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TheGreekDollmaker Jul 18 2013, 5:51pm says:

Eh, why is it called the MP44 when it clearly is an MP40?

+1 vote   media: Weapon SET-render - MP44 W/ Dem-dual Dhot - S/MG
TheGreekDollmaker Aug 25 2012, 8:02pm says:

I thought it was pretty good but I expected it to be better then this. Its not a disappointment, but there are a few things you could have fixed. I didn't particularly like the map's dirty look. It reminds me of Cry of Fear (not that this is a bad thing) but whereas that game had a dirty look because it was on the Half life 1 engine and it was trying to hide its shortcomings, this is a half life 2 mod. Some of the textures look like they were from a half life 1 mod actually. The clean parts on the other hand looked amazing, and outside of the dirty look, the mapping is top notch.

Another thing is the combat. I went through out the normal run getting my *** kicked and wasting ammo because I didn't know to melee. Then I learned how to melee by trial and error and it turned out to be so easy, I finished hardcore mode with 40 pistol bullets at least 14 shotgun bullets and two full clips for the Uzi.

The story is another deal. I went throughout the whole game not knowing what in the bloody hell was supposed to be going on other then **** was going down and I was crazy. I reached the normal mode's ending and it felt like the game pulled a fast one on me. I went through hardcore mode, and while I think its a perfect example of how you should make a harder difficulty mode, the ending was just an info dump. I didn't particularly like the use of cutscenes, not because "itz rip off crai of feayr" but because it interrupted the flow a few times. I don't know if Cry of Fear does this, I just downloaded to play it for the first time, but if it does it there too, its guilty as well.

As already mentioned, the hospital code puzzle was way too obscure, but I also had a problem in the Hardcore's mode Repair shop where you have to find the unwelder and use it to open the way. I spent about 10 minutes trying to find it, and I almost gave up until I found it on the ground.


+12 votes   mod: Grey
TheGreekDollmaker Sep 17 2011, 5:19am says:

Reminds me of I am Legend the book.Nice story.

+1 vote   feature: Short Story Competition Winner - Herr_Alien
TheGreekDollmaker Aug 14 2011, 2:50pm says:

Learn from color thoery, you cant just mash the colors like that and expect it to be pleasable to the eye.

Other than that, the mix between bug features with a humanoid shape doesnt really work.Plus that glow makes it look badddddddddd.

+1 vote   media: Combine Soldier WIP
TheGreekDollmaker Aug 4 2011, 9:21pm replied:

We need to go deeper.

+2 votes   media: First Picture of AS:S
TheGreekDollmaker Jun 16 2011, 3:09pm replied:

Actually if you squint really hard you can see him hiding somewhere.


+1 vote   news: Sleeping with the Fishes...
TheGreekDollmaker Jun 16 2011, 10:47am replied:

I never liked saying that "Its just place holder" or "Im waiting for new textures" but this is quite the case.

I had only a few custom textures, so i had too use whatever i could.

As for the space i dont think its that wide and i dont think people will mind that much.

+1 vote   mod: The Fifties
TheGreekDollmaker Jun 15 2011, 5:29am says:


+3 votes   media: All Glory to the Hypnomickey
TheGreekDollmaker Jun 1 2011, 1:04am says:

Yeah the wood texture looks bad in this image.It isnt shiny like the metal so that gives it away pretty quickly.

Cant wait too see it fully completed through...

+1 vote   media: M50 Reising New WIP
TheGreekDollmaker Mar 11 2011, 4:22pm says:

Spoilers:He dies, and becomes a zombie

+8 votes   media: Contagion - Police Chief Nick Wallpapers
TheGreekDollmaker Mar 11 2011, 4:22pm says:

Spoilers:He dies, and becomes a zombie.

+2 votes   media: Contagion - Zombie Police Chief Nick Sculpting
TheGreekDollmaker Feb 23 2011, 1:17pm says:


+1 vote   media: OF2 - A friendly little snake :D
TheGreekDollmaker Feb 19 2011, 12:12pm replied:

I dont think the Opposing Force 2 Guys have that free time to help us.

Their mod is better than us and they have been working their ***** off to achieve that.Just asking for the help is too much.

+1 vote   mod: The Fourth Reich
TheGreekDollmaker Feb 18 2011, 4:05pm replied:

Thanks for the critique through this was an early scetch.

I posted it because later im gona improove it and color it.I want people to see the evolution of the image.

+1 vote   media: Very small snippet of concept art.
TheGreekDollmaker Feb 18 2011, 2:43pm says:

NOTE:Ok i get it i made a mistake in the image.Il try tocome up with a better flag next time.

Im saying this so the next 10 people dont try to remind me that.

+3 votes   media: The Fourth Reich Wallpaper.
TheGreekDollmaker Feb 18 2011, 6:15am replied:

Holy **** are you god?

That was pretty spot on.I did have some ideas of starting my own mod really but i dont want too abandon this.

