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0 comments by God-EmperorOfMankind on Jul 9th, 2014

Chaos; the very fabric of life itself. It's ignorant and blinded followers abuse it for their own desires, but for what? Chaos itself has the vision of it being superior to all forms of life yet it has no true existence. We all as people live among it but it poses no threat since we do not expect it. Chaos holds truth but to what extent? Could it be the thought of it destroying all of us? Or could it too meet it's own similar fate in the end? No one exactly hold the complete fact about Chaos. To our knowledge, it is what we call disorder and the throwing of order off balance. However, how do we know that is what it's only purpose and role in this life? As I, the Emperor of Mankind have been told by followers of Chaos that I am blinding my own followers and abusing them, but is this true? No. And if so, would Chaos do the same thing to itself? Blinded by what is happening to it. The fact that it is so weak that is is being used a pawn and possessed as a tool for wrongdoing. What is Chaos for? It is said that Chaos was never created and that it was always here. And without it, we would not be here. Chaos shows itself in different shapes and forms in life and is comprised of five different parts: Khorne deals with war, carnage, bloodshed, murder, all aspects of life, Tzeentch, second most powerful, represents schemes, change, time change, evolution, again all aspects of life, things are changing and evolving constantly, schemes are being made to bring others down constantly, the third most powerful Nurgle, represents death, destruction, plague, even rebirth, because virus' and plagues need to be born to infect, all those things are apart of life, and lastly but certainly not least, Slaanesh, he is lord of sexuality, lust, desire, excess, seductivness, all apart of life, races and pro creation would not exist without sex, life is chaos, chaos is life, it's all truth, it's all apart of life, it always will be. But even all of this will one day meet it's end. One day, Earth and even all humans could die out before Chaos does, but everything will fade away. Nothing lasts forever. Nothing is infinite. Death may serve some well better than others. It is nothing to fear or to be afraid of. Most people have lived long enough to embrace and deal with it. All of this is just what several people have considered a fear. But in vane, Death and Chaos are just walking shadows, poor players that fret and struts their hour upon the stage and are heard of no more. They are tales told by a fool and in the end, they signify nothing. In short, life is full of illusions. Death and Chaos are the main ones because of certain people taking it the frightening way. I for one do not care. I fear nothing and therefor, I rest my case.

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