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Very Cool Idea For S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Mod (part 2).

TheR3MAK3R Blog

Now here comes another Info about the mod.

Main protagonist, and important characters or peoples of inrests In the new Zone's areas: Our protagonists Is member of loners sections of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.S. faction full members. He's going by the name of:

# Dimka ''Phantom'' (main protagonist, age 35).

1. Main Dimka's Story:

Dima Alexey Piotarovich, or by his nick name Phantom, 35 years old ex-military assaulter and middle level In the science class, In High School. Live and grow In the City of Chernigov, Ukraine. Enter military-school at the age of 20, but left It early of the 3rd year. After the disaster at Chernobyl NPP, 26 of April 1986y. Beggin to work for the miltaries first, at the border of the Zone, then few months later left for unknown reasons. And live as renagade and military deserter, as true loner, a phantom even, and for that he gets his nickname later In the Zone. Later that year he maked the first moves to the Cordon's Rookie Village, and met the group leader that goes by the name of Wolf (age 30 then). Wollf trained Dimka In his first steps In mutant and artefact hunting, right now, just for him to make some money, and buy food, drinks, weapons etc. to live some how In the harsh place, that Is the Zone.

2. Dimka ''Phantom'' first steps, In the inside of the big Zone:

Dimka learned some stuffs this far, after he experinced a little bit. He was takeing a part of his ever in-Zone's missions. The mission was maked frm the Loners to the new commers, to learn the dark side of the Zone too. The mission was simple, a liitle patroling journey arround the Great Swamps for allied the Clear Sky's troops to recnotroll the points, captured by the Renegades faction. The missions was a goal for the Clear Sky eventually, there's Dimka first met the leader of the faction Lebedev (age 40 then). He told him story, about one guy that they helped few weeks ago, and story from the depth's of the Zone. That In the main center of the north Zone, Is exists some kind of unknown technology going by the name of ''The Wish Granter'' kinda of rock object that could make some of your's biggest dreams to become true. They tell them have some doubts about, that being true.

3. Lebedev tells Dimka, about the stalker, who has the goal to reach, this object. And his hunter: Lebedev talks about some news, that some Loner and his S.T.A.L.K.E.R.S. has beggin they'r quest, to reach the center of the Zone, that Is the ChNPP.:

Dimka now knew's that a Loner by the name of Strelok (age 30) and his closest friends beggin the travel to the main Zone's areas. And that some Merc goes by the name of Scar (age 45), Is on they tracks. But In the same time helps Lebedev's faction about theyr missions concerning the massive emissions In the Zone. Because of the, those Loners go very deep In the Zone's hearth.

4. Dimka ''Phantom'' adventure allmost started:

Few weeks later, Dimka's waked up by some seious noises comming from the outside of the house he slepted the day before, after exhausted fight's with the last main group of Renegade faction soldiers still alive, for recover the Fishing Hamlet at the Great Swamps. Dimka heard the sounds and noises, and decide to go outside of the shack, to see what happend. The whole Clear Sky base was empy as hell, only few soldiers with main commander now Novikov (age 40) only left. Dimka then asked Novikov, after what he sees: - What happend, where's the group go, no sign of Lebedev, Kalancha or the other boys? - Dimka, of what far we know now, we know that Lebedev, Kalancha and most of our base soldiers. Organized expedition with the Merc Scar, after Strelok and his buddies. To, to the north, to the centre of the Zone. We don't even know If they survived the emissions, or If they are still alive, 10 month's passed from the start of the expedition for Strelok, and we still don't have any news or info, about Lebedev and the guys. As far as we don't know, we presume them lost or deceased. We don't want It, but what other thing to do...

