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Well, as its been a year since my last blog post here, i figure it about time.

A few different bits have kept my spare time hours occupied in the past year - the main visible result can be found at atractor.net. Please do check out the new game's twitter feed @Atractor2Game , where you'll be able to find details of the alpha testing that'll be starting towards the end of this year.

Atractor2 Vehicle Customization preview

Since my last post i've done a chunk of general technology building, i.e.

  • Added shadow maps to the graphics engine
  • Integrated bullet physics into the world and vehicle systems
  • Created a new, more modular landscape system
  • Developing a bunch of cross-platform bits (via marmalade)
  • Coded up new entity frameworks, networking APIs and UI libraries
  • Added various bits of useful tech to the Model Editor/Converter

You may well wonder why I'm still building somewhat out-dated engine tech like that when UE, Unity etc are practically free.. For which there are 2 answers : 1) I just really enjoy building engines :] and 2) I'm not particularly bothered about making cutting-edge games n things, i just like making games n things - It's like amateur carpentry to me, as long as I've got a saw and a bit of wood I'm happy :). The particular framework I use (custom home-made engine using largely c structures with the occasional snippet of basic C++ ) isnt remotely as powerful as modern middleware, but I can do what I want with it without having to study too much!

Anyway, as well as the work going into A tractor 2, I've used the above stuff to create a couple of mobile games (none of which are releasable yet, but maybe one day soon..). TheUniversal has taken a back seat lately - it really needs more time and energy applied to it to get it all working right - but I'll probably get back to that eventually :)

Enough from me for another year. I'll try to post back again soon when AT2 starts getting playable/fun. Assuming it does :)

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