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TheFrog4u Sep 29 2006, 4:29pm says:

i thought ut2004 when i saw it.. and even it it was ut2004 it would be great!.. cool stuff!

+1 vote   news: The Chosen One release delayed
TheFrog4u Sep 27 2006, 1:47pm says:

every screen comes out is better than the last.. impressive!

+1 vote   news: Infinity: Eyecandy screenshots update!
TheFrog4u Jun 1 2007, 8:19am says:

yeah, please choose another engine.. otherwise people will just be disapointed with such models/textures..
if it would be a standalone, quake or ut99 project people would be satisfied with the models..

+1 vote   news: Media Update 5 | Mai/June
TheFrog4u Sep 26 2006, 10:29am says:

yeah standalone.. jihaaa!

+1 vote   news: The decorators are in !!!
TheFrog4u Sep 14 2006, 4:24am says:

looking realy nice so far.. but while the txture on you little "flight-car" the txtures of the city are very boring.. use more than blue and grey -but as you said: its wip and I hope this will come :P

+2 votes   news: Infinity: HDRI + shadowing + cities
TheFrog4u Aug 19 2006, 11:45am says:

thought the same..
Weaponmodels awesome, but the thumb looks wired.. I would say just too big

+1 vote   news: Resistance and Liberation Update
TheFrog4u Aug 10 2006, 12:32pm says:

a mad-expo is realy a GREAT idea!!

+1 vote   poll: E3 has been scaled down. You say:
TheFrog4u Aug 9 2006, 10:19am says:

not bad, but i would say it needs some fixes on proportions.. the armsa are too samll (read: thin and short) and the head too big

+1 vote   news: Our first model
TheFrog4u Aug 7 2006, 11:26am says:

TKAzA -what is wrong on saying that you don?t like a mod? "wooot, helly f** yeah -this mod roxX !!1one" is as useful as "in my opinion its crap" -but nobody is angry about the "wooot" screamer -so why be angry on them who don?t like it? this is a "comments" thread and not "only suger in your ***" thread. The "make it better" argument is just stupid. It doesn?t matter at all if you can do it better to judge about the mod is fun for YOU to play or not.. Even my grandmother has the right to say: "ah I don?t like this game.. I don?t like mods at all" and its also her right to post it in here cause its a comment.. if its usefull or not -thats another question -but as I read so far YOU TKAzA posted NOTHING usefull, too -so?
and before you go with your "but I?m a 1337 modder and you don?t nothing" -i?m a 3d artist for 6 years now and worked for a q2 (nosferatu), ut2k3 (global Warzone) and hl2 (Perfect Dark: Source) so..

btw: I like the mod :)

+1 vote   news: Killing FLoor 2.0 released!
TheFrog4u Jul 13 2006, 6:13am says:

hey fragger, you?ll make your way! nice stuff!

+1 vote   news: Vacation...
TheFrog4u Jul 9 2006, 8:46am says:

sry the first link is wrong.. i meant:

+1 vote   news: Updates and Undead
TheFrog4u Jul 9 2006, 8:43am says:

"Uhm you DO know that Unreal 3 engine can take A HELL OF A LOT more polygons then that low-poly head? Unless your going to make a high-poly normal map but you can crank up0 the poly count on that dude by a few hondred... No actually, a few thousand..."


Unreal Engine 3 models don?t have that much more polys than this one posted above (which is realy good -the model!)
just compare:
and orginal ut2003 model:

what makes the ut07 models so detailed is a normal-map generated from a high-poly (after that the high-poly-model i not used any more)
I think for a mod-team this is hell too much work. Generating a normal-map with z-brush for example does quite a good job and saves time.. I don?t think that mod teams will reach the level of nex-gen graphics. Not cause its to difficult, but its to much work. To reach the main-game standart as hobby-developer with the hl1 engine you could make a mod within 1 year. With hl2 it takes min 2.. nex-gen like ut2007 will take 3-4 -so they will be outdated if they put to much effort into it. Better concentrate on good quality (not extreme quality) models and exelent gameplay.. And the work posted above is realy great work compared to up2date standarts.. and will be quite good when it gets released..

+1 vote   news: Updates and Undead
TheFrog4u Jul 2 2006, 6:34pm says:

lookin realy great!!!

+1 vote   news: Perfect Dark Source Media Update
TheFrog4u Jun 24 2006, 6:31am says:

OMFG.. is that awesome or what?

+1 vote   news: Until I'm Gone- New information, new screenshots, new Web...
TheFrog4u May 19 2006, 8:56pm says:

yeah.. keep it up.. looking promissing

+1 vote   news: Farm Cry Media Release
TheFrog4u May 17 2006, 11:01am says:

hey.. models and stuff could be better, but gameplay and such looks realy cool.. gonna try it out when its released..

+2 votes   news: There is a new rat in town...
TheFrog4u May 17 2006, 6:32am says:

i tried rightclick - save as and i can download something, but the file is broken

+2 votes   news: There is a new rat in town...
TheFrog4u Apr 25 2006, 11:58am says:

great as always

+1 vote   news: Pirates Vikings, and Knights II Update
TheFrog4u Apr 23 2006, 6:20pm says:

those maps looking promissing.. brilliant!!

+1 vote   news: Public Beta 1 Maplist & exclusive Ingame Screenshots
TheFrog4u Apr 23 2006, 6:17pm says:

wow.. looks absolute fantastic!

+1 vote   news: Choices in Conversations and more!
TheFrog4u Apr 19 2006, 4:12pm says:

i realy like the style of modeling/texturing..

+1 vote   news: Dev News #2
TheFrog4u Mar 30 2006, 9:06am says:

yeah right.. u r using doom3 engine -why don´t use bump-normal-paralax-whatever maps.. esspecialy for bricks!

+1 vote   news: DotD map screenshots
TheFrog4u Mar 12 2006, 6:29am says:

wow, this is realy a great guidline and it fits 100% to the experience i´ve made during my 7 years modding "career".

+1 vote   news: I am new to mods - article complete!
TheFrog4u Feb 20 2006, 6:05pm says:

foud this on the web.. maybe u get inspired to make it better.. esspecialy take a look @ the upper body

+1 vote   news: Brawl Animations Video 1
TheFrog4u Feb 20 2006, 5:56pm says:

nah, sad to see somethin like this.. its not the worse animation i´ve seen, but in realation to the quali of the model and the rest of your work its not good enough (yet).. this is not an attack against anyone, i just think you will need to spend some time in practising animations.. i´m sure u´ll get it! (perhaps take a look CLOSER look to other fighting games)

+1 vote   news: Brawl Animations Video 1
TheFrog4u Feb 8 2006, 5:01pm says:

nah, it just has no smoothing groups, but its all fine to render it without -so u can better see how it´s modeld.. and the faces r realy good placed!.. i realy like the desinge!

+1 vote   news: Updates!
TheFrog4u Feb 4 2006, 7:27am says:

your playermodel is quite cool, i like the style and how modling and skinning fits together (stylewise).. even if his hands and feet are a bit wired..

+1 vote   news: SWAT Operations
TheFrog4u Feb 3 2006, 6:35pm says:

they´ve done some modling as far as i´ve seen from their hp.. but without a coder most mods die :(

+1 vote   news: Orion Wing
TheFrog4u Jan 31 2006, 5:44pm says:

seems like these models r mostly the same exept another hair-style -but it´s well done!

+1 vote  
TheFrog4u Jan 31 2006, 8:34am says:

70-80% of the beta is finished :P
..but check out our web-site -> NEWSUPDATE!!!

+1 vote   game: Nosferatu
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