I am The Evina. I do a little bit of everything from making maps for Cry of Fear and Source games to writing fiction novels to programming and web design and many other things. I like to review Source mods. A perfect 10 is reserved for mods that blow my mind. This is a list of mods I have contributed to: G String (voice acting [announcer]), Aperture Beginnings (voice acting [announcer]), Cry of Fear (creator of the custom campaign "The Hole").

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Mod review - 1 agree - 1 disagree

This was a simple shooting mod but with lots of fun, new locations, and a few surprises too.


Dark Interval

Early access mod review - 3 agree

I love the gloomy atmosphere of this mod. You nailed it down so well.

The only things I can think of that could be improved:
- I know voice acting and music haven't been added yet. That's alright.
- The tunnels are so narrow that the vortigaunt is always in the player's way.
- There is a bug where the lever in the factory can be used a second time and the dialogue repeats.
- The level transition after talking with Barney the second time isn't seamless.
- Stunstick magically appears and vanishes at times.
- On my first playthrough I was frozen at the start of ch01_construction
- On my second playthrough the transition at the end of ch01_construction didn't work and I was teleported to the start of the map.

Nevertheless this was an intriguing experience. I look forward to future chapters.



Mod review - 1 agree

All joking aside, this mod actually wasn't that good. The maps were poorly designed, there was tremendous lag, way too many monsters, no story, and no hints about what to do. Rated 5/10 for possible comedic value.


Transmissions - Element 120

Mod review

This mod is of the highest quality. Its graphics and gameplay are unmatched on the Source engine. However, it is very brief, and the last map crashes often on old computers (like mine).


Portal 2: EIDOLON

Mod review

It is short, some of the puzzles are very easy, and there isn't a story, but it's still an enjoyable experience. The brush work and sound design are fantastic.



Mod review

Graphically it was well designed. Music, puzzles, and everything else was a bit annoying. Extremely short. I know it was meant to be episodic so that's to be expected.


Erohin Adventures

Mod review

Maps reused from HL2, terrible computer generated voices, and extreme lag in the train station. Sorry, but I found it pretty boring.


The Divine Comedy

Mod review - 1 disagree

It's hellish, and not in the sarcastic or funny way. It's garbage. This is a complete conversion of textures and sounds into an annoying headache. I could see how some kids might like it, but not me.



Mod review

Short and mildly amusing. It didn't really crack me up.


Zombie Stress

Mod review

Very simple, generic level design. No story. But a fun zombie slaughterhouse.

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