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TheGreenFairy Jun 12 2012 says:

Hi there!
I have a problem running this game and I have no idea what might cause it and how to fix this... First, the videos make the game crash (with the obligatory "Drains.exe has encountered a problem and stopped" stuff). Figured I'd watch the intros from the .ogg files instead and then remove them and try running the game. Much to my surprise, it worked. However, now it seems like whenever the game loads, all I can see is a huge grey screen with the HUD elements and the occasional messages and menus that appear. I noticed that the engine loads fine, and for a bleak second the game is "visible", but then it gets that grey overlay and I can't see anything... This doesn't happen in the menu, in which I can see the boat just fne, with all the world around it. I tried tweaking the video settings around and it didn't help.

Is there any known fix for this? I googled this problem but it didn't show any results for it (nor for the Torque engine in general). Or could it be a problem that I use an old PC? I have a GeForce 6600 series graphics card... but the game loaded just fine, it's the "greyness" only that makes it unplayable; hell, it didn't even lag on some lower settings. Any help would be appreciated; this game looks really intriguing and I'd love to play it.

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