5. Year Is 2012,Dimka knew by the stories of the guides arroud the Swamps, that the Swamps Isn't only loaction out there. Dimka decide to go on, and left the Swamps for good.:

Dimka now entered a new place, that's called only Cordon, he entered It from the west part. First thing he sees, Is the Miltaries barricades, and the guys are not that nice, for what he sees. They directly attack on-sight at him, eventually to kill him. Dimka started to run, even If he doesn't have any clue were to go, or to hide. This was whole new location to him, unexpectedly In his runs he caught, right at Loners patroling group of soldiers. He stopped and taked deep breath, as he sees that the Loners Isn't attacking him. The group leader presented he's self as Wolf. Dimka know sees that the Zone Isn't a very bad place sometimes. And thinks that, he can stay for awhile at the Cordon, Dimka learned from Wolf now, how to hunt, how to find artefacts. And how can he sell things, to buy new or to get some money. By meeting him with the big man here, Sidorovich (age 60 then). He wored for both of them, and feels good.

6. Year Is the late 2012. Dimka knew new things now:

After a big raid on mutants, Dimka's returning to see Wolf. And tell him what they've done. But when Dimka approaches the Rookie Village, he sees that Wolf Isn't any close to the base, or the camp, are he left or Is he on job. Dimka goes to see Sidorovich, and asked him where Wolf Is...

7. Year Is 2013. The news are spread In the whole Zone. STRELOK DISSABLED THE BRAIN SCORCHER!!!:

Dimka heard the news about the Zone's future, without the Brain Scorcher now. With the help and few succeed missions for Sidorovich and Fanat (age 35 then) the new camp leader at this time. He's set up, for going further In the Zone, to see what Is ouside of the Cordon.

8. Year Is 2014. Dimka reached the City Of Pripyat:

Now with the help from Loner guide named Garry (age 28 then). Dimka entered the holly land of the city, that he hear alot of stories for. Dimka goes In with the eyes watching straight to the sky. Dimka knews from a Loners stories, that someweare here he can find military checkpoint. That maybe he can get help for the entering In the ChNPP Zone, to find the questions he looking for, If some sort of Rock really even exists. Dimka was going forward on the main city street, when he suddenly heard, a lot of roars, from the right side of him. Dimka sees 4 Pseudo-Dogs sneak around him, he knew about this mutant puppies already, with his experience In hunting. That they will be attack at once, as soon as you turn your back on them. He turns, and one of dogs jumped In attack, but suddenly the one dog's roar deaf's by the emptying of rifle clip. Dimka sees the other dogs spread and run, and In back he sees bearded young man (around the age of 30, maybe) smiling and talk right at him.:

- Heh! Boy oh boy, damn puppies they are. Eh, maan!...

Dimka asked him who Is he, where he's come from. And are he's going somewere else. The Loner says that. he Is going by the name of Vano, and that he Is coming from the military checpoint, here In the city. And that he will left the city now, and return to his fellows, at the Military Wherehouses loacation. Dimka then asked the Loners, how he can reach the military checkpoint, easy and without any problems. Vano says that the checkpoin Isn't that far from this place. Vano says that the checkpoint Is a 50 meters, form they postitions right now. Dimak thanksed to Vano, wish him, a returning without problems. And goes to the militaries. 1 hour later Dimka reached the place, Is was not a small bulding. Suddenly he feelsed the cold barrel of a gun touched his back of the head, and 2 words from the guy's mouth.:

- Who are you! What do you want, what are you doing here?!

Dimka turns he's head back slowly, and sees the man, a very known soldier, that many peoples spoked for him. The alive legend, he sees Strelok, alive and true legend Is In the front of Dimka's face. Dimka can't believe what he now sees. Dimka calm Strelok and the soldiers. Dimka tell them, that he only want help from them, for reach the legendary Sarcofag, In the ChNPP, to see are anything about It Is true. Strelok then asked the 3 soldiers behind him, to left him with Dimka alone, for a chat, before going for the evacuation. Strelok tolds everything to Dimka ''Phantom'', everything about the real true of the Zone, about that the Wish Granter Is a full of lie, that anything Isn't the thing, that everybody knews about. That the Monolth soldiers Is faction full with psychos and fanatics, and they believe In something that Isn't anything, but a crazy Scientists experemental project, for flush of brains. And then Strelok leaves the place with a group of militaries, for evacuation. Dimka sit on one of the beds Inside of the building, and closed him self with only his thinks. He didn't believe In quite of what he heard. But thinks that Lebedev, back In the days, told him that he don't believe In any of the crap he heards by the Wish Granter too. And now Lebedev Is probably dead, around the someweare In the ChNPP area, Dimka thinks. That was too big goal for him and the Clear Sky soldiers, In search and destroy of some lie. After that Dimka, works for some quite of a time for the Militaries again. But decide to turn back were he belongs more, and helps to his fellow S.T.A.L.K.E.R.S. for some time at the Cordon areas, for about theyr problems with the Bandits, then.

