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theM3nace Aug 11 2011, 12:25pm says:

I kinda like the current one better. I like his proportions. Maybe the face is a tad too numb but the proportions are neat and fits the world very well.

+1 vote   media: Character Concepts 1 and 2
theM3nace Aug 9 2011, 3:19am says:

Looks pretty.

+1 vote   media: Main Shot
theM3nace Aug 6 2011, 4:28pm replied:

It's the bees' knees!

+1 vote   media: multi-purpose head
theM3nace Aug 3 2011, 9:38am replied:

It's more of a red-orchestra inspired game I'd say.

+1 vote   news: Open Beta 1.6 Released!
theM3nace Aug 1 2011, 6:23am says:

Wow, dumbest thing they could do.
Goodbye diablo III

+12 votes   news: Diablo 3 not supporting mods
theM3nace Aug 1 2011, 5:10am says:

Ugh, I'm having problems too. First time I've ever had problems with installing a mod.
It just can't find any servers whatsoever. I installed it with the full installer.

+1 vote   news: Open Beta 1.6 Released!
theM3nace Jul 30 2011, 5:35am replied:

It's actually quite a damn long way.

+2 votes   media: Shijia Valley Map
theM3nace Jul 27 2011, 2:57pm replied:

There will be now!

+2 votes   media: RnL 1.6 Featues - A Preview
theM3nace Jul 27 2011, 1:57pm says:

Oh yes. I love this mod, probably the most immersive experience I've had. Really, really great teamwork is possible.
And it really is a very beautiful mod, as the dude said, the fields and the nature is done really well.
And the freeaiming... God I love the free aiming, you never see people going pray-n-spray at mid-long range, and... WELL GOD DAMN I JUST LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT

Not sure about the ability to pick up enemy weps though, I liked the pressure it caused that you had limited ammo and had to be careful on how you spend it.

+3 votes   media: RnL 1.6 Featues - A Preview
theM3nace Jul 26 2011, 4:39am says:

You're sure you don't need to breath some more? :P
Great changelog, can't wait to dive in.

+3 votes   news: NS2 Build 181 released
theM3nace Jul 24 2011, 4:48am says:


+3 votes   news: D-Day Approches
theM3nace Jul 22 2011, 7:57am says:

I kinda liked the focus on puzzles. The only thing it needed was maybe surface restriction so you could only form some of the surfaces and needed to solve puzzles with those.
Much like the way portal restricts you to only some surfaces.

+1 vote   news: The level editor
theM3nace Jul 17 2011, 4:25pm replied:

When he said "timedrain" I think he was thinking of development time and not the span of the game itself.

+1 vote   news: Choosing a path
theM3nace Jul 7 2011, 9:01am says:

Could be cool if it was in a bar.

+6 votes   media: Brawl, a melee only arena.
theM3nace Jul 7 2011, 6:04am replied:

Actually it works really really well in "Resistance and Liberation" and "red orchestra". It is for sure something I'd do in combat myself. You need to remember that you don't always calibrate your aims the second you look at your target - it's more of a "point gun at target, fire if he's seen you or calibrate your aims if he hasn't" thing, that is in fact quite realistic.
+making it a selectable feature wouldn't be good for the multiplayer balance.

+2 votes   media: HUD In-Action Concept Animation
theM3nace Jul 3 2011, 6:10am says:

Woah. That looks fun.

+1 vote   news: 4 Player Splitscreen, Aim Assist, Fan page (but no Steam).
theM3nace Jun 28 2011, 7:10am says:

I love these top-down shooters, great potential for tactics and teamwork. The one thing that bugs me though is that I suck at aiming (T-T)

+1 vote   news: Huge Progress Update
theM3nace Jun 27 2011, 5:02am says:

Nice hoodoos =D

0 votes   media: Picture of the Week June 26, 2011
theM3nace Jun 22 2011, 11:25am says:

Looking god.

+3 votes   news: Mystery Box & Raygun (+News)
theM3nace Jun 22 2011, 7:02am says:

Kickmonlee! **** yeah, my mom made me a full kickmonlee costume when I was 7, that pokemon remains a favourite!

+2 votes   news: Update #3
theM3nace Jun 20 2011, 10:18am says:

URghrubl Get orff muy faifff!

+2 votes   media: victrebell
theM3nace Jun 18 2011, 12:22pm replied:

I get the superiority point and I take it, however that's only because you're doing the exact same when replying to my post. Yes, there is one thing we all love and that's the sense of superiority, can't get enough of it. Every action we ever take is to heighten ourselves to others, so I'd say you're the pot calling the kettle black.
But I don't accept your point that contributing nothing to the modding community should give you any less authority to try and help the community with some god damn proper punctuation. I wasn't demanding that he started using proper punctuation, I was merely pointing out how it can in fact help us all and that requesting it (while it may seem pretentious) isn't that childish. The manner in which LordZ did it was indeed though.
And I am ready to set aside that Fragon probably hasn't got english as his first language, I was merely pointing out that correct grammar and the request of it is in no way childish, only the way in which it was done. And please, do drop the authority argument, it's childish ;P

0 votes   news: User made maps
theM3nace Jun 18 2011, 6:42am replied:

He sounds like he's pooping really really hard ಠ_ಠ
Anyways it's a nice effect.

+22 votes   media: Camera movement/blur during reload
theM3nace Jun 17 2011, 4:33pm replied:

Nah, I'd like it to be like this. No ambient occlusion, no high-poly, no nothing. I like honest renders above eye-candy.

+2 votes   media: golbat
theM3nace Jun 17 2011, 4:32pm says:

Mr. Mime always creeped the **** out of me... Yup, he still does!

+2 votes   media: mr. mime
theM3nace Jun 17 2011, 4:30pm replied:

Actually it's not terribly childish, to ask for some proper punctuation. It makes it far easier for everyone to read, not just 2nd graders mind you. To be honest it was quite a confusing vichyssoise of verbiage and I had to read it word by word in order to understand it.
You see, normally a good reader can read up to two sentences at once, by giving it a quick glance, proper punctuation enables them to do that.
How horribly ironic it'll be, when someone goes over my post here to incite proper punctuation, but at least I made an effort.
Good luck next time :)

+1 vote   news: User made maps
theM3nace Jun 17 2011, 9:34am says:

Smooth animations. I'm diggin' it.

+2 votes   news: IDF:FFI Exclusive MODDB Update (16-May-2011)
theM3nace Jun 17 2011, 9:32am replied:

It's "their" not "there". "There" is used to focus attention on something whereas "their" is used to state a sense of belonging to someone.
I also find it terrifically ironic that you state that JTS12's question is stupid and then yourself, follow up the statement with an equally lame question.

+1 vote   news: IDF:FFI Exclusive MODDB Update (16-May-2011)
theM3nace Jun 17 2011, 8:56am replied:

Are you for real? Seriously, try checking out the mod instead of asking straight away like a complete idiot.

+5 votes   news: IDF:FFI Exclusive MODDB Update (16-May-2011)
theM3nace Jun 13 2011, 10:24am says:

Is it just me or does it look like that bread is about to turn to the dark side?

+30 votes   media: Unexpected obstacles
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