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0 comments by TheLastSilmaril on Jun 4th, 2014

Me and a few of my friends were wanting to get into modding for BFME 2 ROTWK, the only problem being we have ZERO experience with modding. But hey, gotta start somewhere right? Anyway I was hoping to get into the 3D modeling and texturing aspect of it all so I've gotten Final.BIG, Gmax, RenX, w3d Importer and w3dviewer. I did a few things with RenX like editing some of the BFME 2 models, but Im still miles away form grasping a good concept of it all, to put things in short I need help and Im jus tputting this out here to see if anyone would be willing to help me learn these things.

Report abuse Beast Race Mods for Skyrim

0 comments by TheLastSilmaril on Nov 24th, 2013

I'm not sure about the rest of you, but it seems that Skyrim's beast races could have been handled a little better by Bethesda. I enjoy playing beast races and having them as companions, but the more I play the more I notice things that could have been fixed. I've recently gotten back into it and with I have been trying to find some good mods for beast races. So far I've gotten some of the more known ones like Argonian Raptor Feet, but what I would like in particular is a mod that makes a set of armor specifically for beast races, made from completely new models and textures with a helmet that looks badass and fits naturally for Argonians and Khajiits. So far in Vanilla Skyrim, the Daedric helmet seems to be the only one that fits to the shape of an Argonian head, I'd like to see more open and closed face helmets similar to this. If you know of any armors like this for Argonians and Khajiits please link them. I know there aren't many mods for Argonians, which is kind of ironic since Argonians are one of the most played races in Skyrim, but I appreciate any help you guys give.

Report abuse Moddb acting up

5 comments by TheLastSilmaril on Dec 13th, 2012

For some reason Moddb keeps signing me out of my accout at random, but very frequent times. I have it sett so thta my browser remembers my password and so that I log into the sight automatically but for some reason I still get signed out randomly. Does anyone have a clue what might be wrong or if the same thing is happening to them?

Report abuse Douche Bag Mod Devs

3 comments by TheLastSilmaril on Aug 24th, 2012

It seems that a spreading epidemic here on Moddb is the constant amount of Mod Developers feeling the need to promote their own website here. Most of these web sites are poorly made, hard to navigate and they all look the same. When MDs do this, they will also cut off all forms of technical support for their mod on Moddb. If you were to ask about a bug problem you had in their mod, you're comment would get deleted and they would tell you to go to their website to ask about this instead. This is an attempt to traffic more people from Moddb to their own website. i don't know about anyone else but I find this extremely annoying and unnecessary. I'm not sure why Moddb does not regulate this sort of thing, but I honestly think they should start.

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