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Avid supporter of a fully recovered and effective Russian Federation, professional public media shredder, aircraft enthusiast, harsh critic of today's "scientific" community or its lack thereof, and also a gaming enthusiast of sorts.

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By Sergeant Michael D. Wilmoth, US Army Reserve, and Lieutenant Colonel Peter G. Tsouras, US Army Reserve, Retired.

Day 1, 29 February 2000

Early on 29 February, a 104th GPR airborne company encountered a significant Chechen force on the road leading southeast out of Ulus-Kert. Russian paratroopers engaged the Chechen fighters for control of Hill 705.6. The Russian company, significantly stressed during the fight, gained control of the hill and pushed the Chechen force southeast into the small gorge below. The company was most likely heavily supported by artillery and helicopters, as was the usual Russian operation in this war.

The 104th GPR commander ordered 2d Airborne Battalion elements to block the saddle between hills 776 and 787, which was the next possible path over the mountains for the Chechens. The 2d Airborne Battalion headquarters was already in place on Hill 776. The 2d Airborne Battalion element was to be in place by 1400. In the early morning, 6th Company, including the third platoon, 4th Company, and two reconnaissance groups, probably from the regimental reconnaissance platoon, started on foot toward the saddle.5

6th Company, with the other elements, minus the company’s third platoon, arrived by late morning, ahead of schedule. The company commander established a linear defense in the saddle between the hills, fronted by a minefield facing west toward the gorge. The defense focused on the Chechen forces’ expected direction of escape. No access routes through the minefield were prepared nor were platoon positions sited to be mutually supportive.6 After establishing company positions, troops began their afternoon meal, leaving their positions and congregating in the open.7

The Chechen force clearly had a better grasp of the situation. The fighters had been listening to 104th GPR communications and used this advantage and good ground reconnaissance to locate 104th GPR subunits and to set ambushes. At 1230, a 6th Company reconnaissance patrol encountered approximately 20 fighters just outside company defensive positions. That the Chechens could approach that close without detection shows that the Russians had conducted no deep reconnaissance of the approaches to the saddle.

The Chechens, armed with automatic weapons, grenade launchers and mortars, reacted quickly, seizing the initiative. The small force was probably followed by a combat element, which would have been consistent with Soviet-style reconnaissance doctrine that places great value on immediately seizing the initiative in any engagement by having a strong combat element close behind the advance reconnaissance element.8 Chechen reconnaissance elements also worked their way around the Russian position in the saddle and attacked from the rear where there were no defenses.9 With Chechens in the rear and no escape routes through their own minefield, 6th Company pulled back and dug in on Hill 776. Their retreat was so precipitous that they abandoned mess kits still full of food.10

Chechen fighters, laying down constant fire on 6th Company, received reinforcements as the main body arrived. The force encircled 6th Company and sent waves of fighters into the attack.11 By the end of the first day, 6th Company had suffered 31 dead—a 33 percent killed in action (KIA) rate.12 6th Company had barely survived three basic errors: failure to establish an all-around defense; failure to aggressively conduct reconnaisance of the enemy’s expected approach route, especially given the Chechen reputation for tactical skill, reconnaisance and working around the flanks; and failure to heed warnings about the Chechen force’s approach.13

For some reason, 6th Company did not anticipate with sufficient seriousness and energy the danger it had been assigned to forestall. It seems likely that weak command at the company level was compounded by a lack of timely supervision by the adjacent battalion headquarters.

Day 2, 1 March 2000

Early in the morning on Hill 1410, a reinforcement group of two VDV SPETSNAZ platoons, one Vympel SPETSNAZ group and two airborne companies departed on foot for the saddle. The group encountered several ambushes while traversing terrain as steep as 70 degrees. At approximately 0330, one VDV SPETSNAZ platoon broke through to Hill 787 but was forced to dig in because of stiff Chechen opposition.

The 1st Company was also sent to reinforce 6th Company. While attempting to cross the Abazolgul River northeast of Ulus-Kert, the unit encountered a Chechen ambush force of up to 60 men. Despite repeated attempts to fight through the Chechen ambush, the 1st Company was forced to dig in on the river’s bank. At 0300, during a brief lull, 2d Airborne Battalion deputy commander Major Aleksandr Dostovalov, with 4th Company’s third platoon, broke through to the encircled company. While relief forces were being held back by ambushes, waves of Chechen fighters continued to assault 6th Company on Hill 776.14 When Romanov’s legs were blown off by a mortar round, the battalion commander took over.

