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Modding,ranting and other crap

1 year ago by TheWolfhound 0 comments Report

December 5. 2013

So i was testing out the call of pripyat SDK and it crashes a fuck lot HOW THE HELL DID GSC MAKE A GAME ON THIS SDK!? Well anyway i am going to be making a mod very soon Its going to be called Levels Enhanced the mod is going to remove fences and add new intresting stuff in the levels i am actually done with the first version of the mod 0.5 it only features removed fences and a bunch of crahed choppers but i will make more i just have got to find out how to move stuff with out crashing,and and rotate stuff and scale stuff without crashing,oh yeah right and get the level editor save sistem fixed.
The only MAJOR PROBLEM i have is how to convert levels to their original gamedata,playable form and seems like nobody knows how to do that.

Well thats it have a good one,o and if you want to be a modder prepare to rage and cry alot,but once your done with what your doing you will fell pleasure and satisfaction beacuse YOU just made the game better.

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