9. (From here the mod's started) Year Is the begining of 2020, The Zone Is clear now. Zone now becomes the New Zone, and It Is open for traveling and entering:

Late at 22 of January, Dimka now Is Veteran, and he was returning from Rostok from bussines meeting with the Barkeep, for artefact selling. At the way to home, he dicide to goes not on the normal expedition road, he dicide to go thru the Dead City, to meet some old friends, and clear the road from mutants, If It Is needed for future travels. He entered the Dead City form the West, on the road he sees nothing but silence and dust. Dimka thoughts, that this Isn't normal for no body, to be here In this that time of the day, night Is far, and the Marauders gangs are killed or captured. No one can kill some of the soldiers here, they was huge group and they are not that weak. Dimka steped at the main road, the Lenin Boulevard, no one there too, just few bodies lying on the floor toward the canals, 2 meters In the front. Dimka decide to search the bodies for some stuffs. Dimka walked forward, to see the bodies closer. He get close, and sees the worst thing ever, the bodies was the bodies of his friends, he culdn't believe, In what he sees. Some of his friends are been killed and thrown here. In a distance on front of him, right In the canals, he sees a body that stills moveing. Dimka run toward the body, and sees his buddy Danya "Samii'' to stand there, allmost still alive. Dimka asked him, WHAT THE HELL'S HAPPEND here, Danya said that they was on morning patrol arround the city, when In the few blocks away they've been seeing a helicopter landing. But doesn't know what helicopter Is that, It wasn't a usual Ukraine military one. It was black, big and only have initials ''ISG'' from the the two sides. From the helicopter get out few guys, seemed to be a miltaries by they look, In armors with guns and etc. They was In greyish-greeny camo patterns, and one some kind of doctor or scientist was standing In the middle of them. They shout to one of our group there, telled him to come to them, maybe, beacuse he goes to him after this.:

- From what I and the guys with me seeing then, they asked him something, I don't really knew, because we was far, and cannot hear something. We was standing still, didn't wanting any problems with the Army. After that he told them something, and goes back... And the last thing we saw, was this peoples started a fire on him and his group, and killed them. After that, two trucks come out of the helicopter and 10 peoples with them too. For few minutes, they stretched barbed wire around the building where the've stand. And blocked the North parts of the city roads. - I hide here, and wait for some one to come, and help me. And here you are buddy, thank god, you came on time. I was thinking that, I will be dead man too soon, like the how the other guys was. Help me Dimka to get up, we have to left this location ASAP, and spread what we seeing here. To see what we can do about It...

10. 25 of January, 2020y. Dimka got he and he's body moving back:

Dimka's got his fellow, and start runing towards the south exit of the Dead City location, that goes thru the Lost Forrest straight to the Rostok area and lastly the Cordon. To tell the things they've seen there...

(From here the player/you, start you'r journey In the mod, back from Cordon. But In worst and danger places, that the New Zone can offer, In the 3rd journey of Dimka ''Phantom'' to the North!.)...


By: TheR3MAK3R (16.09.2015y.)

Very Cool Idea For S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Mod (part 1).

TheR3MAK3R Blog

So I have that, few days ago. I've gotten Ideas for awesome S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Mod, doesn't matter for Shadow Of Chernobyl or Call Of Pripyat. But me and my group TI Games, Isn't that experienced In the modding. So we cannot do this kind of a mod, yet.