While some reports question the lack of artillery and combat air support, others indicate that both where present throughout the four-day engagement. In his report to defense minister Igor Sergeyev, Shpak states that 2d Airborne Battalion “was supported by a self-propelled artillery battalion of the 104th Parachute Regiment and by army aviation.”15 The presence of an artillery forward team with 6th Company, which included a battery commander, indicates that artillery support was at least adequate. While Shpak’s statement and other reports make it certain that VDV artillery was employed throughout the engagement, it is unclear how effective it was at reducing Chechen numbers. Also unanswered is whether additional artillery assets were employed to support 6th Company.

Press reports also cite use of “Grads”—122-millimeter BM-21 multiple-rocket launchers that VDV units do not have.16 Accounts of other engagements in the southern mountains show that the Russians employed available artillery from a number of units in coordination with army aviation helicopters. These accounts stress that artillery continued to fire when helicopters disappeared with daylight. Only one Russian helicopter in the Chechen theater had night capability. This supports Shpak’s statement that 6th Company received no aviation support at night. Helicopter support was further limited by foggy conditions during the fighting.17

The Chechens continued heavy attacks on Hill 776 from all directions throughout the early morning. Paratrooper officers showed an unhesitating willingness to sacrifice themselves, a trait the Germans had frequently noted in the grandfathers of the men on the hill. Dostovalov, already wounded, attacked a group of Chechens trying to carry off a wounded soldier and dispatched them with a grenade. Junior soldiers were equally valiant. After Private Aleksandr Lebedev ran out of ammunition, he threw himself and his last live grenade into a group of Chechens who had wanted him to surrender.

At approximately 0500, the Chechens breached 6th Company defenses. Cumulative casualties and odds of at least 10 to one were too much for the dwindling Russian force. As Chechens overran Hill 776, fighting became hand-to-hand, and Chechens began shooting wounded Russians. The already wounded battalion commander took over the radio from the wounded Romanov and called in artillery fire on his own position, shouting into the radio, “I call artillery on myself!”18 The Chechens suffered grievously from the artillery, and at 0610, communications with the battalion commander were lost.

As the second day of fighting closed, 6th Company counted another 26 paratroopers killed and many wounded. Counting the 31 men who had fallen the day before, 6th Company had suffered a KIA rate of almost two-thirds—57 out of 90 men.19 Chechen casualties also continued to mount. Repeated human-wave attacks are costly, especially when the defenders are supported by artillery and aviation.

The Chechens had been throwing themselves at Hill 776 to keep open a path for the rest of their force. This movement was interrupted by the arrival of the relief force from Hill 1410. Major Andrey Lobanov, commanding a 45th VDV Reconnaisance Regiment SPETSNAZ group, was with this force. He noted that hundreds of pack animals had already passed by. The Russians moved into the saddle and found 6th Company’s abandoned positions and soon encountered a large Chechen group. The Russians retreated to Hill 787 from which they could cover the saddle.

The Russians intercepted the Chechen commander’s desperate orders: “Do not engage in battle. Force your way forward.”20 With the remnants of 6th Company still holding out on Hill 776 and new Russian forces on neighboring Hill 787, the Chechen escape route was dangerously constricted. The Russians sent a reconnaissance platoon into the saddle to find a better position. Instead, it found an ambush by Arab volunteers, covering an attempt by the main Chechen convoy to escape. Having suffered five wounded, the Russians committed another company, hoping to stop the Chechen escape attempt.21

Day 3, 2 March 2000

Late in the morning, the 1st Company broke through Chechen forces and reached the battle area. However, it could not relieve 6th Company, which was still under close attack. One officer and 32 men were still alive. Deputy company commander Captain Roman Sokolov had arrived in Chechnya barely 13 days before. Wounded in the hand, he organized the survivors’ final defense. He placed the six most junior soldiers in the care of Sergeant Andrey Proshev and ordered them to escape. Then, as the Chechens pressed the attack, Sokolov called artillery fire down on his position as a desperate attempt to fend off the enemy. Another 16 paratroopers on Hill 776 were killed in the continuing fighting.22

(continued here)

The Saker notes: The closer to the frontlines, the better the officers. In this case, these are VDV officers, so while this is heroic for sure, this is also “normal” in the sense of “being the norm”. And, again, all this was taking place in a completely ruined and demoralized country. Can you imagine what these guys are capable of today, when they get all the training they need, all the men they need, all the support they need and, most importantly, the complete support of the Russian society? That was just one company, 100+ men. There are now 50’000+ of them.

