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TheFrog4u Jun 25 2012, 6:47pm says:

hmm.. don't know.. i would never use a sculpting program like zbrush for non-organic shapes like amor - it always look so.. smooth. You just can't get the sharp edges right. but retopo and good textres can make a big step forward here. Besides that its quite good, although the desing isn't that new and exiting.

+1 vote   media: Soldier_Model_WIP1
TheFrog4u Nov 30 2011, 4:01pm says:

Very intering and well written. Nice tricks, also.. even for one beeing not a newbie

+1 vote   article: Creating Next Gen Art
TheFrog4u Dec 23 2010, 11:43am says:

realy cool!

+1 vote   article: Interstellar Marines Log Entry 014
TheFrog4u Nov 19 2008, 6:39am says:

good model, great texture.. small critics: hands could be a bit bigger and forearm is lightly too thin.

+2 votes   article: Eternal Silence: Some News
TheFrog4u Oct 31 2006, 9:33am says:

wow, cool!!!

+1 vote   article: Mod News Roundup #2
TheFrog4u Sep 26 2006, 10:29am says:

yeah standalone.. jihaaa!

+1 vote   article: The decorators are in !!!
TheFrog4u Jul 9 2006, 8:43am says:

"Uhm you DO know that Unreal 3 engine can take A HELL OF A LOT more polygons then that low-poly head? Unless your going to make a high-poly normal map but you can crank up0 the poly count on that dude by a few hondred... No actually, a few thousand..."


Unreal Engine 3 models don?t have that much more polys than this one posted above (which is realy good -the model!)
just compare:
and orginal ut2003 model:

what makes the ut07 models so detailed is a normal-map generated from a high-poly (after that the high-poly-model i not used any more)
I think for a mod-team this is hell too much work. Generating a normal-map with z-brush for example does quite a good job and saves time.. I don?t think that mod teams will reach the level of nex-gen graphics. Not cause its to difficult, but its to much work. To reach the main-game standart as hobby-developer with the hl1 engine you could make a mod within 1 year. With hl2 it takes min 2.. nex-gen like ut2007 will take 3-4 -so they will be outdated if they put to much effort into it. Better concentrate on good quality (not extreme quality) models and exelent gameplay.. And the work posted above is realy great work compared to up2date standarts.. and will be quite good when it gets released..

+1 vote   article: Updates and Undead
TheFrog4u Feb 3 2006, 6:35pm says:

they´ve done some modling as far as i´ve seen from their hp.. but without a coder most mods die :(

+1 vote   article: Orion Wing
TheFrog4u Jan 30 2006, 7:26pm says:

the playermodel is quite.. wired.. seems this model was never made for a game but someone has made it for practicing to model humans.. and the story "he´s just wake up.." seems to be written for this playermodel and not that the model was made based on this "story"..hmm.. textuing is nice, but propotions seems to be a bit off.. the head is too big for example and as mentioned above eyes ar to bright and big..
Furthermore i´m not sure about the polycount. body and all seams to be ok, but the muscles on the arms and his head are soooo round.. lookes turbosmoothed just for the render -is it? I would recomend to not release it smoothed, so people could judge better how it will look inagme.

no offence, just what I think.. please corect me, if i´m wrong.

+1 vote   article: Over-Run Media Release 1.
TheFrog4u Dec 24 2005, 10:48am says:

great media release! looking professional!

+1 vote   article: Its a D.E.A.D Christmas!! Happy Holidays!
TheFrog4u Sep 1 2005, 12:41pm says:

Indeed, very good models (esspecialy the hands)!

+1 vote   article: D.E.A.D August Media
TheFrog4u Jan 28 2006, 5:31pm says:

awesome work!

+1 vote   article: Die You Zombie Bastards!!!
TheFrog4u Jan 28 2006, 7:55am says:

love it!

+1 vote   article: Delicious Plunder-screens
TheFrog4u May 21 2006, 11:36am says:

haha.. i love it

+1 vote   article: New Goldeneye Source media
TheFrog4u Jan 24 2006, 5:16pm says:

like it! something different..

