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The Escapist : Jimquisition : Copyright War

How to fix this?

Every critic/reviewer/dubber/teacher/comedian has the right to use footage to enhance their point and provide entertainment.. otherwise those types of people wouldn't exist on the internet or tv, we don't need special permission to use footage. Not just by law, but also for the fact that footage of movies and video games is free publicity. Its not acting as a substitute for it unless the entirety of the song or movie is uploaded without any dialogue from the person critiquing/reviewing/dubbing it or teaching with it.. THEN there is grounds for a claim but those videos are not the majority of the ones being flagged by the content id system.

How to deal with the content ID system until Google gets off their asses to change it (it also mentions all the bullshit aspects of the system):

And now to the matter of google + being forced down our throats:

So, I switched my account to be linked to a google+ page a few days ago. After youtube bothering me likely more than 50 times I just finally said fuck it and did it. In light of the new comments needing a google+ account in order to post replies to other peoples comments. This system is the most clusterfucky, confusing, pointlessly convoluted piece of shit that's ever come out of either Google or old youtube.

I can go into details if you want, but the system is a Frankensteined together mess of forcing you to use google+ and keeping your youtube channel how it is. It also decided to delete my youtube avatar because "fuck you" I believe was the official reasoning. It also then disables your youtube inbox, and now all messages are delivered via google+.... which has no inbox at all. It's just a stream of fucking bullshit.

I can't imagine what would happen if you were a youtuber with hundreds of comments. That box would flood at a rate no one could possibly keep up with. Long story short: if you're still fighting the good fight and not switching to Google+, hold out as long as you can (if you still can?)! In general, I want to know what people think about this new system. My personal thoughts are likely obvious in my writing, so I open it up to you guys.

other disadvantages:
-Trolls spamming large images and urls
-Not being able to open the comment section in a new tab
-The system by default sorts comments by "top comments" rather than "most recent".


Well, I see that Keane has made it "official" now, in his post at the top of the forum, which of course has responses disabled so we can't "offer feedback" to it. I'm quoting it here just because:

"You may have noticed the "Stop download" feature is no longer available on flash videos, as well as the popout button. "

Well no shit, Sherlock. Perhaps you may have noticed the pileup of hundreds upon hundreds of complaints about it?

"If you used this feature to stop videos from loading, we recommend that you pause your videos.

We're doing that. It DOES NOT accomplish what "Stop download" did. Not at all, not even close, thankyouverymuch.

" In most cases, unless you have changed the video's quality already, pausing a video will either result in a video only buffering to a certain point or not buffering altogether."

Well, yeah, it will EVENTUALLY stop buffering, if you give it a minute or two, or if the friggin' video ends first. Making it essentially useless...
And of course since the damn player is constantly changing the video quality FOR US, forcing us to change it back to what we wanted to begin with, in most cases it won't stop at all. Again... making it essentially useless...

"Thanks! If you have feedback about the player, please use the "Send Feedback" button at the bottom of any YouTube page. "

We've done that, who can count how many dozens and hundreds of times. And when have they bothered to even read, much less take any action? We completely waste our time sending feedback, and the twits sit in their back room laughing that we're stupid enough to think they even care. How about, instead, if one of them actually takes a moment to look in this forum, and see some of the feedback they already have?

Nice work, team. So shall we start guessing now as to what vital function you're going to eliminate next week, for no reason other than to make the site less friendly, less functional, and more frustrating to use? What's next?

it's almost become a tradition. when they are out of changes to make, they just fuck around with good and useful features so they prove they are always doing work, changing and tuning and "improving"...

Of course google has made other controversial changes, new channels layout, new video pages,
the new home page, WMG music restrictions, Google Accounts merger... But regardless of how much people complain it won't cause any rollbacks.
And of course the advertising being on every video now. Which is only a problem for Chrome users because it doesn't have Add-Block, Javascript Block, Element Blocking. Not surprising.

other dumbassery:
Google Making us Smarter

TheUnbeholden Author

Copyright law has to reflect the needs of the people:

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TheUnbeholden Author

Youtube has been going down hill for awhile now. The user base, viewers and content makers, has slowly dropped over the years. They started regulating it heavily around 2010. I have a large list of removed videos from my favorite list. From videos being flagged, to entire user accounts deleted. Now Youtube is getting ad free paid subscription, its probably going to come with tons of premium content such as movies, TV shows, music as well to contend with the likes of Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. Its basically a slow attempt at trying to create a focus on TV oriented stuff (we already have paid-for-movies on the user channel: user/movies & Youtube already provides content creators the option to charge for viewing a video). Problem is I don't think that's going to work on a place like YOUtube, its about YOU ie the user content when it comes down to it.

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