I am The Evina. I do a little bit of everything from making maps for Cry of Fear and Source games to writing fiction novels to programming and web design and many other things. I like to review Source mods. A perfect 10 is reserved for mods that blow my mind. This is a list of mods I have contributed to: G String (voice acting [announcer]), Aperture Beginnings (voice acting [announcer]), Cry of Fear (creator of the custom campaign "The Hole").

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Theevina Sep 12 2013, 12:32pm replied:

Thanks for the advice. I didn't plan too much more, only some things to enhance the original experience. I don't plan on making more maps unless I decide to remake this mod after its release in the future.

+1 vote     article: Back again!
Theevina Sep 11 2013, 5:28pm says:

Glad to say I am finally working on this again.

+1 vote     mod: Below the Ice
Theevina Sep 8 2013, 8:17pm replied:

It is a file containing entities for using in Hammer. This page talks about making custom maps. I would like to have one to make maps, or if I'm not good enough, then it would be educational and help people who are better.

+3 votes     article: Underhell Entity List
Theevina Sep 8 2013, 7:04pm says:

Where can a FGD be obtained?

+8 votes     article: Underhell Entity List
Theevina Sep 7 2013, 10:57am says:

This is one of the few mods that deserve to go standalone, at least in my opinion. It would require changing the borrowed HL2 sound/textures and maybe paying a licence fee for the Source engine (which I'm sure a Kickstarter could help. People love this enough to help fund it if needed.) But it would be worth it.

+3 votes     mod: Underhell
Theevina Sep 5 2013, 12:06pm says:

I finally finished. Because I like to explore and get lost Episode 1 was probably 12-15 hours for me. You twisted my mind with confusion, amazement, and excitement in ways that game companies could only dream of. This experience will be hard to beat by anyone.

I'll just say this: I would give you 11/10 if I could.

+6 votes     mod: Underhell
Theevina Sep 5 2013, 11:32am replied:

I think sand is normally smooth when water runs over it (like that shine of water on top of it), but the edge looks out of place. Maybe that's what you mean.

But I live nowhere near the ocean and have only seen it a couple times so I'm probably no expert.

+1 vote     media: Chpt1_2b
Theevina Sep 4 2013, 3:19pm says:

I love Bryan, the old guy, and Turty.

I haven't finished episode 1 yet, but it is good. The storyline is amazing.

However, I think the quests to kill infinite zombies while the other guys just sit around is a bit annoying. It's been a few hours of that it's starting to affect my ability to immerse myself. If it weren't for all the cool stuff and funny dialogue I probably wouldn't have the strength to keep going.

+1 vote     mod: Underhell
Theevina Aug 16 2013, 1:37pm says:

You have an excellent mod here. It is designed very well, but since you asked for suggestions I'll provide a list of issues/annoyances I found. They are not really major complaints. I know this is a demo and you might be trying to fix some of them already.

- In the room with the valves and facing the junk cabinet I can press the use key and get the "This door has no handle" message, probably from a door on the other side of the wall.
- I find it odd how the baby crying, piano, water rushing, etc. sounds keep cutting off abruptly as you move away. It would be more realistic if they faded with distance.
- Crawling is unusually slow.
- Sprinting and menu GUI should be replaced to not look like HL2. The mod's style is so wonderful and unique that I think those things should fit in with it.
- There are a lot of key and door type puzzles. I assume in the real mod with monsters and stuff there will be more variety. Still, the puzzles are interesting.
- Since this uses Source SDK Base 2013 you should put the mod's files in VPKs for optimization/speed reasons.

Also I have not played the original Silent Hill games so I don't know if some gameplay elements were made to be like those games.

I still haven't finished the demo completely though. I am stuck at the part where I have to get those two saucers and I only got the one from the crying room.

+7 votes     mod: Silent Hill: Alchemilla
Theevina Aug 2 2013, 11:13pm says:

223 watchers seems a little low for a mod that looks so nice like this, especially after being on the site for 2 years.

+1 vote     media: 2 Years of Cloned Cube
Theevina Jul 31 2013, 11:12pm replied:

It says it requires Source SDK Base 2013 so it is probably yes.

+1 vote     article: Alchemilla demo is out!
Theevina Jul 25 2013, 8:18pm replied:

The PTI to Hammer method speeds things up for me but it's not ideal for many kinds of maps. Considering the design of the original Portal maps they are replicating, it would make no sense to touch PTI.