Avid supporter of a fully recovered and effective Russian Federation, professional public media shredder, aircraft enthusiast, harsh critic of today's "scientific" community or its lack thereof, and also a gaming enthusiast of sorts.
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Much text in contained with this one profile page. Indeed, you sure deserve a badge.

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Tell me about it. -_-

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Did you watch UN General Assembly? Putin rocked better than I thought. I already supposed he'll drop a big diplomatic grenade, but he bested himself with this one. Even some US media ridiculed Obama. The same old story.

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OminousSpudd Creator
OminousSpudd Sep 29 2015 replied:

How diametrically opposite their speeches were at the UN was pretty amazing. Putin really didn't give the Western rags a chance to smear him in anything that he said. They have actually fallen to just outright personal attacks such as the NYT saying that the Obama team thinks Putin is a "thug" and The Times throwing a tantrum at his casual posture when he was talking with Bibi in Moscow (even though Bibi was doing the same). CBS had to censor Putin's interview of course, we can't have Americans knowing what he thinks about US activities in Syria.

And the icing on the cake is that the US has just lost Iraq to this new anti-ISIS coalition after they stated they will be sharing intel with Russia over ISIS. Of course, the US had to cut their intelligence ties with Iraq right there and then.

It's actually funny just how much of an *** whooping the US got at the UNGA. I wasn't prepared for how shallow Obama's speech was, I was kind of embarrassed for them. xD

Anyway, there I go again. Yes, the answer is yes. :P

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3rdShockArmy Sep 30 2015 replied:

Obamas' speech was so expectedly default. He was ranting. "The same rights and opportunities for everyone, blah blah blah", this would sound great if it didn't come from his mouth. If the US gov actualy behaved by these words, than it would be fine, but like this - it's absolutely disgusting. Although they say the IS is their prime enemy, it was completely clear from the speech that Assad is actually the target. We knew this ever since 2011, but this is the first time Obama admitted it in front of everyone. Anyway, nothing new. Western govs worked with terrorists ever since Russian intervention in Afghanistan in the 80s. And now they're using the US taxpayers money to finance Al-Nusra, Syrian "democratic" opposition and others. No wonder that Iraq is working with Russia, Iran and Syria. They know that what's waiting for them if IS wins is even worse than a possible American anger over the coalition with top US enemies.

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Well, lots has gone down in the last 24hrs, that's for sure!

MSM is going full retard trying to pin civvie casualties on Russian airstrikes, their main source seeming to be the Al-Nusra affiliated "White Helmets" or "Syrian Civil Defence", but we know better:

Just like Hollywood. Those White Hats are so sweet. Cheers to George Soros again for helping them poor terrorists make some good ol' propaganda.

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3rdShockArmy Online
3rdShockArmy Oct 1 2015 replied:

God, they really make me want to puke! "Evil" Russian tyrants and autocrats killing "innocent Syrian freedom fighters". Seriously, this is Afghanistan all over again. I wouldn't be surprised to see some Rambo 4-style movies popin' up from Hollywoods' ultrastylish and completely unbiased, avant-garde kitchen. The West has been intervening (invading to be exact) for like forever, and not a single word in MSM was said about how many civilians died. Now, Russians are really intervening (actually being called by a legitimate government of a sovereign country) to fight a real danger and in one day they already managed to kill so many civilians. And the US-led so-called "Anti-IS" coalition is bombing for quite some time. I don't remember seeing a single word about how many civilians they killed by now. Oh, how could I forgot! Democratic bombs don't kill civilians.

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OminousSpudd Sep 5 2015 says:

The debate below has been continued on the image titled West vs. East, it would be appreciated if those who wish to get involved do so on said image.

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Or, y'know, you could all just keep going on my main page. I like talking to myself anyway... ;_;

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