I am The Evina. I do a little bit of everything from making maps for Cry of Fear and Source games to writing fiction novels to programming and web design and many other things. I like to review Source mods. A perfect 10 is reserved for mods that blow my mind. This is a list of mods I have contributed to: G String (voice acting [announcer]), Aperture Beginnings (voice acting [announcer]), Cry of Fear (creator of the custom campaign "The Hole").

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Theevina Jul 30 2012, 2:03pm says:

I made a map and beta tested the whole thing and I must say this:

You guys will LOVE this.

+9 votes   media: Cry of Fear - Memories Cinematic Trailer
Theevina Jul 28 2012, 8:25pm replied:

I am very excited for this, no, extremely excited.

+2 votes   mod: G String
Theevina Jul 28 2012, 12:15pm says:

Is this a real billboard?

+1 vote   media: AASC POSTER
Theevina Jul 26 2012, 11:36pm replied:

It's been modified and augmented so much that I don't think the performance benefit is very much, considering all the Source features lacking.

+3 votes   game: Cry of Fear
Theevina Jul 26 2012, 11:34pm replied:

Well I don't know why he started AoM with GoldSRC, but Cry of Fear started out as a mod of AoM, or something like that, listen to the dev commentary at the beginning of the mod, so I think that's why it is also GoldSRC.

+1 vote   game: Cry of Fear
Theevina Jul 26 2012, 11:27pm replied:

Ok, this is what I have to say. In some ways you're right. There is way too much drama going on at that place. I don't "worship" Andreas but think he's an ok guy who made a nice mod, a mod that both you and I liked, otherwise you wouldn't still be talking about it so much. He's not perfect, or even near perfect, just like anyone else. Depression is a treatable disease. I am well aware of it and trying my best to work on it. In the meantime, I enjoy hanging out with people who at least have a little understanding of what I'm dealing with. It is a misunderstood disease, not rare, but still misunderstood. I'm not at all saying that it's an excuse to go around telling everyone you are smarter than they are, but we do make mistakes, and I'm learning more to accept people without regard to what they are. Just like you, I could assume you were a jerk and kicked off Team Psykskallar just for not caring, but I don't know why. I don't know why you made this post. I don't know why you are saying you're not angry but still were able to put up with Andreas for so long whom you hated so much from the very beginning. I can't judge you. It would be easier to say that you made this post because you want to annoy and anger Andreas rather than trying to save us poor "nerds" from our stupid hobby, but even so, I can never know for sure.

+5 votes   blog: I see you posting, you hating.
Theevina Jul 26 2012, 11:15pm replied:

The fact that he's posting this blog post. I find it harder to believe that he really cares about saving all these "nerds" on the site than he wants to annoy and anger Andreas.

+3 votes   blog: I see you posting, you hating.
Theevina Jul 26 2012, 12:37pm says:

I can't figure out how to get that valve to turn in the demo map, but that doesn't matter because it's a demo and I could figure it out later.

One little detail that bothered me was that when you use the gate control to run from the Combine, there are two sets of doors and both of them close horizontally. It would be cool if the first set of doors closed vertically to make it look like the second set of doors had a purpose.

+4 votes   mod: OTHER-LIFE: Hatch 18
Theevina Jul 26 2012, 12:04pm says:

At the rate you guys are working on these mods, I have no doubt you will finish it, and it will be spectacular quality.

+3 votes   media: 001
Theevina Jul 25 2012, 9:17pm replied:

Cry of Fear is one of the most misunderstood mods ever made. I'm not sure if you understand, but the developers and community are well acquainted with depression and anxiety, including its many symptoms such as self-harm. This was made as a horror mod, but it's a lot more than just a cheap way of scaring people, and it's not in any way designed to make fun of those with these problems. It's an insight into the life of those who actually DO experience this, and we should know.

+10 votes   media: Cry of Fear - Memories Trailer
Theevina Jul 19 2012, 1:58am says:

I finished the mod with both endings now and it was very impressive. I thought there was going to be an island scene or something like that based on the images that were posted here a while ago, but that's not important. I was still extremely impressed with the mod.