On the very least i am gona work as hard as i can.The expiriance i and the others learned from this mod is valueable and i wont be really that dissappointed if we really do actually make another mod.

It will be the next step for us.Things evovle after some time.

On the other hand we dont have currently any plans to do that so im not really that worried.We are workin slowly because of school and IRL stuff but we are not gona give up so easily.

+1 vote   news: Slow progess
TheGreekDollmaker Feb 12 2011, 3:47am says:

Hello people,look at your screen,now back at your screen, now back to mine.Sadly it isnt mine.But if you stopped working on your stupid little mod it would look like mine.

Look down back up,what do you see.I have is a menu font that is green, look again, the font is now pixelated.Everything is possible when you have me as your menu designer i am on the source code.

0 votes   media: The most boring thing you will see today
TheGreekDollmaker Feb 7 2011, 9:38am says:

ITs pretty good but i would reccomend changing the fog color too someting else.It looks ugly here.

+2 votes   media: Iov_Chenonceau map WIP
TheGreekDollmaker Jan 22 2011, 2:09am says:


+3 votes   media: Norman
TheGreekDollmaker Dec 13 2010, 5:10pm replied:

Actually they did...In the german versions.

I think that we are gona get some NeoNazi Bastard playing our mod but i do not fear because i will weild the banhammer.

0 votes   mod: The Fourth Reich
TheGreekDollmaker Dec 13 2010, 12:56pm says:

''Jessica gets a face lift''

Thats what sheeee said. :3

-1 votes   news: ZPS - Last chance to vote!
TheGreekDollmaker Dec 13 2010, 12:55pm says:

Nick looks like Sullivan from the Uncharted Series which in turn looks like Sean Connery.

Pretty ******* great otherwise.

+1 vote   news: Contagion - Revealing a bit more for this years IOTY
TheGreekDollmaker Dec 11 2010, 6:24pm replied:

Theres an obvious difference between critisising and trolling.

I even said that where have been people insulting me for the sake of annoying me.

+2 votes   media: Character Concepts Draft 2.
TheGreekDollmaker Dec 9 2010, 12:13pm replied:

UkDevs weapons in my opinion are well made but i dont think they may feel unique on their own right.They look cool and are well made but in game they might feel poor or not like real guns.

I,on the other hand,think that i have done a great Disservice with my concept art.I dont know if its because im lazy or because we dont have a Modeller to make concepts exclusivly for modeling but im better than this.

The new Draft concept art is just the start.Once i choose which ones too keep i will try to improve them as much as i can.


+1 vote   mod: The Fourth Reich
TheGreekDollmaker Dec 9 2010, 12:09pm replied:

I understand your point Maggot4ever through it really comes of as personal opinion.

As long as the models themselfs arent poorly made i think we are on the right track.UkGameDev has been working hard on those models so its definitly gona be hard to change some of them.

Really what we should do is make them feel more like real guns when we program them.They should feel like your shotting something and each one should be unique on its own right.

I will discuss this with UKGameDev.
Thanks for the comment.

+1 vote   mod: The Fourth Reich
TheGreekDollmaker Dec 9 2010, 12:03pm replied:

I did them like that on purpose (Also i have been scetching a lot of dolls yeah that too.

This is a draft for some early concept art and in no really way is the final result.This is why i will scetch better stuff for the mod after i come with agreement with MadMonkey and the rest of the members.


+1 vote   media: Character Concepts Draft 2.
TheGreekDollmaker Dec 9 2010, 12:00pm replied:

"The Worst thing you can do to an artist is too tell that their work is perfect when its not"
Ben ''Yattzee'' Crowhawk of Zero Punctuation.

Trust me they are paying respect for even critisizing my artwork.I had people tell me all sorts of stuff that arent true about my artwork.I had people try to troll me to irriate me by saying insulting stuff about me.

These guys are paying the highest respect any artist can achieve.To actually be regognised and to try to give tips on how to improove, even if they are wrong.

On the other hand i would say that this was intentional, that i made them like that on purpose and not because im just of with perpotions.

Thank you guys for even caring.
Its really the best thing you could do for me.


+5 votes   media: Character Concepts Draft 2.
TheGreekDollmaker Dec 8 2010, 3:44pm replied:

Rebel German Soldier thats why.

This is a draft.Nothing is finished.I just throught it would be comical to add to that guys head a pot, as in he is so desperate he will put anything in his head to protect him self.

+1 vote   media: Character Concepts Draft 2.
TheGreekDollmaker Dec 8 2010, 11:02am replied:

As i said in the description this is just a draft for more advanced concept art.

I made the short and fat for the hell of it and because they look chibi'ed a little.

I go back to HARDCORE REALISMS!1!!! Once i start making more concepts for modeling.

+2 votes   media: Character Concepts Draft.
TheGreekDollmaker Dec 3 2010, 5:31pm says:

Dont forget the awesome maps rubberpigeon.

+4 votes   media: The Fourth Reich Menu Music
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