The mod story Is kinda of this:

April 2020 New Zone borns:

The Zone that all we known, Isn't the same anymore. Strelok deafeat the Monolith threat, no more soldiers of this faction exists, the reactor and the C-C are shut down. The labs are no more that danger, all labs from X-Project (the project contains these labs X18,X16,X10,X16,X8,X17 under his wings). But here's comes the real deal now, the year Is 2020 after ISG Sciencetists and the ISG Troopers heard that the zone Is safe now. They beggin theyr expeditions In the Zone, for research of mutants and artefacts at It basics. They beggin with new tests In restart of some labs, beggin experiments, to see how the flora and the fauna of the Zone, exists an lives, eats an kills or helps. But this scares the most of the factions, In what will they see now as new mutants that slaughtering theyr brothers, and now the Sciencetists faction beggin to be №1 enemy, for the peoples and the live In the Zone.

New Zone, main power factions, by soldiers per factions:

#1 Duty faction (20% of the new Zone's teritory):

Duty faction beggin to grow very fast, many stalkers join them for the main goal to protect the Zone from mutant threat growing In the new Zone and ''Free For People New Zone'' wannabees. The Duty grow that much, so that the militaries left the Zone, and patroling and workind like Duty allies from the outside of It. So basiclly Duty became the only main military power In the Zone. Ukraine government now work for them, by sending them supplyes, food and weaponary, even vehicles like UAZ's and BTR's for protecting the main base of operations, In the new Zone. Theyr one and only leader now Is General Voronin (age 60) and the main supporter of them Is the Barkeep (age 50), at Rostok, location that Is big base now, Is spread till the borders of Lake Yantar, from one side and to the Military Wherehouses from the other side. Other Duty patroling locations Is the Lake Yantar, Dead City, Agroprom and the Great Swamps.

#2 Freedom faction (20% of the new Zone's teritory):

After a realy long break, Freedom faction beggins to grow fast too, as they'r main enemy's Duty grow. They need to free the zone from this communist laws and ideals for destroying the pure and healthy the Zone Is now. Stalkers join freedom very fast, because sees how the new Zone will be destroyed once again by the hands of law. And they only want the new Zone to be peacefull and cheerish place, that one day maybe will be so alive again. But with the Duty leaderships It will be only, very huge military camp. That no one can see It's miracles and specific nature, and live. Theyr one and only leader now Is Lukash (age 45) and the main supporter, the best marksmen that the new Zone can offers Max (age 35) at Areas arround Jupiter, Freedom main big base of operations, other Is the Military Wherehouses (with co-leader: Vano (age 30)). Other Freedom patroling locations Is the Dark Valley, Limanks and Radar.

#3 S.T.A.L.K.E.R.S. faction (15% of the new Zone's teritory):

Loners, now S.T.A.L.K.E.R.S. faction. Is big power too, after destroying most of the Bandits camps, groups and bases, loners beggin to grow. Now when the new Zone Is little not that dangerous like how It was back In the days, more peoples entering It leggaly by paying or illegally by not paying, thru the blown walls or by cuting the wire of the border. But this Is more danger than back In the days. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.S. beggin to grow by new members joining or ex-members of other factions joining too. Now the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.S. beggin to work and patroling on they'r own, no much help needing from other factions. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.S. working time by time with Freedom faction a little, but no more working or even talking with Duty guys so far.

Like what the leader of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.S. now Bes (age 40) says.: - Yeah, Freedom guys are cool, they don't go on our way, or we on theyr's. We sometimes even work with them. They are peacefull fellas, good guys, that If can help, they will help. - But thesse, ''army'' boys Duty, now they are the biiig deal In the new Zone. Doesn't want any help from us, they just looking from above of us. - Whatever, they forgot how helpfull we were back In the days. - And now what we've got, every base or camp cotrolling by them, Is now payment enter, because the don't want any loser to go thru. They don't care how experienced you are, you've have to pay. Reminds me about the Bandits barricades at the Garbage, back In 2011. - We don't hate Duty, neither they us. But we are good, by our own, with little help from here and there.

