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TheRizzler @ Sergeant Kelly's Pack - July Update

SWEET. I commented on the last update about being unable to save weapon preset lists in the ballistic swapper, even if I name the preset and hit save, I can't immediately load it without wiping the list back to default. The list works when playing matches but quitting from the match resets the preset list to default again. Is this a bug or a long running problem? I'm using the steam version of UT2004

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TheRizzler @ [OUTDATED] Sergeant Kelly's Weapon Pack Version 9

Brilliant pack, favourite gun has to be the Bulldog assault cannon, way too badass
only problem with it is every time i add the weapons in the ballistic swapper menu (which takes ages) it works for when i play a series of matches, but as soon as i leave and play again, the swapper defaults back to use just the ballistic weapons. Even if i try and save the config, every time i swap back to the config i used to set these weapons on, it shows up on the menu as blank weapons for everything (i.e. no weapons from the right menu set to replace weapons from the left menu)
tl;dr my swap menu doesn't save my configurations
also apparently there's a surefire method where you add the weapons with an .ini file, if someone would be so kind as to contribute one/explain how

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TheRizzler @ Minecraft Alpha 1.0.16_01, Minecraft Server 0.1.2_01, and a new Launcher

I agree with Kizzy. You're an ignorant fool
This is ONE MAN'S work, don't winge about it, especially if you have no knowledge of coding or even games in general
Notch has done a ******* good job

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TheRizzler @ SMOD-DT "Project life"

'Real' Smod is finished. This guy saved it, and has provided a fix so that we can still play the game; i fail to see how you could misjudge this - He is TRYING TO HELP US. He's even started updating it with better features faster than the dev team did. If anything, you should be thankful.

Bear this in mind for the future; if you spell badly and use capitals frequently instead of arguing a clear point people will instantly assume you are a ******* idiot. Good day.

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TheRizzler @ Wake up, it’s time for the real nightmare to begin (RELEASED!)

Unbelievably awesome mod, pretty much the best i've played for Half life 2 EP2
I only have three minimal gripes about it though;
1. The SWAT team have no idea where Johnson is yet they assume he is KIA instead of MIA
2. At one point the SWAT team gets you to do the dirty work, why would they if you are just a civilian
3. Near the end the last SWAT guy exclaims "this way, i know the way!" except he doesn't, since he's never been in the hospital before

Needless complaints over, exceptional mod, the only point where i absolutely shat brix was where
you are trapped in the dark metal closing corridor and when you look up, the girl is floating directly above you
it took me a while to realise, but it was one of the most unexpected scares
hilarious voice acting (in a good way, with the scientist's puns) and an awesome damage system
congrats for finally releasing one of the best mods out there :]

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registered to say...
bring on the zombies

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