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Missing a save feature, but so much fun. The game is one of the most immersive I've played in a long time. It can be challenging if you just run, but if you take your time and plan your moves you'll have success.


miniFlake Alpha

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The menu screen runs super slow. Didn't grab me at all.


NEO Scavenger

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NEO Scavenger is a fun survival and scavenging game. It can be very difficult but a mildly successful playthrough is incredibly satisfying. I've started maybe ten games and have been enjoying it greatly. A little more tweaking and we'll have a hell of a game on our hands here.

That said, the alpha version has some issues however. I find the inventory management tedious. It's very hard to put things into bags and take them out. There needs to be a way to easily empty a container. Takings pills out of bottles over and over again gets old.

Combat can be insanely difficult. The only thing rare than a gun is a bullet. Even a character with strong, tough, melee combat and a cleaver only has a small chance of taking down an unarmed looter. There is no indication of how strong weapons are. I have a hard time judging whether what I should be arming myself with. If you do manage to flee your combat cuts often lead to infection even with some anti-biotics and immediate bandaging. This infection will kill you. I have never survived one, even as a medic with a stockpile of food, clean water, bandages, anti-biotics and a heated, sheltered camp... apparently you need to wash the wounds. This wasn't obvious to me since there is no indication that they are dirty.


Azzura Avventura

Game review

Pax Regalia - Triage

Game review

The idea behind this game is solid, but the execution is not. I found the learning curve to be very difficult and the interface to be designed for mobile devices not PC.



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Poor controls, nothing scary outside of the odd ambiance and it seems like it requires multiple playthroughs since the first ending is nothing.

To me those are enough to turn me off of this game after one play through.



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Project Zomboid

Early access game review


Game review

Qasir Al-Wasat: A Night in-Between

Game review - 6 agree

Very cool stealth adventure game. The mechanics are straight forward and the story and setting are enticing.

You play as an invisible, fragile, summoned demon that is contracted to kill 3 men. As you hunt your prey you must avoid guards and traps. You can kill the guards but doing so can cause you to get blood on you that other guards can see.

There are also puzzles to solve, secrets to find and mysteries to unveil. All in all it's an excellent game even with the very few rough edges the current pre-order beta contains.

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