Main S.T.A.L.K.E.R.S. base of operations Is the Cordon cleared by the Bandit's scam, the main big base, other Is the Zaton Area (with co-leader: Beard (age 55)). Other S.T.A.L.K.E.R.S. patroling locations Is Darkscape, Duga-3, Dark Valley (shareing with Freedom guys), Garbage, Great Swamps (shareing with with 3 Duty patrols). And they are In search of other areas, that can make a job.

#4 The Mercenary faction (10% of the new Zone's teritory):

Once again, Mercs can't look from the sideways. And beggin entering the new Zone too, they beggin they conquest and missions once again. In a search of laboratory documents, artefacts, killing spree or working for big peoples. But these time they are working more experienced, like not beeing so direct and making enemyes, they try to stay In theyr neutrality for long, as much as possible for them to do It. Now they have one and only ground commander who's working for more big one's from the outside, the commander Is Hog (age 40) and Is one of the closest friends of unexplayned dessapeared Merc called only Scar (probably deceased, no data provided). Hog Is a man of honor, so he doesn't put his soldiers In risk of certain death. He work tactically, and not loud, so he almost don't have many enemyes, only 2 groups of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.S. arround Darkscape, he stay neutral In most of the cases. Merc's big target now, In the new Zone Is the Chernobyl NPP, and the documets considering It, to get them the big cash. But theyr main problem now Is, the ISG and ISG Troopers, that hold most of Pripyat and the ChNPP teritory, for testing and experimenting.

#5 ISG and ISG Troopers faction (5% of the new Zone's teritory):

This faction entered the new Zone at the begining of year 2019, after the Zone was calmed down once and for all by Strelok and his dear fellows Major Degtyarev and the Doc In Summer of 2016. The factions knew that, the new Zone Is safe from now on, but the life In It, Is the same. Mutants are still there and the anomalies too. They decide to go there for several testings after the release from the Blowout storms. The tests go well, the nature Is still Ok, but they decide to make one step further by testing live forms like the Mutants. With new born experiments using different species and severel mutated plants, In one big experiment that called "2nd Step - Species (2S-S)", who's payed by few governments. And they almost done It, but something goes wrong and 1st 20 tests was few failed subjects. They've been left for further cover, but the subjects beggins to behave aggressively towards any human form. One day 15 of the subjects broked they cages, and attack the Scientists. ISG Troopers beggin to proceed, to the code-red emergency, and block the entire ChNPP, stop all of they'r connection to the government, to cover the failure. And stop anyone to spread the news about the failed experiments, and beggin the military readiness for action. The ISG Sciencetists need to find any easyest solution to fixing the problems, and left or beggin with the normal tests again. While ISG Troopers are instructed to shoot on sight, any personel that Is not from ISG or theyr Trooper.

#6 Marauders faction (3% of the new Zone's teritory):

The faction contains little group of gangs till 10 persons per location, from the Bandits, Renegades that only left to live, not killed or trying to hide from the big factions now. They are not that powerfull, how they was back In the days. Because now S.T.A.L.K.E.R.S. are very huge and populated faction, and those marauders that left are not that strong, but still make some moves. And sometimes they, somehow even succseed some of theyr strikes against little group of 3-6 S.T.A.L.K.E.R.S. But not like In the past times.

#7 Army/Military Stalkers faction (2% of the new Zone's teritory):

Some military personel are still In the new Zone's area left. Few groups are still there, main reason for them Is basiclly that, they have nowhere to return In the Ukraine. Either they've lost they'r familyes or wifes. Either they don't have anything special out there to live for. And those few groups or camps, chose to stay and live In the new Zone's inner borders. They are mostly helping and hang out with Duty faction patrols. Or stays In group or little camps In squad of 5-8 soldiers, they don't have any high ranked field commanders, because most of theyr St. Sergeants, Captains or even Colonels are joining Duty faction so far now. The biggest rank In this groups, are mostly 1 or 2 Sergeants per three of the squads.

#8 Other 25% of the new Zone's teritory, belongs to the Mutants, Anomalies and Artefacts...


By: TheR3MAK3R (15.09.2015y.)

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