+1 vote   mod: CUBE
Theevina Jul 18 2012, 6:02pm replied:

Great, now I just can't find the third fuse.

Sorry, but I'm starting to get frustrated.

+2 votes   mod: CUBE
Theevina Jul 17 2012, 11:34pm says:

I am lost. On the way to ending 2 I'm stuck at the part where I was crawling through tunnels and then went into this large chamber with a fan turned off, then there was a chamber after that with a door that won't open. When I return to the air vents there is one of those scary TVs which disappears. Where do I go after that?

+1 vote   mod: CUBE
Theevina Jul 16 2012, 10:58pm says:

I can't wait for this to be finished. I hope the guys who voted 1/10 on this will play this next real version and change their minds.

+9 votes   media: Smoke Runner
Theevina Jul 16 2012, 12:23am says:

I've always wondered, if it wasn't about underwear, then what does the name mean for this mod?

+7 votes   media: Logo choice
Theevina Jun 20 2012, 11:27pm says:

Looks great. This mod is going to be really fun.

+5 votes   media: Underground Gel testing
Theevina Jun 14 2012, 12:02pm says:

I quickly noticed towards the beginning of the game that you used music from Cry of Fear. I haven't finished it but I hope you give credit to the makers of the content you have used.

+2 votes   mod: Tenebris Lake
Theevina Jun 12 2012, 10:27pm says:

Which one is the updated one? I didn't play the first one so I couldn't tell.

0 votes   media: Comparison
Theevina Jun 12 2012, 7:51pm says:

Cry of Fear was the best mod I've played to date.

And if they dropped the stupid knife then they wouldn't have to complain about having to use it all the time.

+1 vote   media: Cry of Fear - GG Review
Theevina Jun 8 2012, 4:42pm says:

Ok, this is strange. I can't download it no matter what I do. On IE it says "This file couldn't be downloaded" and on Chrome it says "The download was interruped" after downloading 0kb.

+2 votes   mod: The Trap
Theevina Jun 7 2012, 11:49pm says:

Glad to finally see this finished.

+4 votes   download: The Trap 1.51 (English version)
Theevina May 31 2012, 10:24pm says:

This is currently available in the Humble Bundle.

+6 votes   game: Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Theevina May 28 2012, 12:07am says:

Never did the first version because I was waiting for this improved version. It looks fantastic. How is the total length in comparison to HL2?

+2 votes   media: Gameplay Footage of G String v2
Theevina May 22 2012, 8:19pm says:

It's amazing how so often something beautiful starts out as something so small, undeveloped, and simple.

+3 votes   media: Cry of Fear Making of - Episode 1
Theevina May 22 2012, 3:01pm says:

Wow your updates come frequently. That's usually a good sign that a lot of productive work is being done. (Except in some cases like Black Mesa where they work hard with little or no updates.)

+2 votes   news: Mindworld: Shattered Dreams News #23
Theevina May 17 2012, 10:07pm replied:

Because they finished early, and got excited because of the 200k downloads.

+11 votes   news: Cry of Fear - 1.3 released!
Theevina May 15 2012, 5:39pm says:

I don't know how many chapters there will be, but if each takes roughly 15 months to complete then I'll probably be away from gaming and doing other things in like by the time it is complete.

-2 votes   mod: Underhell
Theevina May 9 2012, 11:16am says:

Since I still haven't played the mod because I'm waiting for v2.0 for the bug fixes, I'm leaning towards wanting the two months thing. As other have said, if an area would really need a good addition then add it. We probably just don't need the story to be expanded.

+1 vote   media: New maps?
Theevina May 6 2012, 12:40am says:

Glad to see that the mod is "still alive".

Also, why is the awful audition video still up. It's embarassing to have it sitting there as the latest video. Is it not possible to delete? I was just wondering 'cause it has seemed to cause more arguing than anything else.

+2 votes   mod: Aperture Beginnings
Theevina May 5 2012, 9:37pm replied:

Oh and I'm making a tiny mappack for Cry of Fear (the world's greatest half-life mod) which may eventually be integrated into the real game. It's called "The Hole". The quality is still better than this mod was going to be


+1 vote   mod: Portal 2: Urgent Recall
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