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Hey Desura members. My names Nick if you havent already figures that out from my Let's Plays. I honestly prefer to do lets plays of horror games, the give me the excitment that most games are void of. SO if you know of any Horror games that you think i'd like and you'd like me to do a Let's Play of, then send me a Private Message, that includes the name and price of the game. I currently only do PC lets plays so if its xbox or ps3 platform i wont be able to do it. Now on to the other crap. My Let's Plays are featured both here and on Youtube so if you'd like it would be awesome if you would subscribe to my channel on Youtube and show a little love to this friendly Gamer.

ANYWAY now that my shameless plug is over with lets get on to advertising my upcoming episodes. I recently uploaded a Let's Play of the game Anna, its a terrific game with terrifying capabilites. Anna thinks, and learns, and when she has learned all she can she uses what she knows against you. I also uploaded a Let's Play of the Infamous Horror Game, SLENDER... shudder, Jeez does that game scare the pants off of me. Well thats that, ill update again in a couple of days with some random info or something....

Well till next time, Have Fun and Never Stop Gaming.

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