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For Honor

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The Closure

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Street Fighter IV

Game review

They turned Vega into a wimp and the game is about 3-4 times as slow as previous games. What happened to timing, precision of execution and reflexes? All that they needed to do was get that right and make each character viable.


Mafia III

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Runs incredibly poorly.


New Alone In The Dark

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Evolve - Stage 2

Game review

A step in the right direction removing the paywall by making it F2P, and instead of hiding 50% of the content behind DLC they decided to make it all unlockable by playing the game daily. Its not overly grindy either.

However it still has pretty glaring issues from before:

- Matchmaking. Their system forces you to play a role you don't want to play. This is major negative thing and they should have fixed it before going f2p. Now you see people complaining again about matchmaking all the time.

- Social features. This game is lacking in this direction. You cannot add people to friends from within the game, there's no way. Steam overlay does not show the people you've recently played Evovle with.

- No spectator option. There is no way you can spectate a game in Evolve. People have been asking for this since launch. Correct me if I'm wrong here but I think they even said they were working on it.

- No hunter skins. I mean reall skins, not paint jobs. People have been sking for this since day one. Their response was - "No". When I came back to the game with f2p change I saw they finally introduced hunter skins, even though paint jobs only.

- Elementary thing like character display with abilities, perks, etc. There is none. It's ridicuolus. Why the hell? What were you thinking?

- These crates right. You don't even know what's inside those. They open automatically and you ususally get no notification.

They have taken this game in the right direction. Instead of just letting it die (had less than 100 active players to now more than 25'000 and growing) they have balanced the gameplay to make it more action oriented but it still carries over way to many of the non-existent features. Its clear that the problems it had before of them focusing so much on "sellable content" is still hurting the game by having missing core features.


Alpha Protocol

Game review

+Dialogue options are provide a deeper and more nuanced playthrough everytime (although its a shame that you don't really know what your char is going to say, you only get one word summary),
+Stealth, it is quite hard forcing you to rely on your various abilities at times (esp on hard). However at times you have to go into combat which is a shame but for the most part its one of the most challenging stealth games out there ATM.

-Serious mouse stuttering issues (using various tweaks to minimise it)
-Can't rebind the PDA button on PC
-Hacking uses the default use key instead of the one you set it to, meaning it takes some getting use to pressing the space bar instead (your average persons jump button)
-Graphics by default are toned down due to it being made primarily for the consoles, meaning you have to edit the APGame.ini to bring highpoly character models in, x16 anistropic filtering and shadows on all of the game environment.


Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2

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