+1 vote   article: Playtest Media Release!
TheFrog4u Jan 19 2006, 9:20am says:

looks brilliant

+1 vote   article: PVKII Update
TheFrog4u Dec 6 2005, 7:10am says:

wow, i love the render-desinge!!.. ah, models r great, too -of course! ;)

+1 vote   article: Update on M151A2 and BTR60!
TheFrog4u Nov 24 2005, 1:13pm says:

thats hot dudes!

+1 vote   article: Happy Thanksgiving from RnL
TheFrog4u Nov 17 2005, 6:31pm says:

wow.. one word: great! (especialy texturewise)

+1 vote   article: Goblin fighter model
TheFrog4u Nov 17 2005, 6:27pm says:

love it -haha

+1 vote   article: BF:A Releases Skeleton/Blood Mini-Mod
TheFrog4u Oct 13 2005, 8:06am says:

great update guys!

+1 vote   article: PVKII Massive Media Release
TheFrog4u Oct 3 2005, 6:38am says:

sweet concepts.. looking forward to some renders and ingame..

+1 vote   article: Media Update: Weapon & Vehicle Concepts
TheFrog4u Sep 25 2005, 5:18pm says:

don´t understand why police and fire-rescue shoot at each other, but it looks just incredible awesome!!!(and am i right, that it´s only a "one person mod team"??.. wow..

+2 votes   article: Union City Blue reaches Internal Alpha 2.0
TheFrog4u Sep 23 2005, 10:13am says:

hi there & greetings from the nosferatu team! Nice to see another team working on a vampire game. Good luck!


+1 vote   mod: Noir
TheFrog4u Sep 19 2005, 3:33pm says:

looks great, realy!

+1 vote   article: New map media
TheFrog4u Aug 4 2005, 4:47pm says:

nice interview!

+1 vote   article: Nosferatu Interview!
TheFrog4u Jul 12 2005, 5:49am says:

ups.. was ready too fast -he.. thnx anyway for answer. And Filler: Normal maps are NOT able do make eges round.. or look @ the teeth -you can´t normalmap such! Normalmaps are just for the lightning of a face.. similar as bumpmaps, but much better of course -he.

+1 vote   article: Welcome Mdogger!
TheFrog4u Jul 11 2005, 7:37pm says:

awesome.. but looks very very highpoly (whats the polycount?) -this isn´t for use ingame -is it?

+1 vote   article: Welcome Mdogger!
TheFrog4u Jul 10 2005, 12:46pm says:

looking cool

+1 vote   article: new skins+new teamember
TheFrog4u Jun 29 2005, 1:21pm says:

..forget to mention that the skin of the handmodel might be too clean.. :P
-sry for the dobble-post

+1 vote   article: Massive Media Release!
TheFrog4u Jun 29 2005, 1:17pm says:

nice work guys.. esspecialy the handmodel (its very similar to the one I made for nosferatu *g*).
ps: forget the smothing-groups on that baseball bat?

+1 vote   article: Massive Media Release!
TheFrog4u Jun 29 2005, 6:31am says:

just great, notheing more to say.. awesome

+1 vote   article: Media Update!
TheFrog4u May 19 2005, 5:23pm says:

a fanpage for a mod? cool! hehe

+1 vote   article: Beta 2 Info and Interview
TheFrog4u May 19 2005, 5:18pm says:

@exdeath7: There is a PD-mod for hl2:source.. which is realy looking impressive:
anyway for hl1 this looks quite good, too

+1 vote   article: New Map! Fortress
TheFrog4u May 18 2005, 5:20am says:

ok, lets check this pic: u can see that neither the finger nor the nails are just flat.. i agree that there coulb be a bit more detail esspecialy on the fingers, but i was limeted via the polycount and u will not see it with skin ingame, i promise.. look at handmodels of other games..

+1 vote   article: Hands and stuff
TheFrog4u May 17 2005, 10:59am says:

what about the ends of the fingers? You mean the nails? May u can´t see it clear on that render but everything is fine I think.. wait for the skin, may that will clear the situation *g*

+1 vote   article: Hands and stuff
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