but as it currently stands it ain't the best thing out there. However, I did like the models and animations since they appear to be made from scratch instead of copied from a resource website and the ragdoll physics are a nice addition. The music is decent as well.


G String

Mod review - 1 agrees

The overall look of it is absolutely wonderful, and the fact that this entire mod is made by just one person is astonishing. BUT... the level design needs a lot more work as it gives the player little to no sense of direction and causes a lot of confusion.

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