+1 vote     mod: Alive & Kicking
Theevina Jul 23 2013, 8:54pm says:

Looks amazing. I like the reflection off that black texture.

+1 vote     media: Training Center
Theevina Jul 2 2013, 11:31am replied:

Missing textures often show up as a reflective light shade of gray. It's weird.

+1 vote     media: He's not pleased with my mapping speed.
Theevina Jul 2 2013, 11:29am replied:

Thanks. I'm just switching over work to one of my other abandoned projects for now. Rest is probably what I need the most.

And I do have my mod backed up in many placed. A bad computer crashed years back and I learned to keep my data safe since then.

+1 vote     article: Okay, here's the deal
Theevina Jul 1 2013, 5:20pm replied:

Part of the problem is that I have trouble getting what's in my mind translated to brushes on a map.

The other part is that this airplane moves, vibrates, has sounds, and does several things on the inside. I can't get those to work too well. Every time I fix something it breaks another thing. And then when I fix that thing, the first thing breaks. So naturally I don't have much time for detailing in my maps.

+1 vote     media: Airplane
Theevina Jun 28 2013, 2:38pm replied:

Not missing. It's meant to be white. Gman's portal.

+2 votes     media: He's not pleased with my mapping speed.
Theevina Jun 28 2013, 11:15am replied:

I just feel unintelligent and sluggish, but it's probably normal. Thanks.

I really love your mods by the way.

+1 vote     article: Rebooting
Theevina Jun 27 2013, 12:28am says:

Ok, I finished it now. It took me only about... 5 hours?

This is by far the most underrated mod I have played to date. (And I've played a lot.)

Tremendous fun. Great job.

+2 votes     mod: Final Project
Theevina Jun 25 2013, 5:57pm replied:

Never mind I just took out the reference to ep2 ID in the gameinfo.txt

+1 vote     mod: Final Project
Theevina Jun 24 2013, 11:50pm says:

I just downloaded it today and didn't know that it had dlls. Unfortunately I have the SteamPipe update. Is there anyway to get this to work with that? Deleting the dlls won't allow it to work, will it?

+1 vote     mod: Final Project
Theevina Jun 23 2013, 11:54pm says:

I am losing my mind with this whole Steampipe/SDK issue. All that stuff I wanted to do is just going to have to wait, and wait, and wait. Valve time really does suck. :(

+2 votes     mod: Below the Ice
Theevina Jun 17 2013, 7:42pm says:

So... the mod is dead.

Did they do that or did the site admins do that?

+2 votes     mod: Aperture Beginnings
Theevina Jun 17 2013, 1:05pm says:

Attention all beta testers! I found out how to get the mod to work with the steampipe update!

1. Replace gameinfo.txt with this one Pastebin.com provided to me by d10sfan.
2. Delete maps/background01.bsp. This map is broken and will cause crash on launching the game.
3. Do not die. Saves (including autosaves) do not appear to work for me.
4. You will be disconnected at the level change between belowice.bsp and belowice_final.bsp. When this happens, please enter the mod again and in the console type "map belowice_final". That should just about do it.

I can't fix these bugs until Valve repairs the SDK. They are not my fault. Thank you.

+1 vote     mod: Below the Ice
Theevina Jun 16 2013, 3:09pm says:

As redundant as it sounds I feel like I have to say this again:


Thank you.

+1 vote     mod: Below the Ice
Theevina Jun 15 2013, 9:06pm says:

The beta testers have been sent the mod. The full release shouldn't be too far away, unless they dig up some bigger issues.

+1 vote     mod: Below the Ice
Theevina Jun 15 2013, 5:55pm replied:

Except the people who made Research and Development are smarter and more talented at mapping than I am.

But thank you for tracking.

+1 vote     mod: Below the Ice
Theevina Jun 14 2013, 12:40pm replied:

One of the main themes of the mod is feeling like this place is abandoned. So naturally some places look kind of unused or empty. But I agree about the lights which I'll keep adjusting.

+1 vote     media: Garage
Theevina Jun 11 2013, 7:15pm says:

The beta should be ready by this weekend. After that, I don't think it should be too long before the full release. (Unless there is a big problem with something.)

+1 vote     mod: Below the Ice
Theevina Jun 11 2013, 6:55pm says:


+5 votes     media: Schienzel's Living Room
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