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Posted by OminousSpudd on Aug 10th, 2013

Currently the stance of international media and the US is putting Russia between a rock and a hard place. Threats of boycotting the upcoming Winter Olympics due to Russia's apparently abusive anti-gay laws has been blown way out of proportion by the media, and for some reason it is now paramount that the world does something to bring attention on Russia, a country who's population is perfectly happy with its view on homosexual rights, or the lack thereof. So much so that Russian citizens have rallied in protest of any change being brought about, understandably angry that foreign countries think they have a right to intervene in Russian national law. Russia has been accused of being an authoritarian and draconian state. Why? Simply because they refuse to listen to a corrupt, overly liberalist, aggressive and irrational Western world whose citizens are governed by an even more rotten media.
Russia's anti-gay laws are an example of a majority vote that has been applied accordingly, not a law that has been taken into consideration but not put into effect because an incompetent government fears the minority.
The US has capitalised on the situation to appropriate their means with the Snowden case and the Syrian civil war. Russia continues to shelter the US whistleblower, Edward Snowden, who's continuing endeavours to expose American government corruption has cost him nearly everything. The US has branded him a traitor and a spy, an action reminiscent of a totalitarian regime. Russia's continued sheltering of this whistleblower is something that we should be proud of, not disgusted at.
Meanwhile the US continues to try to uproot Assad's government in Syria by supplying weapons to rebels who can be directly linked back to Al Qaeda. Russia continues to supply Assad's government with arms and supplies due to their national oil assets in the country and in hope of aiding the seriously destabilised pro-Russian government. A large division of Syrian citizens are still trying to come to grips with a civil war that seems to have sprung out of nowhere, confused by the apparent lack of agenda or motive the Syrian rebels are failing to show.
In reality Russia is still viewed as the tyrannical Soviet Union, something that Russian President Vladimir Putin has valiantly tried to erase. But it would seem that Western countries still hold doggedly on to a clear-cut good/bad guy mentality and any opportunity to drag Russia's face in the mud is done so with glee, even if it is something as petty as gay laws.

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Baron Brosephus
Baron Brosephus Sep 14 2013 says:

It's really such a shame that so many Americans still have such backwards ideas about Russia and it's government. The Soviet Union ceased to exist a long time ago, and the stereotypes regarding Russia should have died along with it.

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OminousSpudd Author
OminousSpudd Sep 14 2013 replied:

Welcome to my campaign against the Western mindset.

By the way, it's nice to actually see someone brave enough to comment on this.

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Baron Brosephus
Baron Brosephus Sep 15 2013 replied:

While there are some things about the Russian government that I can't say I really agree with (anti-gay laws and the lack of social benefits for example), it still doesn't change the fact that the media has blown this whole situation way out of proportion. A lot of people (Americans in particular) still look at Russians with the same old McCarthyian mindest that should have died off a long time ago.

I wouldn't be surprised if those McCarthyian nutheads started circulating stuff like this again:

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OminousSpudd Author
OminousSpudd Sep 15 2013 replied:

But like I say, it really is none of our business. The US/Western world has no grounds for policing any country's national law until that law has been proven to be 100% incorrect and a barrier to humanities interests.
Legalising homosexuality has in no way benefited a country so far, and has yet to prove its worth as a helpful advancement that is beneficial to human interests. Therefore, Russia has a perfectly acceptable stance on this "issue".

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Baron Brosephus
Baron Brosephus Sep 15 2013 replied:

Indeed, a nation's internal affairs should be handled as such, and not be turned into an international intervention. Still, I can't help but feel there is a need for some reform in the Russian Federation, as some of its current policies make room for unecessary discrimination and bias against people that aren't considered "normal". I'm not just referring to discrimination by sexual orientation, but by ethnicity and culture. While this form of discrimination is obviously not supported by the state, I believe that the government should be taking more notable measures to counter it.

Of course, all that should be handled internally within, and not be turned into an international affair. It's not like the US really gives a damn about civil rights in Russia, they're just looking for something to blacken Russia's reputation.

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OminousSpudd Author
OminousSpudd Sep 15 2013 replied:

It's a long road to recovery, and Russia hasn't really had a chance to get back on its feet as a fully functioning country whose main concern is for its own people since the end of World War 1, possibly even before.
The fact that the Western world, particularly the US, has no actual interest in helping Russia but would rather continue to kick them while they're down is in itself a clear indication on what a clear headed individual should think of the US.

The US has proved time and again that there is a tyrannical streak that they will happily exhibit and impose on whoever they please, there are only a few countries who can challenge the US on this and even fewer who actually do. Russia is one of these countries, and for this they will suffer until they have the strength to hit back, which, by the way, is coming.

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